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Thorney Trip Report

Orchard Survey

Waxwings and Woodpigeons.

King's Pond, Alton. 5 March 2011

Chawton Park Wood Walk

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Local Bloggers and Patchlisting

Chawton Park Wood 28 October 2012

Fungus Foray Chawton Park Woods

BWARS Winter Bumblee Survey

Hogmoor Inclosure Field Trip Report

Hogmoor Inclosure field report August 2012

Early Spring Butterflies 2014

Kingsley Common Wind Damage February 2014

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Alton Natural History Society

Welcome to Alton Natural History Society.

Alton Natural History has been running for over 50 years. Indoor meetings are held every two weeks in the winter months, on Friday evenings at 19:30. We meet at the Friends Meeting House, Church Street, Alton, Hampshire GU34 2DA.

A full programme of Field Meetings is held from Spring to Autumn, with a few meetings in the winter as well. These are typically fairly close to Alton and cover a wide range of interests including Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Flowers and Botany, Fungi. In fact - anything which moves and most things which don't.

See the Event Calendar for details.

New members are always welcome. You can contact us using the mail form or simply show up at an event.

See the link to the Event Calendar for details.

Winter Programme for 2013/2014 has now been published - see the Event Calendar for details.
The first meeting is Friday Nov 1st at 7:30 pm - a Social Meeting at the Friends Meeting House.
An evening of quizzes, identification puzzles and short talks by members with slides or digital images plus refreshments.

Membership fees from January 2011 are 9 per single member and 4 per additional member in the same household.

Buff Tip moths. Binswood (Kingsley) 22 May 2010

Buzzard in the snow - South Warnborough

Buzzard in the snow - South Warnborough.23 Feburay 2013 (c) Steve Mansfield

Roller at Broxhead Common

There is a Roller at Broxhead Common.

Still present today (Sun 26 May) - first found on Thursday. It was found by Jim, one of the Woolmer regulars. He put the news out on Saturday when he had confirmed that it was really what he was looking at.
I got the message when I was cycling in Alice Holt - so was fortunate to have only been 10 minutes or so away. Together with other Woolmer regulars Andy and Denise, we relocated the bird and confirmed the record. Birdworld have been contacted and they confirmed that they do not have a European Roller.

Photos and latest news are here:

Being first there we were fortunate to have had terrific views of it feeding. I suspect that Green Tiger Beetles were a prey item.

Steve Mansfield

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Contact phone number is:

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