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Welcome to The Allbrook Evangelical Free Church Page

"Thy word is truth" John 17:17

This page has been prepared for people who are not necessarily Christians but would like to know more about having faith in God.

To make things as easy as possible, I’ll set out our information in a question and answer form.

[Q] What kind of Christians are we, at Allbrook?

[A] We call ourselves Evangelical Christians, a bit like the Church of England but with a lot less fuss.

[Q] Where or on what, do we base our beliefs?

[A] Like most ‘mainstream’ Churches, we base our beliefs solely on the Bible and what it teaches.

[Q] Can we outline our basic beliefs?

[A] Yes, we believe that:

The Bible is the Word of God.
God created mankind (Adam).
Mankind disobeyed God.

Mankind was punished with death as a result.
But God promised a Saviour.
Jesus Christ, The Son of God came as Saviour.

He died on the cross of Calvary for our sin.
By believing in Him we can be forgiven for sin.

[Q] What’s our belief about mankind?

[A] That all human beings, because of sin, are born ‘spiritually separated’ from God.

[Q] What do we mean?

[A] That Adam’s sin, which we all inherited, has caused us all to be ‘cut-off’ from God, from birth.

[Q] Is this serious?

[A] Indeed it is, because one very noticeable effect of (unforgiven) sin is that it hardens your heart against God. As a result, not believing in God seems ‘natural’ which of course it isn’t!

[Q] What do we mean?

[A] Well, test this theory. Do you believe in God? Do you love God? Do you love His Son, Jesus Christ? The answer is most probably, "No" to all three statements.

The reason you do not ‘naturally’ do these things is because of sin. Sin blinds you to the reality of God, therefore you say, "There is no God" Is that true? Is this what you believe?

[Q] OK, So if this is true, "where do I stand?", you might ask.

[A] I’m very glad you asked. You ‘stand’, like every human being, guilty before God, as a sinful person in need of God’s forgiveness. That’s the truth.

[Q] But everybody does things wrong, don’t they?

[A] Yes, we do. In fact, there is no one that does good ………… even for a short time. But I have to say that the things we all do wrong are not so much sin, as the effects of sin in us.

We do wrong because we are sinners and not the other way around. In other words, we don’t become sinners when we do wrong. We are sinners from birth, therefore we sin!

[Q] Can sin and its consequences be put right?

[A] Yes. The answer to sin lies in the birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hence, ‘Gospel’ which means good news.

[Q] Why is this?

[A] Because His death on the cross was accepted by His Father, as a sacrifice for sin. This means that faith in Him (in His death) brings forgiveness to the one having that faith. Rejection of Him = Judgement.

What next?

Well, the most obvious step to take, is to find out how you can have faith, faith which will save you from the guilt and the consequences of your sin. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing and by hearing the Word of God preached.

In this way, as you hear, then faith, by the grace of God, enters your heart, ‘convicts’ you of sin so that you understand why belief in Jesus is so essential.

The Bible is preached at Allbrook each Sunday evening from 6:00pm. It is your opportunity hear and to discover the truth. We have an important message to tell, so we simply speak the truth from the Bible, in love. Remember, we have been in your shoes when we too never believed. But God has changed us …. forever!

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, so come along and hear this life-changing message.

What’s on?

Bible Study for Beginners
Prayer Meetings
Parents and Toddlers Group (Claire on 02380629347)
Sunday School
Visiting Ministers

PS. Don’t forget the Village Sunday School meets here each week at 11:00am.

Sunday Services

Family/Sunday School Service .....11:00am
Evening Service ................6:00pm

Where to find us.

The Church is situated behind the Scout Hall on Allbrook Hill in Allbrook Village.

Look out for the sign in the hedge. A warm welcome awaits.

Pastor Kevin Milburn
125 Pitmore Road
Eastleigh SO50 4LS

Allbrook Evangelical Free Church
Allbrook Hill
Hampshire S050 4LY

Tel: 023 80262863

Please email any questions you may have or to ask for a free booklet about becoming a Christian.

AV Bible (also called the King James Version) used throughout the ministry.

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