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Our Statement

The DETRF’s main aims are to:

Provide opportunities for tenants and residents to meet together to discuss and debate issues that concern them, on their terms and within their chosen environment.

Assist in the setting up of training programmes in the District so that tenants and residents can learn together gaining the knowledge and confidence they need to take part fully and actively in shaping policies and events where they live around the District.

Work with the Government regionally and nationally, local authorities, housing associations and other relevant agencies to influence policies by scrutinising them from a tenants and residents perspective and taking part in their development.

To support and develop representative and democratic tenants and residents groups so they can play a full part in decisions about their housing and environment.

Our most important aim is to give the tenants and residents living within the District of Easington a voice that can be heard, locally and nationally, to make the communities we live in a better, safer and cleaner place, a place where we enjoy living.

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