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Welcome to Sherburn Hill Community Association web page.

Our village is situated in the North East of England in County Durham. We are a small village of approximately 1,300 people. The village grew from a need to provide housing for miners and their families in the early 1800's. It thrived until the closure of the coal mine in August of 1965. The first shaft was sunk in 1830, by the Earl of Durham, and was to work the Hutton Seam.

In the early part of the 1920's the welfare hall was built with subscriptions from miner's wages and it is one of about 300 in the UK that survives and are still used as a community centres.

All mine lodges and collieries had banners made mainly from damask silk and usually illustrated various buildings or verses which were relevant to mine workers. Sherburn Hill banner showed the Aged Miners Homes within the village on one side and Conishead Priory on the other. It now takes pride of place in Hetton Methodist Church.

The name Sherburn is derived from a 'burn (stream) in the shire' or a 'shire burn' thereby giving Sherburn. The Hill, as our village is known locally, is exactly where we are placed at approximately 500 feet above sea level.

Like so many villages here in the North East Sherburn Hill became one of the casualties of the "Rundown" after the pit closures and the village seemed to die. The Welfare Hall which is unique is now in dire need of repair and revitalisation. A general meeting was held in November 1999 and a new committee was formed to see what could be done. The community has now started to set the wheels in motion to get funding for the welfare hall and generate a community spirit so that everybody can benefit

Welfare Hall

Miners Welfare Commitee Members (1924)

Banner At Durham Gala

Durham Big Meet 1960

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