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1. St Peter's New School

St Peter's School 11/2/2002. Still in good nick!

The "new" school was built in 1941-42 by builder Barney Lister and one of the bricklayers was Albert Lively of North Street, father of Derek Lively who told me this tale.

Albert was looking forward to starting work one day as he faced a new challenge as a change from laying bricks. He was to set the statue in place above the entrance to the school. However things, as Robbie Burns was wont to say, "gan aft agley" and so it was on this day when Albert was stopped from entering the school by the police, not even being allowed to pick up his tools!

It seemed that during the previous night's air raid a bomb had fallen through the school roof and had not exploded but the police said it would detonate at 5-00pm. Derek wasn't too clear as to why this was; whether because it was on a timed fuse or because it was to be exploded in situ by the demolition squad as being too dangerous to move. Whatever the reason it did explode at 5-00pm and wiped out a wing of the school.

They always say that "every cloud has a silver lining" and this particular cloud was no exception. The builder, Barney Lister, had been running out of cash and struggling along but then found more cash forthcoming to rebuild the bomb damage and, in the end, actually made money out of the job! And, of course, Albert Lively later fixed the statue in place although there is no plaque in place to commemorate his work!

1950 - 1951.

St. Peter's School Class of 1950-51.

Back Row: Arthur Evans, Ronald Wilde, Mick Downey, Tosh McBride, Dan Pluck, John Prior, Jimmy Power, Charlie Littlewood and Peter McNamara
3rd Row: Yank Sullivan, Bolo Potter, Tony Long, John Golden, Billy McSorley, Peter Wrigglesworth, Tony Fleming, Norman Petford, Bernard Igo and Stav Simms.
2nd Row: Tommy Summerhill, Margaret? Leighton, Bernadette Murphy, Sheila McPhillips, Nosher Snowball, Rose Murphy, Connie Carroll, Alwynne French, Kathleen Heath and Tony Collins.
Front Row: Pat Chedsey, Sylvia Eales (or Kathleen Kirkbright?), Veronica Simms, P Higgins, Mary Havelock, Mr Tony Graham, Sheila Irving, Margaret Higgins, Tessie O'Neil and Rosie Betts.

1960 - 1961.

Football team of 1960 - 1961

Back Row:Eugene McElvaney, Tony O'sullivan, Kevin Harrington, Peter Igo, John McNicholas, Billy Mills.
Front Row: Michael Lenighan, Steven Burns, James Holden, Keith Bates, Ged Ford.

Photo sent by Eugene McElvaney in Melbourne, Australia.

Josephine (Jo Dent) Jesson has added some names and says that at least three of the boys went to St.Mary's College in September 1961 and she thinks the pic was taken at St.Peter's Junior School in Napier Street. She adds they were all at school with her brother but doesn't tell us his name!

Class of 1962

Class of 1962

Back Row: Frank Huddlestone, John Swan, John Duffield, Ian Wrigglesworth.
Middle Row: Mick Williams, Eddie Gibbons, Mick Conway, Dennis McKewen, Brian Larkin, Harry Wagner, Mick Applegarth, Tony Faloona.
Front Row: Terry McCann, Patrick Parkes, Frank Ainsworth, Eric Carroll, Mr.Mcgeean, Michael Shea, Peter Fennon, Barry McCluskey, Bernard McDonald.

The Golden Boys

St.Peter's Football Team 1931

South Bank's most famous son, Wilf Mannion, is pictured sitting front right with the team of 1931. The young Wilf was dwarfed by his older team mates but towered over them in terms of natural footballing ability.

I got mail from Mick Kellett:
The above mentioned photo. Front row end left was my uncle David Murphy, South Bank lad, ex-St.Peters, played for Middlesbrough before the war. He was killed in Italy, serving with the Royal Artillery, just a few months before the war ended.

And Michael Mcloughlin sends a comment from Oz:
The photograph showing our Wilf Mannion was said to have been taken in 1931-but may be just a little earlier than this date.The cleric in the centre of the group is Canon James Nolan-who at one time was parish priest at St Peters Church in South Bank-Wilf is sitting on the floor to the left of the canon-and Mr A.M. Skillen who was then headmaster at Upper Napier Street School is sat on the extreme left. Must say the photograph is a sharp picture-and has reproduced well.

Napier Street Juniors

Napier Street Juniors 1952-53.

This photo was sent in by Ann (Sleight) Breckon with a footnote: "Where are they now? All will be 60 this year!"

Back Row ?, T.Graham, J.Gaffney, K.McGovern, T.Walsh, A.Massey, J.Gallagher, V.Lofthouse, T.Trodden, T.Harrison, M.Wall.

3rd Row T.Carines, T.Cordery, K.Murkin, M.Warner, A.Stewart, L.Stokes, C.Reed, K.Palmer, J.McGee, P.Taylor, M.Goodison, P.Hardwick.

2nd Row J.Lunnon, K.Heagney, S.Wilcox, M.Cassy, Ann Sleight, M.Duggan, Miss Davies, P.Moore, S.Sweeny, E.Taylor, J.Webster, J.McGee.

Front Row P.Bullock, T.Yendall, A.Keenan, G.Buckley, ?Hensell, ?, B.Doyle, J.Gavigan, J.Brown.

Football Team 0f 1942-43

St.Peter's Team of 1942-43

Pic and details sent in by Pat Webster:

Back row: John McElvaney, Arthur Farrell, Fred Mageean (sports), Dennis Flynn, Anthony Skillen (headmaster), Eugene Skelton, Kevin Keenan.
Front row: John Downes, Pat Webster, "Sonny" McPhillips, Cliff Laherty, Frank Watts, Danny McCauliffe, Kevin McNulty.

The school opened in January 1941. Those are
real, genuine leather boots!!! And what about the ball, none of your cheap plastics here!!!

Staff of 1957

The Staff of St.Peter's School 1957

L-R: Frank Barry, Joe Mullen, Dennis Couhig, Pat Sandrawich, Gerard Coughlin, Alice Mossey.
Kneeling: Moira King.

This photo was sent in by Eugene McElvaney who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

St. Peter's Team 1941-42

The Team of 1941-42. Photo from Mick Murphy.

Standing: Mr.F.Magean, H.Skelton, A.Farrell, D.Flynn, K.McNulty, J.Richardson, V.Noteyoung, Mr.W.Skillen.
Seated: F.Watts, H.Churms, J.McPhillips, C.Larty, A.Golden, K.Keenan, Mick Murphy.
Front: McKeone, B.Magean.

Mick can be seen on the "Slaggy Islanders Now!" page.

Pic From Alex Jinks

York Street School about 1956-57(AJ) or 1952(FF)

Alex Jinks, sitting in the sun in Oz, came across this photo "complete with no names" he says. Neither does he know the significance of the crosses above some heads but thought the pic might be of interest to some viewers. He added that there were probably "a few Meads and Earls present".
However I got the following e-mail from Frank French:
"I'm sure that the photo from York street school sent by Alex Jinks was taken in 1952. The boy on the back row, 5th along from Sister Mary Rosario, was me with my Danny Ireland haircut. I was living in Clay Lane Row then opposite the old police Station. I used to play on the puddling. My father Jimmy French was always in the Queen's pub across the road. My grandmother, Mary Ellis lived in Cleveland Street as did my cousins the Calverts and my great grandmother Sarah Anne Harris. She was born in 1878 and died at the age of 98 after being knocked down by a car on Normanby road.
Frank French"
Frank now lives in Bulgaria!

Small Faces
John O'Neill of the Cardboard City website sometimes employs the trick of putting on two halves of a photograph to enable small faces to be more clearly recognised. If it's good enough for John then it's good enough for me - as witness the next two "half" photos of this class photo!

Alex Jinks Pic Left

The left side of the photo from Alex Jinks

Alex Jinks Pic Right

The right side of the photo from Alex Jinks

Dinner Ladies

Napier Street Dinner Ladies.

Photo and info from Ann Binns (nee Congerton) ex Aire Street, ex Maxton Road, ex the flat above Billy Chealls shop in Anne Street, ex Queen Street, ex South Terrace, now living in Little Munro Bay, Whangarei, New Zealand.
Some additional names supplied by Mary Coulton.

Back row l-r: ?, ?, Mrs. Lily, ?, Mary Coulton (nee Whalen), Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Yendall, Mrs. Parkes.
Front row: Mrs. Bunn, Kate Rigg (nee Coulton), Sister Mary Andrew, Mrs. Barry, Mrs. Riley.

"Mrs Barry is Frank's Mam I think, Mrs. Riley is my Aunt Randa, and Mrs. Bunn is Aunt Lizzie. Taken probably in the early 50's.
Ann Binns."

Then Mary Butcher (nee Coulton) wrote in to supply some missing names:
"...Mary Coulton (nee Whalen) - my mother... Mrs Yendall, and my Aunty Kate Rigg (nee Coulton)."

York Street Register!

Long ago and far away.

Some people save the strangest things and Michael McLoughlin in Brisbane is no exception. He has sent us a scanned page from the York Street School Register which by any standard is quite a souvenir! Nice one Michael!

York Street Class of 1900

York Street Class 1900. Photo from John O'Neill.

The Catholic School in York Street was opened in 1881 has been mentioned frequently in these pages, particularly on "The South Bank Achievers" page. In view of the high standards of education attained by its pupils I would like to know more about it and, in particular, I would like a photograph of the building to add to this page. However, I didn't know about an Historical Connection until I was talking to my old friend Eddie Healy who attended the school in the late forties.

The Headmistress at that time was Sister Mary Celestine who lived with other nuns in Crossbeck Convent at Normanby. Eddie assures me that her real brother was none other than Michael Collins, Commander-in-Chief of the Irish Free State Army.

Although there is a film out about his life I had to go on the internet to get a few facts, and I'm aware that I'm treading on delicate ground. However,...

At the time of his death Michael Collins was President of the IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood) and, at the same time, Minister of Finance in the Dail Government and Commander of the IRA! He brokered an agreement with Lloyd George which split his followers and provoked civil war. He was considered by some to be a hero and by others a villian and his life ended when he was ambushed and shot on the 22nd of August, 1922, near the Healy farm in the Parish of Kilmurry-Bandon. The crime was never solved with controversy lingering to this day as to which side
committed the deed.

A memorial obelisk was erected at the place where he was killed. Also, in the Chapel of Crossbeck Convent, near The Stations of The Cross, is a brass plate dedicated to Michael Collins.

Michael McLoughlin adds to this story:
It is very true that Sister Mary Celestine - the former Miss Elizabeth Collins, headmistress at York Street - was the sister of Michael Collins the famous Irish leader.Michael Collins was shot and killed in an ambush in 1922. Sister Mary Celestine attended her brother's funeral in Dublin.

Sister Mary Celestine and the other nuns at York Street School became friends of my geat aunt Mary Ann Kavanagh and she and I often went up to Crossbeck Convent Chapel for services. Whether or not there was a brass memorial plate in this chapel in memory of Michael Collins I must admit I have forgotten. I see no reason why there would not have been.

Sister Mary Celestine retired from teaching sometime in the mid 1940's and she died at Chubb Hill Road Convent in Whitby in 1972 aged 88 years.

I now believe that Crossbeck Convent has closed down?

Yes, it has and houses have been built on the site although the wall has been retained which gives the "estate" a lot of privacy.

St.Peter's Class of 1961

Photo from Terry Kelly

Back row: T.Davison, Terry Kelly, B.Hodgson.
Middle row: P.Martin, J.Fenney, P.Hartford, T.Hardwick, A.Pallister, P.Compitus, J.Moore, B.Doyle, G.Lucker, B.Heaney.
Front row: P.Mohan, ?, ?, L.Daniels, Mr.Mcgean, Mr.Skillern, Mrs.Besterfield, B.Walsh, E.McEvoy, Pat Turner, Iris Hailey.

St.Peter's Class of 1950

Class of 1950. Photo from Sheila Barker.

Back row: Alec Yare, Harry Evendon, John Brudenell, Antony Cochrane, Donald Stratton, James Foley, Keith Bullock, Walter Westcough.
Third row: Alec Power, Eddie Igo, Eric Morgan, Ralph Hetherington, John Abbot, John Tipp, John Angus, John Littlewood, Don Reed, John McSorley.
Second row: Theresa Neasham, Joan Whalen, Margaret Singer, Valerie Albertes, Eileen McIntyre, Ann Dixon, Margaret Collins, Beryl Carney, Ann Dumphy, Peggy Lenaghan, June Kaley.
Front row: June Kelsey, Margaret Curry, Joan Summerhill, Sheila Nicolson, Mr.Conway, Catherine Cassidy, Veronica Hollywood, Theresa McLoughlin, Josephine Dillon.
Sitting in front: Peter Ferguson.

York Street Class 1955

Photo from Kathleen Gollogly via Eugene McElvaney

"I have attached a school photo taken at St.Peters' York Street in 1955. It was sent to me by Kathleen Gollogy who was in my class. (You would know her family, great people). I'm not sure if the sad looking boy at the back is actually me. I was in hospital for quite a while that year. I was collecting tennis/cricket balls from the top storey roof of the Anchor Hotel in North Street, when the cast iron gutters broke. Luckily, I only finished up with two broken legs and a very sore head. (A McElvaney trait, Going to pubs and leaving legless with a big headache!). The children in the photo are to the best of our knowledge. Eugene."

Back Row l-r: Sr Mary Angela, Dennis Terry, Martin Donnelly, Flynn, Peter Marr, James Dent, Ernie Mortimer, Eugene McElvaney (maybe), Tony O’Sullivan, Peter Mescus, Tony Massey, ?, Sr Mary Rosario is holding John Murray and his mam Mrs Murray is the lady at the end.

Middle row: Keith Bates, Billy Mills, Michael Kenny, James?, Geoffrey Bowden, Jimmy Holden, Maureen Power, Jean Hooper, Audrey Easby, Mickey Lennighan, Peter Wood, Peter Harrington, Geoffrey Gidney.

Front Row: Cecilia Ginty, Theresa Calvert, Maureen Hewitt, Kathleen Fenner, Anne Curry, Linda Nelson, Jennifer McNeil, Violet Smith, Sandra Williams, Kathleen Trodden, Kathleen Gollogy, Anne Dixon.

Take Two (Left)

Same York Street Pic, Left

Take Two, Right

Same York Street Pic, Right

Gymnasts 1950(?)

Photo from Dan Pluck

Back row l-r: Peter Powell, Ray Dales, Paddy Betts, Nelson, Dickie Griffin, Michael Pluck, Vincent O'Neill.
Front row: ?, Norman Conway, Taffy Westcough, Harry Sullivan, Davey Betts.

St. Peter's Teachers Outing 1

Photo from Andrew Skillen

St. Peter's Teachers Outing 2

Photo from Andrew Skillen

St. Peter's Teachers Outing 3

Photo from Andrew Skillen

St. Peter's Teachers Outing 4

Photo from Andrew Skillen

St. Peter's Football Team 1956

Junior Football Team of 1956. Photo from Raymond Carroll.

Back row l-r: Albert Conway, Peter McNicholas, Raymond Carroll, Alan Hughes, Michael Kellett, David Donnelly, Keith Gardiner, Father Smith.
Front row: Terry McSorley, Brian Donnelly, Tommy Conway, Alan Sandrawich, Tony Doyle.
Mr.Grieve was our trainer/manager from Ash Grove.

Heirs to Wilf Mannion

Evening Gazette cutting 1968 or '69 from Ian Harrington

I received the following e-mail and attachment from Ian Harrington under the Gazette caption "Heirs to Wilf Mannion". If anyone has a copy of the photo I'd appreciate a scan to replace the cutting:

"I have been thoroughly enjoying the letters and pictures of past and present Slaggy Islanders. I thought this picture may be added to St Peter's site. It was taken in 1968/69.
l-r: Ian Harrington, Barney Coulton, John Flannigan, Peter Angus, Keith Smurthwaite.
I myself now reside in Sydney, Australia after migrating in 1980. Ian H."

St. Peter's School in 1941

Photograph from Father Neil McNicholas

Note the Trackless wires and also the slagtip in the background!

Terry Kirton - A Life.

Terry Kirton's class of 1960(?)Photo from Nick Kirton.

I received this photo and e-mail from Nick Kirton who wrote:
"...his name was Terrence Anthony Kirton and he lived in South Bank in what he told me were known as the "Bell Houses". Later he moved to Grangetown (Ullswater Road); he was one of 4/5 brothers and 2 sisters some of the names being Ronnie, Kevin and Kathleen.
In the picture my father is far left, 2nd row from the front. He was born 30/12/1946 and in the photo I believe him to have been 14 or 15 years old. He worked as a scaffolder most of his life until he died aged only 38 due to a work-caused illness.
Thanks for your time and effort.
Nick Kirton."

St.Peter's and St.Andrew's Dances

Programme for St.Patrick's Week at St.Andrew's Hall: from Eddie Healy.

I was talking to Eddie Healy (see "The Cemetery Walls" on the More Slaggy Tales page) and he mentioned the School Dance which triggered the old brain. (I never cease to be surprised the way key words trigger memories!) Sometime in the sixties when I lived in Aire Street, I was talking to a man who lived at the top end of the street. He had a camera with an "electronic flash" - state of the art at the time - power being supplied by a large powerful battery carried in a leather case hung from the shoulder. He was going to take photographs at St. Peter's School Dance and asked me to help him by going round in the dance asking people (sales spiel) to get their photographs taken. I wrote their names down and led him to them.

My reward - a pint. The terrible thing is that I can't remember his name. On the plus side there are people out there who have photographs of themselves taken at that dance, and at others. How about writing in and sending scans of your photographs?

St. Patrick's Week 1967

An advert taken from the programme from Eddie Healy.

The programme was for the Youth Club, Disco, Ceilidhe, Dancing and Cabaret for St. Patrick's Week in March 1967.

However it is the "bill" for the Cabaret which is worth noting which had the following acts:

1. ALBERT HEALY (Accordian and Piano)
Musical Director for Eamonn Andrews Productions. Starred in Dublin's JURY'S CABARET which ran for 5 months, 7 nights a week. Radio and TV star.
Also starred in JURY'S CABARET. Frequent TV appearances. Now appearing in ROBIN HOOD at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, an Eamonn Andrews Production.
3. VAL FITZPATRICK (Guitarist, Comedian, Ballad Singer)
Currently appearing in a weekly series on Irish TV.
4. MATT INNES (Violinist and Comedian)
Needs no introduction. Has compared and presented several Cabaret - Dances at St. Andrew's. Tonight he appears in his capacity as the North-East's most popular comedian.
Featuring Anne English, George Doughtwaite and Raymond Witte. Delightful Irish Step-dancing performed by a team whose members have been bred, born and reared in England.
Irish Folk songs sung by John White, Alex McClean, Ron Angel, Ken Crawford and Cliff Robson. Easily the best Folk group on Teesside.
Eleanor McGloin, Helena Dent, Joyce Dixon and Pamela Moore sing songs from THE SOUND OF MUSIC and MY FAIR LADY. Presented and accompanied by Mrs.Betty Ord.
8. BALLADS and BLARNEY from The Ebony Folk Four.
Direct from Ireland.

York Street Class of 1887!

Class of 1887 (or there-abouts)

Geoff Cunningham wrote in:
"This is a picture from St. Peter's York street approx. 1887 ?

Top Left hand corner is John Cunningham,oldest of 21 Children next to him is his brother Michael (3rd Oldest)
Their Aunt is the Teacher ,Miss Mc Cann at the right of the picture.

John was in the Boer War which may help with the dating of the picture which was scanned from the Evening Gazette hence the quality is not too good.

It was submitted by Terry Cunningham whose Grandfather Michael is the one in the picture."

Napier Street School Concert

Napier Street Operetta

Geoff Cunningham wrote in:
"I was taking an occasional stroll through your pages to see the latest additions and saw the photo of the Operetta. It was quite a shock to see my younger self looking out. So I can add some details for that particular photograph.

It was taken at Napier St School around 1957 /1958 for the school Production entitled
the "Dolls Wedding." The Doll of the Title chose for her husband from the Characters in the picture

Tinker - Pete McNulty
Tailor - Charles McShane
Soldier - Chris Johns (not in this picture )
Sailor - Keith Bates
Apothecary - Geoff Cunningham
Ploughman - Jimmy Holden
Poor man - Eugene Hanlon
Thief - Jimmy Dent
Holding the Thief are Policeman Ged Ford (L) and Ged Murray (R)
There must be a picture out there of the whole cast, including the Bride (Susan?) and the supporting Bridesmaids and Soldiers.

Jimmy Holden, Keith Bates and Ged Ford also appear in the Footballers picture near the top of the page.
Geoff Cunningham".

Class of 1956

St. Peter's Class of 1956

Photo from Isolde Bradbury (nee O'Neill) and Kathleen Dietz (nee Ginty)
Isolde sent an e-mail with the pic and names. I copy part of it here. Incidentally, as she was a Grangetown lass she also sent it to the Cardboard City site run by John O'Neill.
"The photo was sent to me by Kathleen (Ginty) Dietz of our last year at St. Peters School on Normanby Road - South Bank. I have the same photo but Kathleen was able to scan it and send it to me - so that I could send it to you. I met up again with Kathleen through the Friends Reunited website. We both live in Australia now. The picture was taken in 1956.

Back Row l-r: "Dicky" Bird, Tony Hetherington, Brian Smurthwaite, Stanley Robson.
Middle Row: Walter Daley, Pat Havelock, Joan Sullivan, Kathleen Wagner, Pat Oxbury, Barbara Livingstone, Margaret McNicholas, Linda Reed, Anne Clark, Isolde O'Neill, Pauline Henzel, Margaret Cholmondely, Tony O'Hagen.
Front Row: Anne Hudson, Albert Humphries, Bernadette Pickering, Tommy Duggan, Doreen Watts, Anne Donnelly, Teacher Miss Mossey, John Quinn, Kathleen Ginty, Patrick Harford, Mary Russell, John Williamson, Cynthia Cunningham.

It's a pity Wally Daly was Grangetown instead of South Bank or I would have put him on the Achievers page! (Hey Wally, remember "How-de-doody"?)

St. Peter's Prefects 1956

St. Peter's Prefects of 1956

Photo from Isolde (O'Neill) Bradbury and Kathleen (Ginty) Dietz.

Back row: Michael Cairns, Kathleen McCann, Brian Smurthwaite, Marie Campbell, Tommy Duggan, Margaret McNichols, Doreen Watts, Eileen Conway, Kevin Ginty, Philomena Doran, Gerald Havelock, Mary Russell.
Front row: Kathleen Ginty, Arthur Baker, Theresa McGee, Albert Humphries, Anne Donnelly, Head Master Mr. Skillen, John
Quinn, Bernadette Pickering, John Williamson, Margaret Coats, Peter Lacey.

St. Peter's Prefects (Left)

The left side of the previous photo

St. Peter's Prefects (Right)

The right side of the same photo

St. Peter's Prefects 1954

Back Row l-r: Gerald Burns, Tony Shannon, Arthur Evans, Tony Long, Clive Lee, Billy McSorley, Kevin Burns, Tony Collins, George Duffy.
Centre: Maureen Couhig, Mary O’Neill, Rosie Betts, Kathleen Kirkbright, Thelma Hide, Maureen Thickett, Joan Dodds, Pat Chedzey, Eileen McCann.
Front: Maureen Martin, Ann Dimaurro, Sheila Irving (Head Girl), Mr Skillen (Headmaster), Dennis Pluck (Head Boy), John Golden, Eddie Healy.
A lot of old friends on this photo. Dick.

St. Peter's Choir 1956

The Choir of 1956

I received an e-mail from Isolde Bradbury (nee "Zolly" O'Neill) in Oz who sent three photos taken at St. Peter's school in 1956 and she also sent them to John O'Neill who has the Cardboard City website:
"These 3 photos were taken of the 1956 Concert and were sent to me by Kathleen Dietz (nee Ginty).
One is of the Choir, one is the Choral Group and we think the other one is the full Concert.
We didn't attempt the names this time as there are too many. Kathleen and I are on them, and even my sister Margaret is there. She is standing on the right hand side of Kathleen - on the full Concert photo - third row down - sixth from
the right. You do not know her Dick - but John does.

St. Peter's Choral Group 1956

The Choral Group of 1956

I received an e-mail from Isolde Bradbury (nee "Zolly" O'Neill) in Oz who sent three photos taken at St. Peter's school in 1956 and she also sent them to John O'Neill who has the Cardboard City website:
"These 3 photos were taken of the 1956 Concert and were sent to me by Kathleen Dietz (nee Ginty).
One is of the Choir, one is the Choral Group and we think the other one is the full Concert.
We didn't attempt the names this time as there are too many. Kathleen and I are on them, and even my sister Margaret is there. She is standing on the right hand side of Kathleen - on the full Concert photo - third row down - sixth from
the right. You do not know her Dick - but John does.

St. Peter's Concert 1956

The Concert Party of 1956

I received an e-mail from Isolde Bradbury (nee "Zolly" O'Neill) in Oz who sent three photos taken at St. Peter's school in 1956 and she also sent them to John O'Neill who has the Cardboard City website:
"These 3 photos were taken of the 1956 Concert and were sent to me by Kathleen Dietz (nee Ginty).
One is of the Choir, one is the Choral Group and we think the other one is the full Concert.
We didn't attempt the names this time as there are too many. Kathleen and I are on them, and even my sister Margaret is there. She is standing on the right hand side of Kathleen - on the full Concert photo - third row down - sixth from
the right. You do not know her Dick - but John does.

St. Peter's Football Team 1945-46

St. Peter's Football Team 1945-46

Photo from Peter Hughes. Names provided by Jim Noteyoung via George Lupton.

Back row l-r: Mr.Bill Skillen, Peter Carr, Terry Larkin, Bill Terry, Kenny Davis, Eddie Small, Harry Gallagher, Mr.Freddy McGeehan.
Front row: Tommy King, Jimmy Coulton, Jim Gaffney, Boz Williams, Jim Noteyoung.

St.Peter's Football Team 1946-47

St. Peter's Football Team 1946-47

Photo from Peter Hughes
If you know the names please write in...

St.Peter's Football Team 1947-48

St. Peter's Football Team 1947-48

Photo from Peter Hughes
If you know the names please write in...

45. A School Play

The Royal Jester

Jo Jesson (nee Dent) provided some of the names and said that the operetta was performed to audiences over several evenings at St. Peter's Senior School during the school year 1965/1966. She added that the photo was not of the full cast
as Martin Cunningham played the King and Anita Minza (sister of Peter) played the Queen. Jo is sure that someone, somewhere must have other photos...

Back row l-r: ?, John McNulty, Parl Larkin, Kevin Larkin, ?, ?.
3rd Row: Caroline Wardell, Margaret Temple, ?, Robert Cunningham, David Fitzgibbon (The Jester), Linda Pepper (Cracknell), Irene Dixon, ?.
2nd Row: David Bamburg, ?, Susan King, John Cunningham, Peter Rollings.
Front Row: Janet Larkin, ?, Susan Corner, Maureen Savage, Yvonne McPolin, ?.

46. Another Play

No Title

Jo Jesson provided a few of the names and says that it took place in the hall of the new St. Peter's Junior School in St. Margaret's Grove about 1968 or 1969.
L-r: Ann Marie Kenny, Bridie Cunnane, Judith Pluck, ?, ?, Bernard Mageean, (all others - don't know).

47. Ged Larkin

Ged, boxing representative for St. Peter's School in 1962

Photo from Terry Larkin
Ged was a finalist in the 7st 9lb International Class of the English Schools Boxing Championships held at Shoreditch, London in April 1962.

48. St. Peter's 1947

St. Peter's 1947

Photo from Brian Knox

49. St. Peter's 1949

St. Peter's team of 1949

Photo from Brian Knox

50. St. Mary's College

South Bank lads at St. Mary's College 1950

Photo from Brian Knox

51. Gerry Nesbitt

An old photo of schoolboy(?) footballers

Photo from Terry Larkin
I sent this photo to my friend Martin Nesbitt to see if he knew anything about it. Here is his reply:
"Hi Dick,
I have a copy of this photo and if I can find it I think it has the of names of the people on the photo written on the back, I'll dig it out and give you the names. If I recall, it is the Presentation of a cup they had won as schoolboys.
What I can tell you is that my dad GERRY "SCOTTY" NESBITT is the sixth from the left and the little fella on the far right is the boy footballing genius WILF MANNION.
I was talking to Wilf one night in Mannion Park and this is what he said about my dad:
"Your dad "SCOTTY" was as rough as they come, VINNY JONES would'nt have had a look in, when "SCOTTY" played against me, he never used to go for the ball, he used to go for my head"!
In a strange way Dick, it sort of made me feel proud!
All the best Dick,

Martin later followed it up with another email...
"I've finally found the photo with the names of the schoolboy football team.
l-r: Wally Tipton, Barry Martin, Mr Kelly (Chairman of Middlesbrough Football Club), Lol Lonsdale, Dave Murphy (Captain), Gerry "Scotty" Nesbitt, George Hepple, Anthony Pidgeon, Wilf Mannion, Felix Hughes.
The date I have is 1934/35, the school is South Bank St Peter's, Napier Street, but unfortunately I don't know the name of the cup that they had won. Maybe another Slaggy Islander with a long memory will know!
Cheers Dick,

52. Class of 1956?

Miss Sandravich's Class

Photo from Phil Lane
Bill Sullivan wrote from Kalgoorlie in Australia to supply some of the names and an interesting story. To provide for better recognition of faces the above photo has been "split" in two on the following two stories (53 and 54).

53. Same Class Left

Miss Sandravich's

Photo from Phil Lane and some names from Bill Sullivan
Back row l-r: ? Burns, Peter French, Fatty Burns, Bill Sullivan, Tony Jones.
Middle row: Michael Dodds, Tony Dales, ?, John Flynn, ?, Bridie Holden, ?, ?.
Front row: 6th ? Murray, Miss Sandravich.

As I said on number 52, Bill Sullivan wrote in from Kalgoorlie in Australia with these names and a nice story of adolescence. When I asked, he didn't mind me telling the story but was afraid that someone in it might be offended. If anyone complains then I'll remove it but I can't see anyone not being touched by the this tale of unrequited love...
"Thought I would tell you about Bridie Holden. Bridie was, and therefore shall remain, my first love. I like to think that love is 'not shed or lost'. It remains. I loved Bridie with all my heart. It was perhaps in the beginning misplaced on my part. Bridie wore a calliper on her leg as the result of Polio I believe, so my love was for someone disadvantaged. (A bit like the English cricket team.) But there was more to Bridie than I realised. She had a smile that could melt steel and a voice that could charm the hind legs off a donkey.

I used to run 'messages' for Mam and Dad. (Funny expression that. Is it still in use? Running messages, I mean.) Mam used to send me to the shops and Dad used to send me to the Kings Head in Grangetown with two large Lowcocks bottles to fill with draught beer. I'm afraid I sometimes asked permission and sometimes I simply pilfered, thre'pence to buy Bridie a packet of Rowntrees Fruit Gums.

My only defence for my thieving was that it was for Bridie. The end justified the means. As much as I would have liked, I resisted the urge to
further pilfer. It would have been easy to slide the silver paper tube out of the paper wrapper and take one of my favourite black ones, but I didn't. Bridie was more important than my drooling taste buds.

I remember once she 'baby sat' with me for my sister in Lazenby. She sat on my knee and I was in heaven. Did I kiss her? I don't think so, but I was in love and love is all about respect.

I forget the name of the street that Bridie lived in, but if you were walking back into South Bank, past the football ground, she lived in the first street on your right, about three doors down.

Hope she had a good life. If not... don't tell me. Let me live with my dreams.

Bill Sullivan"

54. Same Class Right

Photo from Phil Lane and names from Bill Sullivan
Back row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Peter McElvaney, *Titch.
Middle row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Joseph Gallagher, ?, John McElvaney, Michael Garbutt (Vin's brother).
Front row:

*Titch. This came from Eugene McElvaney who was sorry that he couldn't remember the lad's name but said that "Titch" went on to be a very successful Army boxer who fought under the name of "The Phantom Bantam"!

55. Prefects

Photo from Phil Lane

56. Class of 1910

York Street RC School, Class of 1910

Photo from Patsy Norman
This photo came with the following email which followed an entry in the Guestbook. I'll put the email first because of the identities and copy the Guestbook entry after...
"The little boy 2nd row from front, third one in on left is, I believe, my Uncle Tommy Clark (it is so like his son John). I think the first girl on the next row is my mother Mary Ann Clark.
I would love to know the name of the school and the church she would have attended. Whereabouts the "Dante's Inferno" was..that she passed on the way to school. Tommy looks about 5 years old and she would have been two years older....7 Years old on this picture....making the picture about circa 1910 I think....Hope this comes through OK ...... Patsy Norman"

The Guestbook entry...
"What a great site... I do not belong to South Bank... but I was told stories by my mother of her and my Uncle living there... Her father was a bosun on the sailing ships but he was also a boilermaker and had worked in shipyards when not at sea. During one of these times they went to live in South Bank, he to work in Smith's Dock and they to go to the catholic school there. She would tell of passing the steel works going to and coming from school... the school was a catholic school. She thought it was Dante's Inferno... a picture she had seen in a book... After my father died in 1963/64 she went back to South Bank and actually found members of the same family that had been there when she was a youngster still lived there... the address I do not know. I have a picture of a large class of children, taken at South Bank. On it is my mother Mary Ann Clark and her brother Thomas Clark. As Thomas was born in 1905, it must have been about 1910.
She went to her first employment in a medal ribbon shop in North Shields at the age of 14 so we have a date for the picture of being between 1910 and 1917 when she was 14 (her father having come back to Smith's Dock North Shields yard).
I have this picture and thought you may like it for your site. It is a very old type of classroom with the windows high in the walls... maybe someone can help with the names of some of the children although, like my mother and uncle, most will be dead now but perhaps someone remembers my mothers visit in the 1960's and can tell me the name of the street. How do I go about downloading a picture to you? Kind Regards, Patsy Norman nee Quinn."

Part of my reply to Patsy...
"The school was York Street RC School (I don't have a photo of it) and I imagine what your mother described as "Dantes Inferno" would have been when they were tipping redhot slag onto one of the slag tips which was usually with an unearthly glow and showers of sparks, steam and smoke which would be more vivid on a dark winter's morning.
As to which tip, it would depend on where your mother lived as to which direction she was walking. However I rather think that she would have lived in the group of streets off Middlesbrough Road East which comprised of Munby, Peel, Beacham, Codd, Henry and Miles Streets and walking to school via Lorne Terrace. Have a look at the maps..."

57. Juniors 1954/55

Photo from Lisa Donnelly
Middle row l-r: 3rd David Donnelly (Lisa's Dad)

If anyone can supply the other names I'd be grateful. Dick.

58. Juniors class (Left side)

Left side of photo on 57

Photo from Lisa Donnelly, names from Ged Fleming
Back row l-r: Doreen Gollogly, Tony Wilson, John Carnell, Charlie Gibson, Alan Rigg, Alan Hughes.
Middle row: Derek Cunningham, John Floyd, Dave Donnelly (Lisa's Dad), Richard Bradley, ?, Pat Gell.
Front row: Mary French, Sheila Petford, Gladys Robbins, Maureen Lydon, Moira Grieves, Mrs. Steel.

59. Juniors class (Right side)

Right side of photo 57

Photo from Lisa Donnelly, names from Ged Fleming
Back row l-r: Kevin Reed, Gerard Harrison, Jimmy Boyle, Ged Fleming, Rita Taylor.
Middle row: ?, Terry Angus, Peter Fenney, Brian Compitus, George Cassy.
Front row: Peggy Shea, Patty Brown, ?, Leslie Porritt, Maureen McLean.

60. Seniors 1957/58

Seniors class of 1957/58

Photo from Lisa Donnelly
Front row l-r: 7th from left Patricia Taylor (Lisa Donnelly's Mam)
I recognise a few faces such as Tommy Conway but any help will be appreciated. Dick.

61. Seniors class (Left side)

Left side of photo on 60

Photo from Lisa Donnelly, names from Ged Fleming
Back row l-r: David French, John O'Sulivan, Tony Wilson, John Floyd, Jimmy Boyle.
Middle row: David Smurthwaite, Malcolm Elrick, Tommy Conway, Margaret Hanlon, Rose Farrell, Sylvia Garland.
Front row: Pat Gell, Veronica Turner, Mary Brunton, Josie Ainsworth, Mary French, Peggy Shea.

62. Seniors (Right Side)

Right side of photo 60

Photo from Lisa Donnelly names from Ged Fleming
Back row l-r: Dennis Holian, Tony Corner, Ged Smith.
Middle row: Eileen Foley, Eileen McLoughlin, Tom Ord, Alan Rigg, Ged Fleming.
Front row: Pat Taylor (Donnelly - Lisa's Mam), Margaret Regan (Fleming), Sheila Morris, Maureen Cave, Sheila Murphy.

63. Football Team

Football Team 1951

Photo from ?
I can't remember who sent this photo in and I know the faces but I might stick on the names. I'll get back to it.

64. Footbal Team

Football Team also 1951

Photo from ?
I can't remember who sent this photo in and I know the faces but I might stick on the names. I'll get back to it.

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