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Revolting Pensioner.

Why Revolt ?

Occupational Pension Rip Off !

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Why Revolt ?

Collectively, the UK Pensioners can Make, or Break, ANY Political Party by using their Vote Collectively. ALL Political Parties will promise you the Earth, and the Moon, to get in power. WE, the UK Pensioners can put them in, and WE can take them out ! Vote for ANY OTHER Party except the Party that is in Power, and they will be forced to recognise the PENSIONER POWER, that is OURS ... NOT THEIRS !
If ANY Political Party does NOT treat the UK Pensioners properly, then OUT they should go, and WE, have that power. Use it wisely and THEY will have to respect us AND listen to our needs and wishes.
Add your comment to the Message Board by all means and tell your friends of this site.
Collectively we CAN improve our lot, but as individuals ... NOBODY will listen and worse ... NOBODY will care !

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