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Welcome to Dean Bank Residents Association

We are a local group which meets the first Monday of every month at the Dean Bank insitute.
The Association aims to represent the views of all who live in Dean Bank.
The Association is independent of all political parties.
Did you know that the Association tries to get the best for Dean Bank?
A Committee meets once each month to discuss local issues.
Did you know that your Councillors are invited to attend meetings?
General Meetings are held every month, open to everyone.

Dean Bank Feature

Dean Bank Feature was unveiled on Thursday 13th see content page for details.

Regeneration 16.02.09

The Start of the Regeneration of Dean Bank

Jubilee 'whats on'

What’s on
9th May
MC Club -Jubilee Party 6pm - 8pm
30th May
MC Club - 6pm - 8pm
31st May
Sally’s monthly Bingo - 7.30pm
1st June
Line Dance - 7pm
4th June
Dean Bank Residents Association
(special Meeting) 7pm
5th June
Jubilee Bingo - 7.30pm
6th June
Jubilee Line Dancing - 2 - 4pm
7th June
Chat & Craft - 10 - 12pm
8th June
Jubilee Tea/Coffee Drop-in - 10am
Jubilee Line Dancing 7 - 9pm
9th June
Jubilee sing-a-long - 7.15pm
An evening of songs from the 1940’s
Bingo & Raffle
(free admission by ticket, available from Dean Bank Institute)

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