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Quality accommodation for retired people at moderate cost.

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The Bingley Flower Fund Homes Charity.

Registered as a Charity in 1962 this organisation was formed by local business people, raising money from charitable donations, to provide bungalows and flats for retired people from Bingley district.
In 1966 eighteen units were opened, a further sixteen in 1969, thanks to the enthusiasm of the entirely voluntary committee.In 1986 the final phase at Littlelands in Cottingley provided a further six flats. The complex includes a common room, laundry and a flat for the warden.
Subsequently a new development took place at Lyndhurst in Hall Bank Drive, Bingley, comprising eight flats and facilities as at Cottingley.
Whilst other organisations meet the needs of elderly people it is the friendly approach and human scale of our activities which makes Bingley Flower Fund Homes unique.
As one resident said " You look after us very well, but we have our own independence and our own front doors".
Each prospective tenant is assessed to ensure suitability and, because of a continuing waiting list, we operate on a 'greatest need' basis, rather than first come first served, or by a points allocation.

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