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Penge Forum

Penge Forum provides an avenue for discussion between statutory and voluntary organisations, residents, and, indeed, anyone interested in the area of Penge, Anerley, and the adjacent parts of Beckenham.

Its four meetings a year take the form of a speaker on some subject of local concern, followed by opportunity for discussion on general matters of topical interest.

Library Changes

Results of our poll on the proposed merger of Penge and Anerley Libraries into a new library in Green Lane, Penge (former Edginton's Store) were:-

Use Green Lane: 41 (50%)
Use Upper Norwood: 8 (10%)
Use South Norwood: 1 (1%)
Use a mobile library in Anerley: 5 (6%)
Go elsewhere: 12 (15%)
Stop using libraries: 15 (18%)
(83 votes)

which is similar to the Council's own exit poll of 54% of 400 people at Penge and Anerley Libraries prepared to use Green Lane. The move is expected to take place before Christmas. the future of the Town Hall building at Anerley remains to be decided.

Local News and Views

Visit the I Love Penge website for coming events and local comment.

News from Penge Councillors

Council activities and comment from Penge & Cator Ward Councillors Katherine Bance MBE, Peter Fookes and John Getgood.

Penge War Memorial WW2 Project

Please visit the pages listed on the right for details of our project to add names from World War 2 to the war memorial.

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