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Aldbrough St John Parish Appraisal 2001

The village has approx 149 dwellings many of which surround the 17acre village green. The population of 327 is made up of 285 below pension age, 42 children and 101 pensioners. Of the working population only 14 work within the Parish the rest travel outside to places like Richmond, Darlington and Teesside.

The Village Hall
Doctors Surgery
Post Office
Play Area
Football Pitch
Cricket Pitch
The large Village Green

The Hall is a wooden structure adapted from a poultry house in 1954. It is now in a poor state of repair, so much so that some activities have had to be curtailed, it is now in urgent need of replacement.
The Hall currently hosts the following activities:
An over 50’s Club
Parent and Toddler Group
Art Club
Ladies Keep Fit
Meetings of Aldbrough St John Parish Council
Meetings of Stanwick Parish Council
Art Exhibitions
Charity Events
Aldbrough Feast Events
Private Functions

Running costs are funded from Hire Charges, Social Fundraising Events, and a grant from the Parish Council.

The Surgery of Dr’s Hodgson and Keaveny serves a wide are of North Richmondshire and the A1 corridor. Plans are in the offing to relocate the surgery in larger purpose built premises in the village. These will provide better facilities for the doctors and their staff, and the opportunity to offer more services to their patients. It will also remove a parking bottleneck around the village green. It is felt that The Surgery is a major asset and that nothing should be allowed to prevent the relocation within the village.

The Post Office is all that remains of the village shop which closed 3 years ago due to a lack of support. Like many small rural post offices its future viability and existence is uncertain.

The large village green is one of the village’s main assets. It provides a large open space for local recreational activities. There is a Football Pitch, and a Cricket ground both of which are in regular use. The Cricket Club has a very well supported junior section.

Public transport in and out of the village is inadequate, infrequent and badly timed.

As well as those activities that regularly take place in the Village Hall, the main social event is Aldbrough Feast, which takes place in August. Activities include, Produce and Craft Show for children and adults, Gymkhana, Children’s Sports, Car Treasure Hunt, a Fair Ground, Children’s Party, Five- a-Side Football, Cricket Match, Duck Race, and a Village Picnic for all residents. The Feast raises funds and makes donations for projects, such as new seats on the village green, repairs to the grass cutter and support for other local activities.


The Village Hall needs urgent replacement. A fund raising committee have been extremely busy and so far have raised Ł42,000 towards the rebuilding. Sadly an application for a Lottery Grant has been rejected which has caused local anger.

The village lacks any IT facilities for residents particularly those over 55 and those who do not have access to their own computers, as well as those who do not have the means to travel to either Darlington or Catterick to attend training courses. These facilities could be incorporated in a new village hall.

There are little or no facilities for young people in the village. Action is urgently required, probably in conjunction with other Parishes, to provide adequate opportunities for our young people and their safe transport, if facilities are not available in Aldbrough.

Public transport to and from the village is poor, Funding is required to provide some sort transport facilities for elderly people to travel to do their shopping, and for the population in general to reduce the dependence on the motorcar.

In the past the Parish Council has experimented with CCTV. Funding would be required for us to reintroduce this properly.

As the village is a conservation area this places a burden upon the community to maintain and improve the village environment. Several projects will require grant funding as they are beyond the financial resources of the Parish Council. These are as follows:
The central areas of open green are of significant importance to the character of the village, in places the green is being eroded by regular over-running by vehicles and parking. Kerbing work is required to remedy this, and protect the green from further erosion.

The access track across Chapel Green is in poor condition and requires resurfacing.

A car parking area is required both for the existing Village Hall and for the new one. The surface of which would have to be in keeping with the conservation area requirements

To promote the undergrounding of unsightly overhead electricity and phone wires.

Relay the badly eroded cobbled area along the Allison House frontage.

Provision of a footpath to serve the bus shelter on Melsonby Road close to Kilton Court.

A recent traffic survey by North Yorkshire Police has confirmed that there is a significant problem with speeding through the village. Funding is required for traffic calming measures.

Eppleby Village Needs/Appraisal

Eppleby has a population of 257 of whom 72 are children and young adults. Most of the working population are employed outside of the village, travelling to Darlington, Richmond, Teesside and even as for as Leeds and Tyneside.
There is a moderately active social life in the village focused on the village hall and Cross Keys public house.
Assessment of needs is:

1. Daily/weekly events in the village hall include Pre school Group (4 mornings), little Monster Group (1 morning) and Badminton Club (2 evenings). The village hall is also used 3 afternoons by the Primary School for physical education. Due to lack of space and the need for the village hall to be refurbished, the Village Hall Committee has been successful in obtaining a grant from the National Lottery Charities Board for redevelopment. Once complete the facilities will be used for additional activities including computer training, youth club, carpet bowls, over fifty five club etc.
Funding for setting up and running these activities will be required including:
· Computers
· Youth Club equipment and provision of an ‘area’ youth leader.

2. The village hall has a small play field with 3 swings and a slide.
Funding is required to extend the play equipment.

3. Eppleby does not have a large play field suitable for older youths to play football, cricket practice, skate boarding etc.
Funding is required to provide such facilities

4. In the village housing is mainly situated around two attractive village greens. Access from the main road to these properties is via single carriageway roads constructed from hardcore materials. Although annual maintenance is carried out filling in the ‘pot-holes’, the roads are totally unsatisfactory.
The Parish Council would like to obtain funding to have the roads surfaced with tarmac.

5. Many families have both parents working and have problems finding suitable daily childcare. Problems with older children also occur after-school and in school holidays.
Funding is therefore required to provide suitable childcare.

6. The village has an old factory unit used for storage. The Richmondshire District Council Plan for Eppleby originally included proposals for ‘Starter Units’ to be developed on this site. However, due to a lack of positive support from the Parish Council the final proposals for the village excluded these starter units.
These proposals could be reviewed against an over-all plan for North Richmondshire with a view to providing Starter units.

Other areas to be developed include:
· Local transport (possibly to Richmondshire North facilities such as an area youth club)
· Car parking provision including additional Parish Council controlled garaging.
· Village security including installation of CCTV equipment and support for the neighbourhood watch scheme.
· Traffic management scheme to reduce speed through village to 20 miles per hour.
· Public WC’s
· Local Library facilities.
· Village Photocopying facilities.

Melsonby 2000

Melsonby has a population of 645 of whom 186 are children and young adults
Most of the working population are employed outside the village, travelling to Teesside, Darlington, Richmond and even as far as Leeds and Tyneside
There is a moderately active social life in the village, focused on annual events such as Sports Day, the Village Barbecue, School Barbecue, Duck Race, Church fete, where most of the village attend and a range of smaller special interest groups who base their activities in the Chapel Rooms or Black Bull.
The evaluation questionnaire revealed that there is very little provision of activities for children and teenagers:
· The Chapel runs a fortnightly junior club
· there are two play areas with rather antique equipment and one basketball post and a small football pitch
· an adventure playground at the school, purchased by the PTA and only used in term time.
Since the evaluation, a young Youthworker has come to the village and is planning to set up a Youth Club for over 13s. This is very welcome, but expansion will be restricted by lack of suitable premises.
Many families have both parents working and have problems with finding suitable childcare, especially in the school holidays and would welcome local after-school and holiday play scheme provision, but there is a lack of a suitable premises.
There is a great interest in developing personal ICT skills in all the age groups – older people are particularly interested in the potential for communicating with distant friends and relatives, while younger mothers at home would like to upskill themselves for potential work, but find it difficult to get to Catterick or Darlington courses in the time available.

Due to the dangerous nature of the A66 and the lack of evening public transport, the young people and older non-drivers are isolated and prevented from taking part in social and cultural activities South of the A66. There is therefore a great need for the development of a focal point that could be used for a range of activities including:
A youth club
A pre- and after- school club
ICT training facility
A venue for local clubs, night-school classes, social events

Ravensworth Village Appraisal 2001

The village has approx 100 dwellings many of which surround the 17acre village green. The population of about 239 is made up of 20% pensioners, 20% children (i.e. less than 18 yrs) and 60% in the working age range. Of the working population 21 work within the village, the rest travelling outside to work in various parts of the North East.

The Village Hall
The Village Green
Ravensworth Nurseries
Ravensworth C of E Primary School

The Hall is a stone building which was previously the village school and was bought from the Church 21 years ago. It is now in need of updating and extending

The Hall currently hosts the following activities:

Ravensworth Playgroup (daily)
Badminton (weekly)
Womens' Institute (monthly)
Antiques Fairs (monthly)
Country & Western evenings (monthly)
Art exhibitions
Private functions
Fund-raising social events (dances, ceilidhs, pantomimes)

Running costs are funded from hire charges and social fundraising events, and the hall is self-financing.

The large village green is one of the village’s most attractive features. It provides a large open space for local recreational activities.


There is a village Quoits Club which competes against other villages roughly once per month during the summer. The quoits facilities are within the grounds of the Village Hall.

Public transport in and out of the village is limited and infrequent.

As well as those activities that regularly take place in the Village Hall, other social events which take place during the year include events run by the Ravensworth Primary School Friends Association (dances, BBQ's, treasure hunts, etc) and there is an annual village Scarecrow Trail in early September.

There was previously a Post Office in the village, but this was closed down several years ago. However a recent survey of residents' opinions has shown that there is support for a Post Office (even part-time) in the village.


The Village Hall needs updating and extending. The current hall is inadequate in terms of space, heating, insulation and lighting. A feasibility study has been carried out on options for resolving the above deficiencies and the outline proposals have been well received. Residents have been consulted on their requirements for hall usage and an action group has been formed to progress improvement plans. When the improvement plans have been agreed and finalised there will be a requirement to seek significant grant assistance to finance the upgrade.

Suggestions for improved facilities within the village have included:

A post office - it may be possible to incorporate this within an extended village hall.

Extension of activities held in the hall, including - Courses or classes, coffee mornings, drama group, indoor sporting activities (such as aerobics and keep fit), an After School Club, IT facilities, a Holiday Club etc.

Ravensworth would support action in conjunction with other Parishes, to provide improved opportunities for young people.

The village green is of significant importance to the character and attractiveness of the village, but unfortunately since current parking facilities for the pub, village hall and school are inadequate, the green is being eroded by regular over-running by vehicles being parked on the grass. This is particularly true for vehicles belonging to parents of children attending the school and playgroup, many of whom do not live in the village. In the short term the village is intending to experiment with the installation of a plastic support matrix to inhibit grass erosion, but this is expensive. In the longer term land is available for purchase which could be developed as car parking space.

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