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Our Meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each month and the next is due on the 14th January at 7.30pm in the Malt Room at the Community Centre.

[1]The Red Book (Titchfield - A Place in History) was so long in coming it deserves a volume of its own, but all are agreed the wait was worth it! Whether you have a copy of the original, the hard-back or the early 'perfect bound' version or not, once you have handled the superb new edition you will rarely pick up its predecessors. It is slightly extended, most of the pictures are in colour, the original articles have been updated and there is quite a lot of new content. The cover is perhaps the best ever to adorn this series of books and is second only to the famous gathering in the High Street that now hangs in the Community Centre. (If anyone has more pictures of the village we would be delighted to have COPIES for a forthcoming pictorial collection.)

[2]With nearly 200 pages and a smart blue cover of the Blue Book (Titchfield - An Ancient Parish) depicting Patsy Popely leading the Carnival procession, it will look impressive on your coffee table. There's a good variety of information inside as well; the river versus canal continues, surely there weren't fourteen pubs in the village but there was a very nasty incident at Chilling!

[3]The Green Book (Titchfield - A History) started the trilogy in 1982 when publishing such a volume was still beyond all but the professional writer. But with the assistance of our printers, Sarsen Press of Winchester, we have carried before us an enviable reputation.


Welcome to the THS index page, you can browse this site by choosing from the menu on the left.

Our forthcoming programme includes:
* Regular meetings with guest speakers who cover a wide range of interesting subjects.
* Exciting research projects about our remarkable village.
* Group visits to places of interest during the summer break.

At this site you can:
* Join in discussion on historical matters on the Message Board, either by commenting on someone else's chosen subject or by starting your own.
* Sign our Guest Book and leave your contact details.
* Order publications on the THS Bookshelf.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE USE THE "MESSAGE BOARD". If you have a question to ask about someone who might have lived in the area or some other aspect of the village to explore, it is more powerful to put your question to the public at large by creating a subject on our "Message Board" (see menu). The matter you raise will stay in the public domain and may continue to gather interest. There are multiple pages that you can navigate using tabs in the header and footer.

We have no tracking system for casual email messages, so they may not yield satisfy results. Please note that the purpose of the "Guest Book" is simply to say hello and offers no means of reply, whereas the "Message Board" does.

Titchfield History Society membership is open to all those interested in the study and research of our village heritage. There are no age limits.

Abbey Farm Site

You may have noticed that Portsmouth Football Club is in a poor financial position and needs to raise a lot of money quickly. Before they discovered how broke they were they bought some land adjoining the Abbey with the intention of building a football training school but Roman remains were discovered and development stopped. I would guess the land might soon be up for sale and we would like to follow progress. So please contact Titchfield History Society if you are aware of any activity to this effect.

Coach & Horses

It is very sad when developers manage to infiltrate our village and destroy part of its charm, but attempting to keep its character is a responsibility shared by all residents. Fareham Borough Council must approve all building work in Titchfield but individuals can track the planning permission and respond. Whilst the Coach and Horses may have reached the end of its life as a public house (the Co-op must outsell every other outlet), we can at least attempt to ensure that it retains its gabled charm.

As mentioned elsewhere people asking for information should use the ‘Message Board’ ; we have a regular group who delight in the projects they share and some live in far off lands. "Hughender" sounds like an address of a strawberry farm, Kelly’s directory is good for tracing business information, whilst Hampshire Record office is in Winchester...and let's hope they widen the pavement at the same time!

THS has just published the 4th edition of 'Titchfield-a History'. This, our first book, has now sold several hundred copies on a world wide scale.

'eyewitness account'
continues to sell well and already sales exceed 500. Get it at 15 West Street priced at £6.95

It features 52 eyeopening stories that make a great read that you will not be able to put down!

Please note

Funtley Iron Mill

Peter Hamilton writes to say that the route through the former iron mill workings (formerly that of Henry Cort) are improving. They are a rite of way so it would be good to see it fully restored. Please get in touch with THS if you have any comments.
We had another message from Peter Hamilton 'Further to my message about the footpath through Iron Mill Lane, it is disturbing to see that the right of way has been moved into the next field so that walkers can no longer follow the road laid with iron slag and think about Cort's contribution to British industry.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this Web site are not neccessarily those held by Titchfield History Society. If you wish to take issue for any reason, you may do so publically by opening a subject on the Notice Board or you can email us in confidence'.

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