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Home Education in Cumbria

Welcome to our website. We're a group of families whose children are educated at home, instead of at school. We meet fortnightly at Endmoor near Kendal, and in Penrith to chat, play, or chill out - depending on who you talk to! And we organise lots of trips and interesting activities around Cumbria and further afield.

There are also groups in southern Scotland, Yorkshire and Lancashire. The number of groups keeps expanding as home education becomes better known and more parents recognise the benefits for their family.

Some of us have been home educating for years, and others are only just starting out or haven't yet decided. We probably have as many reasons for choosing home-based learning as there are different families in the group, and different ways of approaching it too. If you're thinking about home education and want to find out more (or you're already home educating and you'd like to meet up), contact us for meeting times - send a message via the mail-form link on the left. For information about home schooling in general, the Education Otherwise web site is well worth a visit (see link below or on the links page).

Education otherwise than via school is an entirely legal option for all parents and children to consider. Indeed, we feel it has many positive benefits for those who decide to retain the responsibility for introducing their child to the world. We'd be happy to tell you more.

From John Holt: an inspiration in education

“The easily observable fact is that children are passionately eager to make as much sense as they can of the world around them, are extremely good at it, and do it as scientists do, by creating knowledge out of experience.”

John Holt, ‘Learning All The Time’ 1989



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