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The 'Street Pack'

This is a very personal section which explains my own little challenge which may or may not be of interest.

About 28 years ago, shortly after starting my mania for collection cards, I read an article which explained how this chap in New York started to collect a pack entirely from cards found lying in the road.

I suppose the challenge of collecting a pack in this way lodged somewhere in my brain. I think it was weeks, months maybe years later that I saw a card lying crushed and soggy in the road. It just had to be picked up.

Taking the card home was, you may say, a mistake because from that moment I was hooked with an obsession which I still have after all these years. I am unable to walk past a card in the street - it just has to be picked up and taken home.

I have found most of my cards here in Hampshire but some of my most treasured cards were found abroad or in strange places. I remember finding two cards on the floor of a London bank. I have a two of spades from the streets of Paris. A seven of hearts from an alley in Berlin close to the Wall. My Queen of hearts I found halfway up a mountain in Scotland.

My collection of ‘Street Cards’ has grown considerably over the years.

How many cards have I picked up? - I don’t know.

Have I got a full set? - No, perhaps I will never complete my task.

Why do I carry on? - Because I started....


Just found a Joker - right outside my place of work

Is this an omen?

Time to checkout how the pack is progressing.

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