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Do you like these petrol scooters?
Yes, think they are great
Well, they're ok
It dosent bother me
No, not really
No ban these things totally...



Keighley news, your always complaining about these Petrol Powered Scooters... but why?
They are slow, they arent louder than a mo-ped. so why do you keep complaining?
There are people out there that are speeding, killing people, and you lot are so concerned about teenagers having some fun...
the only reason there are teenage "vandals" in this country, IS COS EVERYTHING WE WANT TO DO IS ILLEGAL!!!
would you really like us to sit inside all day on our pc's or playstations getting fat, being insane with boredom... corse you would,,, because you simply dont care, do you?
right... thats about all i have to say....

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