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Filling In Her Request Sheet For The Final Time

Where Is Radio Skerne?

Volunteering For Hospital Radio

Summer Fete

New Distribution System For Radio Skerne

Station Welcomes Two Major Donations


New Music Storage And Playout System

Helping Hand For Patientline Listeners

Station Founders... Found!!!

Darlington Hospital Radio - New Site

Contact Information for Radio Skerne - Darlington Memorial Hospi

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Welcome to...

Providing an entertainment service to the patients and staff of Darlington Memorial Hospital, every day of the week.

New Website Now Online!

This website will be kept online for legacy purposes.

Please copy and paste the link below into your address bar to visit the new site...

Requests And Dedications
Apart from our daily ward visitors, requests and dedications can be telephoned to our studio at any time on 01325 743304 (or 3304 from an internal phone).

If you know of someone in Darlington Memorial Hospital and they have registered on the Patientline entertainment system, they can call our studios free of charge on **800.

Request E-Mail:
General Enquiries E-Mail:

How To Listen To Us In The Hospital
Simply select Channel 3 during our broadcast times on the patient headsets and listen on the headset tubes attached to the control unit. If you do not wish to use the headset tubes, you can unplug the tube and listen to the control box.

Each bed in the hospital also has a Patientline terminal. This console includes a television and telephone. Patients must register with Patientline to make use of the entertainment and communication facilities.

Registering is completely free and users are under no pressure to use any of the services that are issued on a pay per day basis.

Once a patient is registered, they do get an opportunity to sample the services of Patientline. Most importantly though, they also get a direct line to the studios of Darlington Hospital Radio. Patients can contact the studio on **800.

Each day room has a speaker and a selector switch. Simply select Channel 4 or D (it is usually marked with a sticker) and adjust the volume level.

Broadcast Times
Darlington Hospital Radio is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and we broadcast weeknights 8-10pm and on a Sunday 10am-10pm.

Many of these shows include music that has been collected by our ward visiting teams, but we also encourage patients to call the studio with their selections. Calls to the studio can be made on Patientline, on **800, or using one of the internal telephones on extension 3304.

During a live show, their music can be on-air within a few minutes of the caller getting in touch. This is just one of the services that makes hospital radio different from other commercial or BBC radio stations.

During times when Radio Skerne is not on-air with a live show, an automated music system will bring you a wide selection of hits. The music styles change throughout the day, for example:

Morning: A selection of music that is not too upbeat, but it does include a wide selection of music from different styles and genres.

Afternoon: Our afternoon selection includes songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today. There is also a special show called "The A to Z of Pop" at 4pm on a Monday to Saturday.

Evening: Although the vast majority of our target audience are mature patients, our eveing selection includes recent chart hits and more upbeat music from the 80s and 90s.

Overnight: Most people want to relax and go to sleep, but there are times when it's difficult to nod off. To help you to relax, we have a selection of mellow music. This selection includes music from the 50s to the present day. It has old time favourites through to ballads and love songs.

Throughout this schedule we are placing special shows, such as Gordon Low's "Music Box" and there is even something a little different in the form of some meditation to help calm those nerves.


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