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Formed in the early 1960’s, the Rams practise and perform traditional
English North Eastern Rapper and Cotswold Morris dances.

Present membership is drawn from the broad spectrum of the community and from as far afield as Northumberland and Tees-side.
The ‘side’ meets, either to practise or to perform, on most Tuesday nights throughout the year.
In addition, especially during the summer months, we take our dancing out to local functions, displays and week-end events.

Our reasons for being involved in the Dance are various. Both the Rapper and Cotswold Morris are valuable parts of our national heritage. The team-work and discipline involved lead to comradeship in a common interest. Mystical tradition, encouraged by academic revivalists of the last century, has it that the Dance ensures prosperity, especially for those who contribute to its upkeep.

A more sensible, view is that it stems from the bonds of communal working practice. More important than any other reason, we dance because we enjoy it.


The distinctive uniform of the Rams is, in itself, an indicator of the long history of English traditional dance.

We present the Rapper wearing knee-breeches and sashes akin to the ‘Sunday-best’ of the early mining and coastal communities of the North East.


Decorated hats, tabards and ribboned bell-pads, worn for the Cotswold dances, reflect the militia and guild backgrounds from which those dances sprang.


Our name and our ram’s head insignia were adopted from the coat-of-arms of the Lambton family when the side took form.

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