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What Is 'ACL'?

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Welcome To Abram!

This is my site in support of the Abram Community Link. I do not live in Abram, but am a member of the Abram Morris Dancers and attend the meetings of Abram Community Link.

The purpose of the site is to publicise the activities of Abram Community Link and its members and to promote Abram in general. If you have an interest in Abram and would like information presenting on this site, please send me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.

Please keep coming back to look at this site. It is my hope that it will never be 'finished', as such. I intend adding as much material about Abram - past, present and future - as I can. My job will be easier if people offer interesting items, but in any case I will make every effort to find material that will interest somebody! You may visit the site while it is still being updated. Sometimes I have to take a break to prepare new material or to think up interesting captions for the photographs.

The logo on the road sign shown above was designed by Wigan Council and is based on the Maypole of the Abram Morris Dancers. Have a look at some of the later pages of the site and you'll find more about its history.

The site is not an 'official' site of Abram Community Link, but is my effort to promote an organisation that is active in the local community. Neither do my views represent the official views of Abram Morris Dancers.

Michael L. Jackson, Abram Morris Dancer

Where Is Abram?

Abram is in the County of Lancashire, but not within the area administered by Lancashire County Council. It is in Wigan Borough, a metropolitan district within the area of Lancashire formerly administered by Greater Manchester County. Wigan Council is the local authority responsible for Abram.

Abram Boundary Signs

Early in 2002, Wigan Council gave back Abram its identity! Boundary signs had been missing for many years, but after consultation with Abram Community Link new signs were designed by the Council. The Maypole logo is based on the traditional English Maypole of the Abram Morris Dancers, but is also intended to act as a reminder of Abram's past as a mining community, in particular by remembering the Maypole Colliery. The design also features flowers in 'canal art' style, a pointer to Abram's proximity to the Leeds and Liverpool canal.

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