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List of coal mines in Lancashire in the year 1854, and 1993

List of Collieries at work in 1854 in Lancashire, Cheshire and North Wales, taken from Joseph Dickinson's List of Mines
Affeside Tottington Jethro Sowcroft
Agecroft Pendlebury Andrew Knowles and Sons
Ainsworth Red House Ainsworth Thomas Fletcher
Albert Westhoughton William Barton
Albert Upholland Holdsworth and Co
Albion Hindley/Wigan John Thomas Wood
Almond Brook Standish John Taylor
Amberswood Ince-in-Makerfield Jonathan Blundell and Son
Arley Blackrod //
Ashton Ashton-in-Makerfield Samuel Clough and Co
Ashworth Ashworth/Rochdale Robert Lees, James Greenwood, and James Lord
Astley Astley/Leigh Samuel Jackson and Co.
Atherton Atherton John Fletcher and others
Back Lane Newton/Cheshire Exors of the late George Wooley
Bagslate Bagslate/Chadwick James Lord, Samuel Wild
Baitings Wolstenholme William Booth
Bakestonedale Port Shrigley/Cheshire Matthew Gaskell
Bank Little Hulton Thomas Wright
Bank House Middle Hulton Francis Charleton
Bank House Crompton/Oldham Exors of the late Charles Taylor
Bank Moor Oswaldtwistle Simpson and Young
Bank Top Radcliffe/Bury Knowles and Hall
Bank Top Bacup Thomas Watson and Co.
Bardsley Bardsley Jonah Harrop
Bardsley Bardsley Jonah Harrop
Barrowshaw Oldham Job Lees
Baxenden Baxenden Hargreaves, Ashworth and Co.
Bayleyfield Mottrom/Cheshire Thomas, James and John Ashton
Bedford Bedford/Leigh Samuel Jackson and Co.
Bent Grange Oldham Thomas Butterworth
Bents Little Lever Thomas Fletcher
Berestow Day Eye Port Shrigley/Cheshire Peter Vere junior
Besom Hill Oldham James Wilson
Beson Hill Oldham James Taylor
Bickershaw Abram/Leigh Ackers, Whitley and Co.
Bickerstaffe Bickerstaffe Bromilow, Forster and Co
Bickerstaffe Bickerstaffe Trustees of the late Lord Skelmersdale
Birchen Lee Butterworth/Rochdale John Knowles and Co.
Birkett Bank Wigan James Lancaster
Birtle Dean Ashworth/Rochdale Ramsbottom and Golding
Bispham Billinge/Wigan William Hill Brancker and Co.
Blackrod Blackrod C. and T. Whaley and Co.
Blue Ball Brandwood, Bacup James Butterworth and Co.
Bottling Wood Wigan John Part
Bowling Green Birtle Detached Greenwoods, Baron and Tattersall
Bradford Bradford/Manchester Bradford Coal Co.
Bradley Standish Richard Fisher
Bradshaw Hall Aspull Wright and Taylor
Bradshaw House Aspull John Johnson
Brearley Butterworth/Rochdale Henry Brearley
Bredbury Black Mine Bredbury/Cheshire J. and J. Jowett
Breightmet Breightmet/Bolton James Hardcastle
Breightmet Breightmet/Bolton Thomas Fletcher
Brex Newchurch/Rossendale Hargreaves, Ashworth and Co.
Broad Oak Parr/St Helens Bournes and Robinson
Broadfield Accrington Simpson and Young
Broadfield Westleigh John Speakman and Co.
Brookside Accrington Simpson and Young
Broomfield Standish Broomfield Colliery Co.
Brotherod Catley Lane/Rochdale H.H. Fishwick and Co.
Brownhill Catley Lane/Rochdale Charles Lomax and James Lord
Brownhouse Healey/Rochdale James Dearden
Browns Crompton Joseph and Thomas Mills
Bryn Ashton-in-Makerfield William Garstange and Son
Bull Ring Blackrod F.G. Dutton and Co.
Burgh Coppull John Hargreaves junior
Burnden Bolton Thomas, Samuel, and Exors of the Late John Scowcroft
Burnley Drift Burnley Exors of the Late John Hargreaves
Burnt Hills Clowbridge Exors of the Late John Hargreaves
California Day Eye Rainow/Cheshire Peter Vere senior
Captain Fold Heywood Heywood Coal Co.
Cartridge Nook James Dearden
Chadderton Chadderton William Jones and Co.
Chadwick Hall Chadwick/Rochdale Roscow and Lord
Chamber Oldham William Jones and Co
Chapel Green Hindley John Bleasdale
Charlestown Ashton-under-Lyne William Wild
Charnock Charnock Richard John Smith
Cheesden Lumb Wolstenholme John Howarth
Chorley Chorley Jonathan Blundell and Son
Clap Gate Pemberton/Wigan Henry Harrison
Clapgate Woodhouse Lane/Rochdale Zechariah Howarth and John Brierley
Clayton Clayton-le-Moors John Lomax
Clayton Clayton.Manchester Leigh and Bradbury
Cleggswood Butterworth/Littleborough Knowles
Clifton Clifton/Manchester Trustees of the late Ellis Fletcher
Clifton Hall Clifton/Manchester Andrew Knowles and Sons
Clifton Moss Clifton/Manchester Andrew Knowles and Sons
Cliviger Cliviger Cliviger Coal Co.
Clough Side Prestwich/Bury Bromilow, Bronwhill and Co.
Cockey Moor Radcliffe James Knowles
Coney Over Darwen William Pierce
Coppull Coppull John Hargreaves junior
Count Hill Oldham Job lees
Cowley Hill Windle/St Helens Cardwell and Thomson
Croft Head Butterworth/Littleborough Croft Head Co.
Cropper's Hill Eccleston/St Helens James Radley
Cupola Clowbridge Brooks and Pickup
Darcy Lever Darcy lever/Bolton Darcy Lever Coal Co.
Dark Lane Blackrod James Massey
Dark Lane Walmsbury/Bury Laurence Duckworth
Dean Newchurch in Rossendale James Stott, Milne and Co.
Dean Newchurch in Rossendale Hargreaves, Ashworth and Co.
Denton Denton/Manchester Jacob Fletcher Fletcher
Denton Denton/Manchester Peter Higson
Dodbottom Holme Chapel/Cliviger Thomas T. Whitaker
Doffcocker Halliwell/Bolton Longworth and Scowcroft
Doghill Crompton Joseph Crook, John Marland
Dogshaw Over Darwen Eccles Shorrock
Douglas Bank Wigan John Ashton Chase
Drybank Whitworth James Duckworth and Co
Duckworth Hall Oswaltwistle Simpson and Young
Dukinfield Dukinfield/Cheshire F.D.P. Ashley
Dukingfield Dukingfield/Cheshire Dukinfield Coal Co.
Dunkenhalgh Park Church Joseph Barnes
Dunkirk Dukinfield/Cheshire Dunkirk Coal Co.
Duxbury Duxbury/Chorley T. and W. Whittle
Eales Littleborough Thomas Ferrand Dearden
Edge Green Golborne/Leigh Richard Evans and Sons
Edge Lane/Dry Clough Oldham Evans Barker and Co.
Ellison Fold Over Darwen John & James Brandwood
Elton Elton/Bury William Thornton Parks
Fairbottom Fairbottom/Bardsley Lees and Booth
Farnworth Farnworth William Crompton
Fern Hill Bury William Walker and Co.
Five Quarter Great Lever/Bolton John Smith Junior and Co.
Flash Eccleshill, Darwen William Brandwood
Fordoe Wolstenholme James Butterworth
Foulclough Todmorden John and Reuben Haigh
Four Lane Ends Shevington/Wigan William Barton
Freeholds Whitworth Haigh
Fulledge Burnley William Cardwell and Co.
Gerard's Bridge Windle/St Helens Cardwell and Thomson
Gidlow Wigan Alexander Fowden Halliburton
Gidlow and Swinley Wigan Exors of the Late Joseph Rylands
Gin Lane Eccleston/St Helens David Bromilow and Co.
Glade Hill Parr/St Helens John and Thomas Johnson
Glodwick Oldham James Collinge and Co.
Great Boys Tydesley William Atkin
Great Lever Great lever Rgt. Hon. Earl of Bradford
Greave Brandwood/Bacup Townsend, Hargreaves, Barlow
Greenacres Oldham Lees and Booth
Green's Moor Brandwood/Bacup Robert Munn
Habergham Habergham/Burnley Exors of the Late John Hargreaves
Hacken Little Lever Andrew Knowles and Sons
Haigh Haigh/Wigan Earl of Crawford and Balcarres
Halsnead Whiston/St Helens Richard Willis
Hanging Bank Little Hulton James Kay and Co.
Hanging Chadder Thornham/Royton James Stott, Milne and Co.
Hapton Hapton Hapton Coal Co.
Hapton Valley Hapton Exors of the Late John Hargreaves
Harwood Harwood/Bolton James Hardcastle
Hathershaw Thornham/Royton James Stott, Milne and Co.
Haughton Haughton/Manchester Leigh and Bradbury
Haughton Haughton/Mancheter Thomas Shaw
Hawkley Pemberton ??
Haydock Ashton-in-Makerfield Richard Evans and Sons
Healey Hall Healey Hall/Healey Jacob Tweedale and Sons
Heath Charnock Heath Charnock John Rosebottom
Hey Oldham Mills, Lee and Co.
Heyfield West leigh Thomas Livesey
Heys Ashton-under-Lyne John Kenworthy and Brothers
Higginshaw Lane Royton Milne, Travis and Milne
High Brooks Ashton-in-Makerfield Wright, Taylor, and Mercer
Higher Hill Shuttleworth/Bury Laurence Duckworth
Hindley Green Hindley/Wigan John Scowcroft and Co.
Hindley Green Hindley Robert Worsley
Hockerley Whaley (Bridge?) Cheshire Thomas Srigley
Hoddlesden Hoddlesden John & Joseph Place
Hodge Clough Oldham Jesse Ainsworth
Hogshead Whitworth/Bacup Robert Lees
Hogshead Whitworth/Bacup Townend, Maden and Lord
Holcombe Holcombe Hill Holcombe Brickworks Co.
Holebottom Oldham Lees, Jones and Co.
Holebottom Crompton Exors of Charles Taylor
Holland Upholland Earl of Crawshaw and Balcarres
Holme House Wigan Henry Woods
Hopwood Hopwood/Middleton Robert Gregg Hopwood
Horse Pasture Towneley side/Burnley Charles Towneley
Hosier House Ince-in-Makerfield Thomas Gidlow
Hoyle Hey Brandwood/Bacup James Greenwood
Hulton Middle Hulton William Hulton
Hurst Knowl Ashton-under-Lyne John Whittaker and Sons
Ince Ince-in-Makerfield Alexander Fowden Halliburton
Ince Hall Ince-in-Makerfield Exors of the Late J. Whaley
Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Wks Ince and Wigan Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co.
Jubilee Crompton/Oldham Evans. Barker and Co.
Kearsley Farnworth T.S. and J. Scowcroft
Kearsley Clifton/Manchester Trustees of the late Ellis Fletcher
Kirkless Aspull/Wigan Ralph E. Thicknesse MP
Kirkless Hall Aspull/Wigan John Lancaster and Co.
Knowl Wolstenholme/Rochdale George Howarth
Knowsley Whitworth Joah Townend
Ladyshore Little Lever John Fletcher
Laffak Parr/St Helens John and Thomas Johnson
Land Whitworth James Dearden
Lathom Lathom/Rainford Trustees of the late Lord Skelmersdale
Lidgate Littleborough Phillippi, Sutcliffe, Leo, and Co.
Little Bolton Little Bolton/Bolton Andrew Knowles and Sons
Little Hulton Little Hulton Matthew Bennett and Brothers
Little Lever Little Lever Andrew Knowles and Sons
Little Westwood Ince-in-Makerfield Kay and James
Low Crompton Crompton/Oldham James Stott, Milne and Co.
Low Hall Hindley Moss Hall Coal Co.
Low Side Oldham William Wrigley
Lower Barn Over Darwen James and George Shorrock
Marsden Marsden Exors of the Late John Hargreaves
Marsh House Over Darwen John and William Pickup
Meadow Croft Chadwick/Rochdale Roscow and Lord
Meadow's House Wigan Anthony Eccles
Mesne Lea Worsley Rep. of the late Peter Nighingale
Mesnes Wigan Jonathan Blundell and Son
Moss Hall Ince-in-Makerfield Moss Hall Coal Co.
Moss Hall Ince-in-Makerfield Nuttall and Cardwell
Moss House Pemberton/Wigan Exors of the Late J. Whaley
Moston Moston/Manchester John Stanley
New Altham Altham?Burnley Hallam and Fawcett
New Fields Horwich John M. Walch
New Gate Upholland Thomas Rigby
New Hey Brandwood/Bacup Aitken Brothers
New Town Pemberton/Wigan Jonathan Lamb
New Watergate Little Hulton James and William Roscow
New Whitaker Butterworth/Littleborough Rigby and Lees
Nook ?? Fishwick and Co.
Norley Hall Pemberton/Wigan Exors of the late John Daglish
Oak Oldham William Jones and Co
Oaken Clough Brandwood/Bacup James Butterworth
Old Clough Newchurch/Rossendale Hargreaves, Ashworth and Co.
Old Hey Brandwood.Bacup Townsend, Hargreaves, and Barlow
Old Meadows Bacup (Newchurch in list) Hargreaves, Ashworth and Co.
Old Sink Rooley Moor/Brandwood Townsend, Hargreaves, and Barlow
Openshaw Birtle/Heywood Joseph Chadwick
Padiham Padiham Exors of the Late John Hargreaves
Park West Leigh Trustees of the Liverpool and Manchester Coal Co.
Park Crompton Evans, Barker and Co.
Parr Stocks Parr/St Helens Johnson, Werninck and Co
Paulden Wood Oldham Mills, Lees and Co.
Peel Tyldesley Thomas Grundy
Pemberton Pemberton/Wigan John Stephen
Pemberton Pemberton/Wigan Jonathan Blundell and Son
Pendlebury Pendlebury Andrew Knowls and Sons
Pewfall Ashton-in-Makerfield Samuel Clough and Co
Pickley Heys Westleigh Thomas Lowe and Co.
Pikehouse Littleborough Phillippi, Sutcliffe, Leo and Co.
Pilsworth Pilsworth/Bury Fletcher and Whewell
Platt Bridge Ince-in-Makerfield Case and Morris
Platt Lane Wigan Wright and Taylor
Pole Over Darwen William Pickup
Pole Lane Sough/Darwen James Pickup
Prescott Prescott John Yates and Co
Prescott Brook Huyton David Bromilow and Co
Quarlton Quarlton/Bolton Andrew Knowles and Sons
Radcliffe Bridge Radcliffe/Bury Knowles and Hall
Railway Charnock Richard Exors of John Darlington
Rainford Rainford William Harding
Ravenhead Sutton/St Helens Bromilow, Haddock and Co
Red Lumb Wolstenholme Thomas Shepherd
Riding Lane Ashton-in-Makerfield Joseph Ashton
Ringley Prestwich Bromilow, Bronwhill and Co.
Rishton Heights Over Darwen James and George Shorrock
Rooley Moor Rooley Moor Exors of George Ormerod
Rooley Moor Rooley Moor Richard Ashworth
Rose Bridge Wigan Case and Morris
Royal Eccleston/St Helens David Bromilow and Co
Sankey Brook Parr/St Helens Sankey Brook Colliery Co.
Schofield Hall Butterworth James Fielding and John Whittles
Scholes Fold Over Darwen John and James Brandwood
Scout Moor Shuttleworth/Bury Laurence Duckworth
Shakerley Tyldesley Nathan Eckersley
Shaw Bank Butterworth/Littleborough J. and W. Chadwick
Shaw Field Catley Lane/Rochdale James Stott and James Jackson
Shaw Moss Butterworth/Littleborough John Knowles junior and Co
Shevington Shevington/Wigan John Tayleur and Co.
Sholver Fold Oldham Abraham Lees
Sholver Moor Oldham James Buckley
Sholver Moor Oldham George Hallas
Shore Lane Butterworth/Littleborough J. and W. Chadwick
Skelmersdale Skelmersdale Mary Stopforth (Mrs)
Smallbridge Wardle Stotts, Dearden, and Lomax
Smithfold Little Hulton John Gibson and Co.
Smithills Halliwell Peter Ainsworth
Smith's Lane Abram/Wigan Tickle and Co.
South Grain Todmorden James Dearden
Sovereign Mill Wigan Woods and Co.
Spring Ince-in-Makerfield Thomas Pearson
Springfield Westleigh Farrington, Marshall and Co.
Stand Lane Radcliffe Bridge/Radcliffe Thomas Grundy and Brother
Standish Lower Ground Standish John Taylor
Stangeways Hall Hindley Strangeways Hall Coal Co.
Stoneclough Kearsley Thomas Grundy
Stoneclough Kearsley Knowles and Stott
Stopes Little Lever Thomas Fletcher
Sutton Sutton/St Helens Bournes and Robinson
Swinshaw Newchurch/Rossendale Hargreaves, Ashworth and Co.
Thistley Field Butterworth/Littleborough John Knowles and Co.
Thorney Hurst Birtle/Bury Roscow and Lord
Toadleach Healey James Dearden
Todmorden Moor Todmorden James Dearden
Tonacliffe Whitworth/Rossendale John Lord
Tonacliffe Level Whitworth/Rossendale James Walton
Tonge Tonge/Bolton Robert Burton and Son
Tonge Lane Middleton Whitehead and Andrews
Tooter Hill Brandwood/Bacup James Dearden
Tooter Hill Brandwood/Bacup James Law
Top o' th' Lane Darcy Lever Andrew Knowles and Sons
Tower Hill Upholland John Cadman
Town House Great Marsden/Nelson Spencer, Wilson and Co.
Turf House Littleborough Bamford and Co
Turf Pits Oldham Job Lees
Turf Tavern Bagslate/Rochdale John and George Mills
Turton Moor Turton Andrew Knowles and Sons
Tyldesley Tydesley Samuel Jackson and Co.
Tyldesley Tyldesley Tyldesley Coal Co.
Union Eccleston/St Helens James Radley
Unity Brook Kearsley James Stott
Victoria Rainford Holdsworth and Co.
Victoria Standish John Taylor
Victoria Main Blackrod John Ridgway and Co
Waites Delf Pemberton ?? Craig
Wallnook ?? James Dearden
Walthewhouse Pemberton William Hill Brancker and Co
Westleigh Westleigh James Diggle and Co.
Westleigh Lane Westleigh Samuel Banks
Whelley Wigan Jonathan Lamb
Whiston (Paradise) Whiston John Yates and Co.
Whit(e)well Bottoms Newchurch/Rossendale Hargreaves, Ashworth and Co.
Whitaker Butterworth/Littleborough Edmund Turner Lord
Willows Horwich Brownlow and Radcliffe
Winstanley Winstanley/Wigan Meyrick Banks
Winter Hill Horwich Adam Mason
Wolstenholme Fold Wolstenholme/Rochdale Hall and Urmson
Wolstenholme Hall Wolstenholme/Rochdale Thomas Shepherd
Woodgate Hill Bury John Holt and Co.
Woodhouse Lane Woodhouse Lane/Rochdale Zechariah Howarth
Woodhouse Lane Woodhouse Lane/Rochdale John Buckley
Worsley Worsley/Manchester Bridewater Trustees
Wrightington Wrightington/Wigan Charles Scarisbrick
Yarrow Duxbury/Chorley Thomas Whaley

A List of Collieries in 1993, from 'Guide to the Coalfields'

Gives name of mine, location, manager, undermanager, number of men underground, number of men on surface and seams worked.

Pits marked thus (L) were private mines, licensed by the Coal Authority.
Abbey (L) Neath, West Glam. A. Aston Pentre Rider
Alltwen Hill (L) Swansea
Amber Valley (L) Alfreton, Derby E. Hartshorne Blackshale
Annesley/Bentnick Annesley, Notts E. Blackwell J.H. Van Ham 675 205 Blackshale
Apedale (L) Chesterton, Staffs. C.W. Kirkham Channel, Bassey etc.
Asfordby Asfordby, Notts G.C. Harris P. Marriot 374 93 developing mine
Ayle Drift (L) J. Shepherd Little Limestone
Backshot (L) Forth, Lanarkshire Wilontown Main
Bank Top (L) Leycett, Staffs. W. Lewis Rowhurst
Barhaugh Drift (L) F. Shepherd Little Limestone
Bentley Bentley, Doncaster G.J. Wilson P. Dawson 554 135 Parkgate/Swallow Wood
Betws Ammanford, Dyfed C.L. Jones M. Cook 100 13 Red Vein
Bevercotes Retford, Notts D.R. Bell J.R. Nichol 629 159 Hard/Top Hard/Low Waterloo
Bilsthorpe Bilsthorpe, Notts A. Alisop S.G. Pollard 757 170 Parkgate/Low Main
Blackbarn (L) Cefn y Crib, Gwent M.R. Jones
Blaengrenig No.2 (L) Ammanford, Dyfed C. Windos Red Vein
Blaenpergwm (L) Port Talbot, West Glam. E. Williams
Blagill (L) J. Watson Little Limestone
Bolsover Bolsover, Chesterfield P.J. Mullery P. Chambers 477 110 Blackshale
Brawds Level (L) Maesteg, Mid Glam D.I. Evans
Brynglas (L) Ammanford, Dyfed J. Morgan
Bryn-Y-Garn (L) Rhondda, W.C. Fyfield
Bwlch Varteg (L) Rhos, West Glam
Caeglas (L) Treeharris, Mid Glam
Calverton Calverton, Notts R.J. Hallam D.J. Messom 590 199 Low Bright/Brinsley/High Hazel
Cannop Drift (L) Cannop, Coleford
Cannop Engine (L) Coleford
Carn Cornel No.2 (L) Neath, West Glam.
Castle Drift (L) B. Craig Little Limestone
Cefn Mawr No.2 (L) Neath, West Glam
Clarghill (L) J.G.E. Williams Little Limestone
Clipstone Clipstone, Mansfield D.M. Betts P.A. Townsend 794 161 Yard/Deep Soft
Coed Talon (L) C. Burgess
Cotgrave Cotgrave, Notts S. Wright R.J. Nevin 496 117 Blackshale
Craig Merthyr (L) Swansea?
Craigman (L) New Cummock, Ayr J. O'Hara
Craig-y-Llyn (L) Rhondda
Crugau (L) Neath, W. Glam
Cwmglo (L) Pontypool, Gwent Yard/Seven Feet
Cwm-Yr-Onen (L) Neath, W. Glam.
DanyGraig No.2 (L) near Swansea
Darrell NO.2 (L) Rhondda
Daw Mill Arley, Coventry A. Galloway R.J. Flint 1359 124 Thick
Dinas Rock (L) Port Talbot
Doe Lea (L) Doe Lea, Chesterfield J. Mitchell Top Hard
Dynant Fach No.2 (L) Dyfed
Easington Easington, Co. Durham S.J. Reece K.G. Smith 1595 303 Main Yard/Low Main
Ellington Combine Ellington, Morpeth E.W. Kearney A. Baggerley 1799 164 Main Yard/Brass Thrill
Elwyn Pinetrees (L) Port Tolbot
Evans No. 4 (L) Swansea
Evans No.4 (L) Swansea
Evawill (L) Dyfed
Farmwood (L) Coleford
FForch-Y-Garran (L) West Glam
Ffynonau-Duon 1 and 2 (L) Mid Glam
Ffynonau-Duon 3 (L) Mid Glam
Ffynonau-Duon 4 (L) Mid Glam
Forest No.3 (L) Neath W. Glam.
Frances Dysart, Scotland W. Kerr A. Simpson
Frickley South Elmsall, Pontefract K.I. Whiteman S. Atkin Cudworth/Newhill/Haighmoor
Gasciogne Wood South Milford, Leeds H.D. Hoy F. Wallbank 196 80
Glanderi (L) West Glam.
Glan-Yr-Afon (L) ?
Gleison (L) Cardiff
Glen (L) Swansea
Glenview Carluke, Lanarkshire
Glomynydd (L) Rhondda
Goldthorpe Goldthorpe, Rotherham A. Hendy C.J. Prescott Shafton
Green Clough Merrils Head Farm, Cliviger A. Little
Greenland Drift (L) Quebec, Co. Durham D. Carlisle Busty Top/Busty
Grime Bridge (L) Dean Rossendale W. Clayton
Grimethorpe Grimethorpe, Barnsley D.L. Brook D. Lowery Parkgate/Fenton/Newhill
Gwynfryn No.2 (L) Cardiff
Harworth Bircotes, Doncaster R.W. Robson J.M. Brown 988 193 Deep Soft/Swallow Wood
Hatfield/Thorne Stainforth, Doncaster J. Ainley M.J. Seal 848 151 High Hazel
Hay Royds (L) Clayton West, Huddersfield A. Bilston
Haying Wood (L) Leycett, Staffs. F. Green
Hayners Bailey (L) Lydney Glos.
Heol Hen (L) Neath
High Street (L) Treharris
Hirfynidd (L) Neath
Hirfynydd (L) Neath
Hopewell-in-Wimberry (L) Coalway, Coleford
Houghton Main Little Houghton, Barnsley J. Blundell D.P. Round 1141 157 Silkstone/Fenton
Hulme (L) Hulme, Stoke M. Longton
Ivy Rock (L) N.W. Glam
Johnson (L) Blackwood Gwent
Kellingley Kellingley, Yorks N.R. Kemp T. Brooks 929 158 Beeston/Silkstone
Kielder Forest Mine (L) Wombwell, Barnsley developing
Kiveton Kiveton Park, Sheffield E. Hardy N. Betts 456 109 Clowne/High Hazel
Lassodie (L) Kelty, Fife Seven Foot
Leycett (Podmoor Hall) (L) Leycett, Newcastle W. Lewis Great Coal/Cannel Row
Little Sherriff (L) Silverdale Notts T. Warnes Winghay
Littleton Huntingdon, Cannock R.P.H. Dean S.H. Parker 960 91 Park Benches/Eight Feet
Llechart No.2 (L) Neath

Llety Philip (L) Cardiff
Lodge Drift (L) Pentre Broughton, Wrexham N. Williams
Longannet Complex Clackmannan, Scotland W.R. Dow
Lonnen Drift (L) Spennymoor, Co. Durham M. McQuire Bottom Hutton
Mainband (St. Bees) (L) Whitehaven, Cumbria N.G. Edmunds
Maltby Maltby, Rotherham M.J. High J. Kellaway 483 180 Swallow Wood
Manton Manton, Worksop K.W, Jessup T. McKechnie 668 153 Parkgate
March Hywel (L) W. Glam
Markham Duckmanton, Chesterfield C.G. Ponder P.E. Ward 1231 196 Thin/Thick Blackshale
Markham Main Armthorpe, Doncaster A. Davies W.P. Cooke 801 131 Barnsley
Middridge Drift (L) Shilton, Co. Durham A. Hewick Sutton

Monkton Hall Dalkeith, Scotland W. Kerr A. Simpson
Moorside (L) Mosborough, Sheffield D. Amatt Parkgate
Nant Fach (L) Swansea
Nant Gwrhyd (L) Swansea
Nant Merddog (L) Gwent
Nantglas Newydd (L) Neath
Nanthir (L) Neath
Nantmelyn (L) Mid Glam.
Nant-Y-Cafn (L) Swansea
Nant-Y-Glo (L) West Glam.
Nant-Y-Mynydd (L) West Glam.
New Penrhiw (L) Swansea
New Road Level (L) Coalway, Coleford
North Selby Escrick, Yorkshire A. Williams P. Winks 366 76 Barnsley
Old Park (L) Bream, Lydney, Glos.
Ollerton Ollerton, Newark M.D. Orchiston S. Morris 830 177 Parkgate
Osmondcroft Drift (L) Winston, Co. Durham Yordale
Pantygasseg (L) Pontypool, Gwent
Parc Level (L) Amannford
Park Drift (L) Willington Crook, Durham M. Burrows
Parklands (L) Apedale, Chesterton A. Cartwright Bullhurst
Parkside Newton-le-Willows M.W. Ramsay G.G. Mottram 770 76 Trencherbone
Penhydd Newydd (L) West Glam.
Pentreclwydau (L) Port Talbot
Pentwyn No.3 (L) Amannford
Penygrug (L) West Glam.
Penywaum No.2 (L) Amannford
Point of Ayr Holywell, Clwyd P.G. Redford K. Whitehead 492 59 Yard/Stone/Hard Five Quarters
Ponty (L) West Glam.
Prince of Wales Pontefract, Yorks W.R. Davies G. Maynes 546 73 Stanley Main/Warren House
Quaker House (L) Ashton in Makerfield C. Booth King
Rashiehill (L) Forth, Lanarkshire V. Wilson Wilsontown Main
Redding Level (L) Ruardean, Glos.
Rhaeadr (L) Swansea
Rheola (L) Neath
Riccall Riccall, Selby, Yorks J.S. Sumnall I.J. Lloyd 545 90 Barnsley
Rithan (L) Pontypool
Rossington Rossington, Doncaster G. Mountain S.W. Jackson 781 166 Barnsley/Dunsil
Rufford Mansfield D.J. Moult D. Meikie 620 163 Yard/Blackshale
Scranton (L) Port Talbot
Shadfen Park Drift (L) Morpeth, Northumberland A. Newey Harvey
Sharlston Sharlston, Wakefield P.A. Adams M. Cartwright 590 109 Warren House/Stanley Main
Shirebrook Shirebrook, Mansfield C.J.E. Smith P.C. Stokes 1004 162 Deep Hard/Piper/Blackshale
Silverdale Silverdale Staffordshire K. Leech M. Arthur 661 96 Great Row/Winghay
Silverhill Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts I. Clayton R.A.P. Britton 661 152 Yard/Piper
Silverwood Thybergh, Rotherham T. Lawson A. Barnes 902 148 Swallow Wood/Haigh Moor
Stillingfleet Stillingfleet, Yorks P. Lewis M. Weston 534 84 Barnsley
Taff Merthyr Treharris, Mid Glam. M.K. Lewis P.D. Morgan 383 65 Seven Feet
Tai-Level-Lo (L) Mid Glam.
Thoresby Mansfield, Notts K.G. Fidler D.L. Wheatly 994 194 Parkgate
Tower Hirwaun, Mid Glam D.J. Fox D.B Lewis 413 77 Seven Feet/Five Feet
Tows Bank Drift (L) Coanwood, Haltwhistle
Trentham Trentham, Stoke J.R. Sorbie D. Durber 1594 167 Hams/Yard etc
Tstrad (L) Amannford
Twillycarn (L) Dyfed
Tyn Wern (L) West Glam.
Tyn-Graig (L) West Glam.
Upper Ras Brynoer (L) Gwent
Vane Tempest/Seaham Seaham, Co. Durham T. Gray P. Robson 910 196 High Main
Venallt (L) Swansea
Viaduct (L) Muirkirk, Ayrshire J. Bacharac
Waunhir No.2 (L) Amannford
Wearmouth Sunderland W. Fairbairn K.R.T. Benson 1779 299 Yard/Maudlin/Low Main
Welbeck Welbeck, Mansfield S.J. Parkin N. Harrison 848 195 Top Hard/Deep Soft
Werntarw No.2 (L) Mid Glam.
Westhoe South Shields T.P. Watson R. Watson 1529 269 Main/Maudlin/Brass Thrill
Whitemoor Selby, Yorks P.L. Gwilliam J. Alstead 252 54 Barnsley
Whittle (L) Hampeth, Fenton, Northumberland
Winstone (L) Gwent
Wistow Wistow, Selby, Yorks G.E. Wilby R. Draper 627 82 Barnsley
Woodside (L) Consett, Durham A. Newey
Woody Close (L) Consett, Durham
Wrytree (L) Greenhead, Carlisle Little Limestone

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