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The Check List of Species, Hybrids and Cultivars of the Genus Fuchsia by Leo.B.Boullemeir
ISBN 0-7137-2165-0

Fuchsia's - A Colour Guide by George Bartlett

Fuchsia's - The New Cultivars by George Bartlett
ISBN 1-86126-338-4

Fuchsia's - The Complete Guide by Edwin.J.Goulding
ISBN 0-7134-6948-X

The Fuchsia Growers Handbook by Ron Ewart
ISBN 0-7137-1712-2

Fuchsia's for House and Garden by George Bartlett
ISBN 1-85223-259-5

Growing Fuchsia's by Carol Gubler
ISBN 1-85833-162-5

Fuchsia's for Greenhouse and Garden by D Clark
ISBN 0-600-35177-7

The Hardy Fuchsia Guide by D Clark
ISBN 0-9510578-7-1


Little Brook Fuchsia's (Carol Gubler)
Ash Green Lane West
Ash Green, Nr Aldershot
Hants GU12 6HL

Tel: 01252 329731

Open from 1st January - no mail order.


B & H.M Baker
Bourne Brook Nurseries
Greenstead Green
Essex CO9 1RJ

Tel: 01787 472900 (no mail order)


Breach Lane Nursery
Breach Lane
Wootton Bassett
Wilts SN4 7QR

Tel: 01793 854660 (no mail order)


Clay Lane Nursery (Ken Belton)
3 Clay Lane
South Nutfield Nr Redhill
Surrey RH1 4EG

Tel: 01737 823307 (no mail order)


Oldbury Nurseries
Brissenden Green
Kent TN26 3BJ

Tel: 01233 820416 (mail order service)


The Vernon Geranium Nursery
(Derek,Janet & Phillip James, E & R Sims)
Cuddington Way
Surrey SM2 7JB

Tel: 020 8393 7616



Sheffield Park Gardens is 120 acres of towering trees, wide winding paths and magnificent shrubs. The original design of the gardens and estate was laid out in 1775, at which time the neo-Gothic house which stands beyond the NW boundary of the gardens began. The gardens were bought by the National Trust but the house is still private. There are special features at different times of the year with thousands of wild daffodils and bluebells, together with camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons. There are two large lakes, with many wildfowl, and several water features. One, a bridge which crosses a water cascade, is known as "Woman's Way" and the legend goes that a headless woman is liable to appear there, only to vanish into thin air when approached.
The "Bluebell Line" railway is only a short distance from the gardens and a joint entry for both venues can be purchased if so wished, making a small saving.

Details are available from the National Trust at Sheffield Park Gardens:

The National Trust
Sheffield Park Gardens
East Sussex TN22 3QX

Tel: 01825 790231


There are several gardens owned by the RHS that are well worth a visit. For affiliated societies, one garden can be visited by a maximum of 55 members per year free of charge. standard, or group rates, apply to non-members for any additional visits. In particular RHS Wisley and RHS Hyde Hall are two well worth visiting.

RHS Garden Wisley
Surrey GU23 6QB

Tel: 01483 224234

RHS Garden Hyde Hall
Essex CM3 8ET

Tel: 01245 400256

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