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Name: Bernie Hinchcliffe
Posted:00:08 Tue 3rd March 2009
I would like to make people aware of the Friends Of Fibromyalgia group who meet every third Monday in the month. At the moment we are holding our meetings in the afternoon at the Kirkgate Centre Shipley 1pm until 3pm we are a very friendly group and welcome any new members.

Name: Edward J Pells
Posted:19:57 Tue 30th September 2008
I am pleased to be a part of the Fibromyalgia Guest Book. I hope the message board takes off as there are always questions about Fybromyalgia, and the Q & A could help understand the syndrome better.

Name: Tracey Barwick
Posted:20:22 Fri 12th September 2008
12 sep 2008. Great site with great potential. Hope to be able to contribute to the site one day.
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