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Actors and singers required for The Messiah 5th April 2014

Following on from Staveley Choralís successful performance of Carmina Burana, on the 5th April 2014 at The Lakes Schools, Staveley Choral, in partnership with Kendal College and people from the local community of Windermere and Bowness, will be performing The Messiah. This performance will not, however, be what you would normally experience if you go to traditional performances of The Messiah either at Christmas or Easter.

The words for The Messiah were written by Charles Jennens, who was a passionate evangelist living in the 18th century. The Messiah is a commentary of Christís life, death and resurrection. Staveley aim is to do a theatrical performance of this wonderful work bringing to life the drama of Handelís music and the words of Jennens. There will be four opera singers, theatrical sets and a group of actors as well as Staveley Choral Society.

Hilary Pezet, the director of this production and Philip Burton the conductor say ďThis performance will be quiet an event. The last time anyone did such a theatrical interpretation of The Messiah was the English National Opera. We would like to involve a wide range of peopleĒ

If you have sung The Messiah before- Staveley rehearse on a Monday evening- or you just want to be involved in this project contact Philip. If you think youíre a budding actor- there are no lines to learn and probably one maybe two rehearsals to attend- contact Hilary

Philipís contact details are 015394 42107 or

Hilaryís contact details are 07900354645

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