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The 2011 Competition



In the Ellis Cup Final on Sunday 15th August 2010 Grangetown Boys Club v North Ormesby Institute competed for this covetted trophy in the 113th Final.

In a high tempo game with to very committed teams North Ormesby had the better of the opening stages with their power play pinning back Grangetown the Boys Club defense was stretched at times with good defensive work by Alan Shepherd and keeper Graeme Willey keeping them on level terms. Lee Seed was a lone striker the Tute had to be wary of his pace on the counter. The Tute opened the scoring after 14 minutes through Adam Abdi this was followed by a well worked goal by Dave Howe on 20 minutes. Boys Club went close with a header by Shepherd from a corner then an effort by Seed went close. Tute stepped up the pressure and scored a third by Damian Gee his pace had troubled the Boys Club throughout the first half. Half time 3-0.

With Michael Joseph and Louis Smith commanding at the back for the Tute and at times were almost spectators Tute relaxed and allowed Stephen Cochrane and Glen Wesson to come into the game and for a while the Boys club looked likely to stage a fight back despite scoring a cracking long range shot probably the goal of the game by Andrew Doddy after good work by Wesson. It was man of the match Damian Gee with the fourth goal for Tute that finished off the Boys club final score 4-1.

A well deserved victory for North Ormesby Institute. They now join the triple winners ranks after winning the cup in 1952, 2008 and 2010. The game was well handled by referee Kevan Howe in front of a crowd of one hundred and sixty two were well entertained.

Damian Gee (North Ormesby Institute) received the George Hardwick man of the match award.

Lee Seed (Grangetown Boys Club) collected the competitions Brian Clough Top Scorer award.

Doug Reed received the Harold Shepherdson Ellis Cup Community Award.

The winners of the Wilf Mannion Memorial Ellis Cup Final North Ormesby Institute received the Ellis Cup from guest Radio Tees "Talksport" presenter Alastair Brownlee.

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