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Medium single, strong upright growth. Tube and sepals sparkling white, corolla burgundy. Very floriferous with attractive blooms which are held away from the foliage. Ideal for patio tubs, pots and bedding.


Medium single - lax upright. Sepals yellow white, tipped green, corolla luminous rose. Extremely floriferous plant that is ideal for hanging baskets and pots. Would make a good show plant.


Medium single - upright growth. Tube and sepals waxy bright red, corolla deep reddish purple. Floriferous, self branching plant which is ideal for patio tubs and pots.


Large double - lax upright growth. Long slender tube and sepals are white tipped green, corolla lavender, splashed pale pink. Very floriferous fast growing plant that is suitable for hanging baskets and pots.


Very large double - lax upright. Tube and sepals pink, corolla deep purple splashed pink and white. Very attractive blooms carried in profusion, ideal for hanging baskets and pots.


Small single - lax upright growth. Tube, sepals and corolla deep beetroot red with aubergine tints. Suitable for baskets, pots and tubs. Very floriferous plant.


Medium double - lax upright growth. Tube pink, sepals white tipped green, corolla pure white. Holds its colour well, even in sun. Ideal for hanging baskets and pots.


Large double - lax upright growth. Tube and sepals pale cream, tipped green. Corolla magenta splashed palest pink. Very floriferous, ideal for baskets and hanging pots.

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