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UK Fixture List 2002-2003

The fixture list below is kept as up to date as possible. Precise dates and venues will be added as they are known and confirmed by the organisers.

English players should note that only the STF points they gain whilst they are fully paid up members of the ESTFA will count towards England selection. See membership page for details of how to join.

Saturday 15. March

0945 - 1600

English National Open, Knighton

Organiser: Tom Taylor - 01547 520096

Saturday 15. March

1700 - 2100

International Open for Club Teams, Knighton

Organiser: Tom Taylor - 01547 520096

Sunday 16. March

1000 - 1745

International Open for Individuals

Organiser: Tom Taylor - 01547 520096

March - 4th weekend:
English National Open, Kings Norton (?)

Organiser: Details will be updated as soon as they have been confirmd

6./7. April:
Welsh International Open, Flint.

Organisers: Dave and Cath Salmon -

01352 752279

27./28. April:
Scottish International Open and Scottish International Grand Prix, South Queensferry

Organiser: Gareth Christie

Sunday 11. May
English National Open, Homes of Football, Ambleside

Organiser: Chris Wrigley - 015395 61241

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