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Grangetown Teddy Boys

Grangetown Teddy Boys - Eugene Purvis

It looks like a rock group of the era - but one of the group is Tony Martin of Birchington Ave standing on the right - looking suitably cool with a Billy Fury/Elvis lip curl dressed in a white sports coat ( full drape ) and a pink carnation? ( only real fans of the era will understand this reference - Let's see how many do !)
Albie Humphreys is standing to the left of Tony and many other faces look very familiar !
Hi John, I was looking at the Grangetown site and saw the picture of the the teddy boys ha ha ha ,.well here are the names of all but one on the picture.back row left to right,Decka Cassidy, Freddy Hughes,Bud Ditchburn,Ginger Iseton, Hugh Bartley, Albert Humphries, yours truly, and the late Jacky Towell.front row cant recollect first one on the left,Albert Watson, and Malcolm Roberts. I really enjoy looking at this site John and as I said when I get around to it I will send you some pics and stuff,bye for now, Tony.

Coronation Party Lee Road Adults 1953

Coronation Party Lee Road Adults 1953 - courtesy of Dennis King

The party was held in St Matthews Hall and many familiar faces are seen including : Mary O'Neill front row left; Mr and Mrs Wilson back row left with young Hughie Wilkinson even further left.....

I can identify four women in the picture at the Mission Coronation party 1953. Front row 2nd left is my mum Joan Mills (nee Butler) and her sister Betty Lilly (nee Butler) then 4th from the right is my Nana Olive McIntyre (Nee Piggales) and 4th from the right is one my mum's other sisters Eileen Pickering (nee McIntyre). This website shows what a nice place Grangetown was to live in.

Debbie Smith

Coronation Party Lee Road Children 1953

Coronation Party Lee Road Children 1953 - courtesy of Dennis King

Among the children on the back row are:- Michael Wilkinson, Paul Fox, Vincent O'Neill....Let's here from you out there !

The King Brothers - 111 Stapylton St.

The King Brothers - 111 Stapylton St. - courtesy of Dennis King

Dennis himself is third from the left.

L-R: William Jnr; Harry; Dennis; Albert

Sharman and Elaine 1955

Sharman and Elaine 1955 - courtesy of Elaine Meadows nee Tyerman

In the distance we can see Davison's Corner Shop and Argyle Road houses facing Victoria Road and a bemused boy - hands in pockets watching the photographic action..after his long stare at the bicycles in Brown's shop no danger of being run over by a motorised vehicle.

Grangetowners in Blackpool c 1955

Grangetowners in Blackpool c 1955 - courtesy of Fox Family

Back row - Charlie Littlewood, Eugene Fox,Alan Lincoln,
Middle Row - Unknown, Bill Evans, Colin Joy
Front Row - Jim Fox, Bob Speakman, Geoff Johns.

British Legion Club Presentation 1950

British Legion Club Presentation 1950 - courtesy of Sheila Barker

The group photograph was taken in 1950 when Jack Nicolson had to resign from the British Legion due to ill health. The inscription inside the wallet reads, Grangetown British Legion. Presented to John Nicolson in appreciation of 28 years service as committee man and vice chairman 1922-1950.

Jack Nicholson of Bessemer Street - pictured on the left - was presented with a wallet and his wife - on the right - with a large bouquet.

Seated in the rear on the right are Harry Thickett and his wife Cassie nee Conway.

Trio on Teesport Rd 1958

Trio on Teesport Rd 1958 - courtesy of Sheila Barker

James Simms, Richard McLoughlin and Colin Barker - all residents of Bessemer Street.

Trolley Bus in Birchington Avenue

Trolley Bus in Birchington Avenue - courtesy of Dennis King

Bill Harding and Friends 1958

Bill Harding and Friends 1958 - courtesy of Carole Harding of Canada

L-R: Dick Crisop, Bill Harding, John Murphy,Donny Mason, Ray Smith, Peter Walsh, Brian Nugent

Looks as though they are all wearing Slim Jims

Take Three Lads 1956

photo - courtesy of Jim Keenan

Billy McManus, Jim Keenan and Bernard Tierney

Taken after a 6 till 2 shift in Dormans on the afternoon that the Queen's ship docked in Tees Dock. Thousands travelled along the Dock Road that day - to view and visit the Britannia Ship which lay in the Dock. Where you there?

Bill McManus is in Iceland apparently.

Two Lads in Bolckow Road Back Garden 1956

photo - courtesy of Jim Keenan

Billy McManus and Jim Keenan - Cresswell Road in background.

Duncan Hudson of 25 Roberts Ave in 1955

Duncan Hudson of 25 Roberts Ave - courtesy of Elaine Meadows

Duncan Hudson of Port Adelaide has sent this snap to see if anyone recognises him - a pupil of Sir Wm Worsley School.

Let us know if you remember him.

The Middle Pub Bar? c 1950's

The Middle Pub Bar? c 1950's - courtesy of Jimmy Rooney

A very happy group in the Grangetown Hotel -

Back Row: Jimmy Rooney, Unknown, Tommy Traynor, Jack O'Neill,

Front Row: Unknown, Unknown, Micky Traynor, Hanratty?

Bungalow - Tennyson Avenue Back Garden 1954

Bungalow - Tennyson Avenue Back Garden - courtesy of Anne Gray (Swan)

Patrick O'Neill and Mary Ellen relaxing in the sun.

Cricket Championship Trophy 1950's

Championship Trophy 1950's - courtesy of Vin Fox

The Stapylton Arms Cricket Team sporting their newly acquired Championship Trophy

Back: Michael Fox, Ged Bruen, Ken Stephenson, -?-, George "Big Butch" Hutchinson, -?- , Jimmy Thompson,

Front: Johnny Stubbs, John Hanratty, Vincent Fox, Cyril Turner - proprietor, Vince Noteyoung, -?-

Traynors at 111 St David's Road

Traynors at 111 St David's Road - courtesy of Traynor family

Uncles Mick and Johnny with Bernard, Mary, Anne, Eileen and Paul

Tony Walsh 's Wedding 1953

Tony Walsh 's wedding 1953 - courtesy of Tony Walsh

Tony married Anne Mackell of South Bank.

Grangetown Social Club Presentation c 1950

Grangetown Social Club Presentation c 1950 - courtesy of Bob Goodman of Roberts Ave

George Hardwick presents William Smith with the Biliards Benevolent Cup among other trophies at Grangetown!

L-R: O Goodman, W. Carney, George and W. Stephenson

The Caswell Family in Blackpool 1953

The Caswell Family in Blackpool 1953 - courtesy of Carl Hierons

A wonderful family photograph taken in the BROONS to a tee.

St Mary's Pilgrimage to Lourdes 1957

St Mary's Pilgrimage to Lourdes 1957 - courtesy of Sheila Barker

Almost too many names to mention on this rainy picture in 1957 where the priests are Canon Deehan, Father O' Hara and one unknown. Then the Pattison and Pearson families, Ginger Mulholland, Jimmy McElvaney, Joan Sleight, Mr and Mrs Conway, Nellie Murray nee Doyle, Teresa Walsh and many others - not dampened in spirit despite the weather.

Christening at St Mary's c 1956

Christening at St Mary's c 1956 - courtesy of Jim Rooney

Sisters Eileen Rooney and Maggie Swan ( nee O'Neill) pause outside St Mary's Church after the baptism of one of Eileen's children. But which one is it? - Come on Kieron, Maureen, Bernard, Angela, John, Catherine, ???..tell us!

Two Little Boys 1958

Two Little Boys 1958 - courtesy of Stephen Knight

Laing Street back alley in 1958. Stephen Knight and best friend Alan Anderson enjoy a ride on a 'bogey' which to younger readers is a go kart.

The Teapot Lid 1958

The Teapot Lid 1958 - courtesy of Stephen Knight

Set against the background of the Grangetown Boys Club, Stephen Knight of Laing Street was 3 yrs old when this was taken in 1958 with his friend Alan Anderson.

Three Girls near Lanny's 1951

Three Girls near Lanny's 1951 - courtesy of Sheila Barker

A Sunday afternoon walk near Lanny's corner is captured in 1951. Enid Thomas, Nancy Watson of Lee road and Sheila Nicolson of Bessemer street are the pretty girls. A group of young men appear to be sitting at table underneath the canopy of Lanny's icecream parlour.

Fennon's Golden Wedding c 1950's

Fennon's Golden Wedding - courtesy of Margaret Knight nee Fennon

Mr and Mrs Fennon celebrate the occasion of their long and happy time together with a snap in the family home. Back Row far right is Harry Fennon sometimes called Joe.

Dalton Road Coronation Party 1953

Dalton Road Coronation Party 1953 - courtesy of Bill Herlingshaw

Dalton Road Coronation Party 1953 Part Two

Dalton Road Coronation Party 1953 Part Two- courtesy of Bill Herlingshaw

Vera Vickers of 76 Alexandra Road

Vera Vickers of 76 Alexandra Road

Vera Alfreda Vickers

When Vera Vickers (nee Thomas) of Alexandra Road Grangetown began her first full time job at the age of sixteen in 1930 working as a scullery maid at Blackwell Grange, Darlington, then Sledwick Grange Barnard Castle, and later for a much longer period as kitchen-maid and housemaid for Sir Frederick Milbank at Barningham Park; little did she realise it was to be the first of many more jobs she would seek out in the next forty years.

It was not unusual for girls to leave home and take employment in service at some large house or with a family better off than themselves, as house or kitchen-maids, and be engaged in tedious and frequently unpleasant tasks that higher up or more experienced servants would not be expected to do.

She recalled scrubbing and polishing floors, washing mountains of pots in the scullery, and rising early to prepare vegetables and game for the cook. Vera was frequently perplexed when expected to gut fish, skin rabbits and hares, pluck pigeons, grouse, pheasant, duck, woodcock etc. On one occasion, having been rebuked by the cook, she stood up for herself and said that although she didn’t know what to do, just show her, as she was very willing to learn. After all wasn’t that was what she was there for? Following this exchange there was an improvement, and she did in fact learn not only to prepare food but also to become an excellent cook herself.

Vera met and married a footman from Castle Howard when he moved to Barningham and she and John Vickers were later to move to a cottage in Rectory Row, Sedgefield, which cost them about £100. They worked for Captain Ramsden at Sands Hall; her husband served as butler before he joined the armed forces and then Vera returned to live in a rented cottage at Barningham with her baby son, where she was a housekeeper to Mr Todd of Fairview.

As the war years dragged on she went back home to her parents house in Cross Street, California Eston and worked at Osbourne’s drapers shop in Eston Square until her husband returned after six years away in the Middle East. John served in the Service Corps in Egypt, Palestine, Cyprus and Italy. Following his demob from the army, John (or Jack as he was known to friends) worked first at the gas works pumping station in Normanby Road South Bank, and then on the railway at Lackenby for Dorman Long & Co. By 1946 the family had moved back to Alexandra Road in Grangetown. This was but a few doors away from her maternal grandparents’ home of William and Kate Cripps who had lived at number 66 some years earlier. Vera was soon looking for a job. For a while she worked at Broomlands Children’s Home in Middlesbrough before becoming one of the first Crossing Wardens in the country. At Bolckow Road, between the police station and Brown’s clothes shop, she escorted the children safely across, and it was not long before they were referred to as lollipop ladies. For 8/9 hours each week she was paid 30 shillings with a weekly bonus of 5/- for good attendance.

When Vera moved to Saltburn she managed to find jobs as a barmaid at the Red House Club and The Back Alex (Alexandra Vaults), as a chambermaid in The Zetland and Alexandra Hotels, as a cook in one of the large houses in Diamond Street, and also in several private house as cleaner or carer. For many years she worked in the kiosk on the pier where one of her duties was to issue day licences to fishermen.

In between times as well as looking after her home and family, she managed to knit, to embroider, make clothes and clip mats, could bake, make wine, decorate, learned First Aid, took evening classes in flower arranging, painting, and yoga. In younger days went camping and youth hostelling on a bike, and regularly attended Saltburn baths to swim until she was over sixty, but gave up on jogging when a friend stopped his car in Marske Mill Lane to offer her a lift when he thought she was running for a bus. For several years, just like her father Rolie Thomas had been a keen darts player, and she frequently played for the ladies teams in Eston, Marske and Saltburn.

When living at Grangetown she worshipped at St Matthew’s Church, where she was a Sunday school teacher and also assisted at the young peoples dances in the church hall not far away from Pochin Road where she had attended infant school years previously. However at Saltburn she returned to the non-conformists and became a regular at the Leven Street Mission Church, where Ken Lightfoot of Grangetown also attended.

Vera Alfreda ended her long and busy life at Laurieston, a comfortable and caring retirement home on Albion Terrace overlooking the very same woods and gardens where she had loved to walk her little dog Tiki all those years before when she had lived in Emerald Street.

Ron Vickers, Updated Dec 2004

Alexandra Road Drawing - Ron Vickers

Alexandra Road Drawing - Ron Vickers

Grangetown in the Fifties - Don Smith


Growing up in Grangetown
In the fifties it was swell.
I guess it's not the same today
But on that we will not dwell.

No let's not think of things today
But relax and reminisce
About our early days of life
Sweet thoughts - like our first kiss.

Grangetown was a grimy place
But honest, kind and true
Where you knew all the neighbours
And of course they all knew you-

A place where kids could run around
And safely play all day
(unless the local bully appeared
and you got in his way.

I remember me, particularly,
I was always under threat
And of all the fights I had to have
I never won one yet.

But in Grangetown we had lots to do
Instead of getting into fights.
We played marbles, snowballs, football
And made periscopes and kites.

Some days I’d walk to Dorman’s
To meet my dad off 6 til 2.
I’d wait outside Lackenby gates
Till the finish hooter blew.

All the men came walking out
With their flat caps on their heads;
Long coats, scarves and bait box
All those Dicks, Alfs, Berts and Freds

My dad was nearly always last
Made me think that I was late
As he shouted "see ya int pub at 9"
To Reg, who was his best mate.

I remember the Saturday matinee
With Batman on the Lyric flicks
And afterwards we'd run around
Trying all those Batman tricks.

Put your duffle coat round your shoulders
Tie it loose around your neck
And we'd all be Batman and Robin
Down by old Lanny's beck.

Now there was a place to remember
I thought it was really beaut
I'd go whenever I had the chance
To catch stickleback, frog and newt

Or go there to pick the brambles
Under the blue September sky
Getting stung by stinging nettles
But there's be dock leaves nearby.

I remember the annual club trips
We'd get fruit and half a crown
And all the bunting and brass bands
Marched us back in to the town.

And we always had a bonfire
(Though not on the village green!)
No, we had it in the market square
The best I’ve ever seen.

We'd buy loads of penny bangers
Because about our age we'd lie.
We'd have Catherine wheels and rockets
And watch them soar in to the sky.

I remember one day mam and dad
Went down to Redcar by the sea.
When they got home at tea time
They'd bought a bow and arrow set for me.

I enjoyed my days at junior school
And I always tried my best.
My mam was extra proud of me
Passing the 11+ test.

At weekends there'd be Sunday school
In the Methodist church we'd meet,
Sing Wesley hymns and learn our Bible
Then home for Sunday sweet.

Our parents had the same problems
Trying to make ends meet
Running catalogues or doing jobs
For others in the street.

During the summer holidays
If we all got in a rut,
We'd walk down to the rec ground
For a game of pitch and put.

Yes, mostly we were happy
In our many different ways.
I only wish that Grangetown now
Could be more like in those days.

Don Smith

The Smiths of Bolckow Rd c 1957

The Smiths of Bolckow Rd c 1957

Dick smith and wife Rita pose on Redcar sands with their children Ros,( Rosalynne) and Don about 1957/58.

The Broadfoots of Vaughan Street 1952

The Broadfoots of Vaughan Street 1952 - courtesy of Alan Broadfoot via Elaine Meadows

Outside St Matthew's Church wearing their Sunday best are: Back Row: Naomi Broadfoot, Jim Broadfoot, their Nana..Sarah Jones, Uncle Ronnie Moore and Grandad Percy Jones. In the front are children Keith and Alan Broadfoot.

Alexandra Road - Electoral Roll - from Elaine Tyerman

Alexandra Road - Electoral Roll - courtesy of Elaine Tyerman

Alexandra Road, Grangetown.
Information from Electoral Registers for Cleveland Division 1958-1967


Occupation Details.
Mr & Mrs Diana FLETCHER
1958-1966 Frank & Emily BENDELOW:
1967 Alice PATCHETT
1958 PALMER, Arthur Henry & Lucy Ann,
1959-1963 PALMER, Arthur Henry & Lucy Ann & Mary Doreen,
1963-1967 PALMER, Arthur Henry & Mary Doreen.
1958-1967 NEEVE, James W & Gladys (Snr)
1958-1967 PEARSON, Marjory & William John
1958 ACKROYD, Anthony & Margaret:
1959-1960 PALMER, Margaret Annie & William Richard:
1961-1963 PALMER, Margaret Annie & William Richard: POWELL. Eric & Joan:
1964-1966 PALMER, Margaret Annie & William Richard:
1967 PALMER, Margaret Annie & William Richard; POWELL, Eric & Joan.

1958-1965 BAREHAM,1966 No Entry:
1967 PAGEL, Betty Mary
1958-1963 RICHARDSON, Eberneezer & Margaret:
1964 No entry:
1965 MARTIN, Ann & James:
1966-1967 CAVE, Brian & Elizabeth.
1958-1967 ATKINSON, Violet E & Doris May
1958-1967 SHARPLES
1958-1961 STEPHENSON, Doris & Richardson:
1962-1967,STEPHENSON, Doris, Richardson & Pamela.
1958-1967 WOOD Family
1958-1968 FERGUSSON, William & Gladys
1958-1967 GREEN, Jean.
1958-1959 No Entry.
1960 BOUCHER, Constance, LOCHER/LOCKER Constance Julia & Frank:
1961 LOCHER/LOCKER Constance Julia & Frank:
1962 LOCHER/LOCKER Constance Julia & Frank;
1963 No Entry:
1964-1967 JENNINGS, Anne & Thomas.

1958-1967 DALBY, Dennis & Mary
1958-1959 WALSH, Margaret, Mary, Patrick & Eileen:
1960-1963 WALSH, Mary, Patrick & Eileen:
1964-1966,RAFFERTY, Mary & Michael:
1967 RAFFERTY, Mary & Michael: CLARK Cecelia.
1958-1967 WILLIAMS.
1958-1968 SHARP, Doreen & Jack.
1957 BOAL Mrs:
1958 HOBSON, Ernest & Ismay,
1959-1967 TYERMAN Audrey Joan 7 Joseph Henry.
1956-1968 SMITH Winsome & Cherry (Shop and home)

Number One was bombed during the war and not rebuilt.
Number Three was bombed during the war and not rebuilt.
1958-1967, BUGGEY, Joyce & Arthur

1958-1964 TRAFFORD, Bessie & James William:
1964-1967 No entry.
1958-1968 JOY, Arthur & Elsie
1958-1967 BOAL, Ann A, Herbert & Robert Ernest.
1958,WAUGH, Margaret: O’CONNOR, Tom:
1959-1961 NICHOLLS, Edith & Phillip:
1962-1965 NICHOLLS, Edith & Philip: BENTON, Elisha: NICHOLLS,Melvyn:
1966-1967 BENTON, Elisha: Nicholls, Edith & Phillip.
1958-1964 WATSON, Edgar D & Olive:
1965-1967 WATSON ,Edgar D & Olive & Marion
1958-1965 SPEAREY, Ernest & Jane Ellen:
1966 no entry.
1967 MEAGER, Nancy & William Burton.
1958-1967 BRIGGS, Anna Martha & John Hudson.
1958 BENN, Gwyneth Mary & John: MASON, Clara B.E. & William:
1959-1960 MASON Clara B.E.& William:
1961-1964 no entry.
1965-1967 BREEN, Charles & Gwendoline.
1958 BIRLEY, Jennie: BROOKS, George William:
1959-1967 BIRLEY Jennie.
1958-1962 FRANCE, Rose Ann:
1963-1967 SHORE, Gerald, Margaret & Mary.
1958-1967 LANCASTER, Alfred Stanley & Mary Audrey.
1958-1967 HOSKINS, Anne & William.
1958-1967 CURZON, Jack & Olive.
1958-1960 HARRISON, George & Sarah M:
1961-1962 No entries:
1963-1967 JOHNSTON Margaret & Raymond.
1958-1967 BRAIDLEY, Agnes & George
1958 LANE, Elizabeth A:
1959-1967 TAYLOR, Audrey Joan & Joseph Henry
1958-1961 NORTON, Elizabeth & Tom, Jean & Frederick:
1962 NO Entry:
1963 TIERNEY, Patrick and Rosemary:
1964 GARLAND, Janet: 1965-1967 TIERNEY, Patrick & Margaret.
1958-1959 JOY, Lilia:
1960 JOY, Colin and Lilia;
1961 JOY, Lilia & Sheila:
1962 JOY, Lilia:
1963-1964 JOY, Colin & Lilia:
1965 JOY, Colin, Lilia & Eileen:
1966-1967 JOY, Lilia: WEBB Michael & Sheila.

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