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Background of the life of St Eligius

Bishop of Noyon & Patron of the Royal Electrical And Mechanical Engineers.
Eligius was a gifted worker in metals and was apprenticed from a very early age to a master silversmith. He soon demonstrated a remarkable talent for engraving and smithing in the finest metals. He was commissioned by the king of France Clotaire 11 to build a golden throne. With the materials provided, he built two and the king was struck by his outstanding skill, economy and integrity, appointing him Master of the Mint. Despite his luxurious living at the court of the king, Eligius was never more content than to spend his wealth on the poor and fashioning church reliquaries. News of his piety and Christian devotion travelled far and soon he was offered a bishopric to the See of Noyon & Tournai. He went on to found a monastery in Limousine and a nunnery in Paris. The saint enjoys a wide patronage including metalworkers. As the patron saint of REME he is depicted holding the implements of his trade. His feast day is the 3rd December.

St Eligius

Another early drawing of St Eligius

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