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The History of Blackburn Olympic Football Club.

Blackburn Olympic The Early Years.
Blackburn Olympic started out life in 1954;as the George Hotel which was; a public house on Darwen street in Blackburn and played in the 5th division of the Blackburn & District football combination. they moved Headquarters around 1957 to the Ivy Hotel on Infirmary St, changing their name to Ivy Saints. they kept this name until 1959 when they took their present name Blackburn Olympic. Jack Barlow was the driving force behind Blackburn Olympic, Jack was secretary, kitman, linesman, you name it and Jack did it, he became effectionetly known to all involved with the club as Mr. Olympic.
The Havelock Inn became the next headquarters for this progressive club around 1980 expanding to two teams both playing in the Blackburn Combination, the 1st team played in the 3rd Div while the reserve team started in the 5th division. This period was to be probably the most successful period in the clubs history, the club had always had a reputation for being well organised and in the early eighties attracted an enthusiastic manager by the name of Jimmy Roscoe. Jimmy knew many players from the local scene and brought them to The Olympic winning the 3rd division championship in his first season.
The following season saw another local lad join the club as reserve team manager namely Bill Maynard, the 1st team carried on where they left off winning the 2nd division title, the reserve team not to be out done the reseve team reached the Hamer Cup Final, Beating old rivals Mellor f.c in a stirring Semi Final Before beating League champions Haslingden st Mary's in a epic final. the celebrations went on for many days.
I stated earlier that the 80s was an important time in the clubs history it was during this time that a young player Named David Lloyd joined the club, and in his own right would play a part in the History of this great club, for when Jack Barlow stood down as secretary after forty years service Dave became secrtary and has brought the club through many difficult periods but still keeping the old traditions at the club. Dave has now been Secretary for about ten years but is still as enthusiastic about the club as he was as was when he first came. Blackburn Olympic now have one team in the third division of the combination, as well as a team in the 1st Division of the Blackburn Rovers communnity league.

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