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1. South Bank FC Ground

South Bank Football Ground

South Bank AFC were founder members of the Northern League and played their first fixture against Auckland Town at their Normanby Road ground on Saturday September 7th 1889 which they won 3-0.
Their final match on home ground was played against Blyth Spartans in the League Cup on Saturday 13th November 1991 which they lost 3-2.
Six days later their stand burnt down so their next home fixture against Bangor City was played at Ayesome Park. They drew 1-1 but lost the replay 1-0.
Vandals prevented more games being played at Normanby Road and South Bank finally left the Northern League at the end of the 1992-93 season.
It was a sad end to a club which produced some great players over the years but they still hold the league record for the biggest score in a match when they beat North Skelton Rovers 21-0 on April 29th 1895.

2. A New Website

Programme cover in memory of Wilf Mannion

Programme cover from Peter Livingstone's website

At last October's Slaggy Island reunion at The Normanby I was approached by a lad laden with old football programmes who asked if I was interested in adding to my site. A glance told me that it would be a gargantuan task and merited a website on its own, much as I would have liked to have been involved. We parted and later I couldn't remember his name but I hoped he would get back in touch.
Now (11/3/04) he has. His name is Peter Livingstone and he has put a site together which is his baby and long may he nurture it. Here is his email and a link to his site:
"Dear Dick
You may not remember me but I was the South Bank Football & Ellis Cup fanatic who attended your Reunion do at the Normanby Hotel some months ago.
Would you please visit our web site at
and give us a link with Slaggy Island.

I haven't quite got the hang of my scanner yet but have lots of photos and could do with more if you can help on South Bank AFC and the Ellis Cup.

Any tips from a Casual Hero and All Round Good Egg would be very much appreciated from a veteran of the WEB like yourself.

Kind regards
Peter Livingstone"

3. South Bankers For England

The England Football Team 1946-47

Photo from St.Peter's Club Chairman
South Bank footballers Wilf Mannion (Napier Street) and Lingdale born George Hardwick (Aire Street) had moved up the scale by becoming Boro players and then on the 28th September 1946, in Belfast, both made their England debuts and Mannion scored 3 goals in a 7-2 victory.

England Team v Northern Ireland

L.Scott (Arsenal), N.Franklin (Stoke), Frank Swift (Manchester City), Billy Wright (Wolves), H.Cockburn (Manchester United).
Tom Finney (Preston North End), Raich Carter (Sunderland), George Hardwick (Middlesbrough), Wilf Mannion (Middlesbrough), Tommy Lawton (Everton), B.Langton (Blackburn).

(Missing names, teams and additional information sent in by Harry Greenman. Thanks Harry!)

4. "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"

A New Beginning for South Bank Football Club - An extract from the Website by Peter Livingstone

"...a new chapter is about to start in time for South Bank’s 150th Anniversary an organisation called SOUTH BANK FOOTBALL COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP has been formed. After a series of Football Steering Group meetings a Football Strategy was developed and a working party formed it was agreed that a South Bank Football Community Partnership be set up with a formal constitution. SBFCP aims are to seek partners to obtain and develop areas for future generations of players at Harcourt Road, MacMillan Crescent and St Peters School by maximizing and using the joint facilities available to the benefit of all concerned. Already with the Ellis Cup as the Jewel in the Crown teams of all ages representing the Town of South Bank with junior boys and girls teams organised by Ian Chinook, John Ryan Snr ,John Ryan Jnr, Steve Wilson and Jenny Cairns and a growing number of volunteers of all age groups representing South Bank with senior teams Erimus Social Club, South Bank United, St Peters Athletic and Eston & Normanby in the partnership offering an exit strategy from junior to adult Football. The re establishment of South Bank AFC as a flagship being the ultimate aim helping to restore the Towns Footballing pride and tradition in the North East of England.

We have a proposed name change to South Bank Football Community Association at the AGM on 18 March 2004 together with an updated Constitution. Honorary positions proposed are President Vera Baird QC MP, Deputy President Pearl Hall, Vice President Reg Boyle.

The Officers proposed positions and roles are as follows Chair Dougie Reed, Vice Chair Ian Chinook, Peter Livingstone Development Officer (acting as secretary) Elizabeth Hall Treasurer, John Stainthorpe Resident Community Liaison Ex Officio, Executive Committee Members Stephen Wilson, John Ryan, Mark Trainor and Paddy Jennings. Committee Membership comprises of representatives of organizations including David Dale Ellis Cup & Football Historian, Ward Councilors Pearl Hall, Sylvia Sintai and Ian Jeffrey fully support our aims.

We are fully supported by the Redcar & Cleveland BC, SRB, North Riding County Football Association, South Bank Resident Association, South Bank Tomorrow, South Bank Estate Management Board, Cromwell Road School, St Peters School, Golden Boy Green, RCDVA, Community Network, ASDA, SBV Fabrication, John Hewitt Crane Hire, Middlesbrough FC in the Community, Multi Cultural Association, FROG, Teesside Mowhawks, Hoop Dreams, and we are actively seeking other organisations to become partners.

Permission was granted for our organisation by Redcar & Cleveland BC to have use of the field and the SRB Harcourt Road is now fenced off to enable it to be used as a safe environment by Cromwell Road School as a playing field and local junior boys and girls, youths and seniors for competetive Football. With organised qualified coaching occupying out of school hours use with local District League Football teams now having a facility in town.

A planning application has been submitted and approved for a portacabin changing facility donated by SBV Fabrication which John Hewitt Crane Hire have agreed to lift it in place.

At a later stage in our development plan permanent changing facilities are envisaged on the site discussions with Andrew Halewood (FA), Andrew Clay, NRCFA, Neil Russel R&CBC are in their infancy and depend on successfully securing the former Multi Cultural Centre Building adjacent to the field.

The above land has been disposed of in our favour and both the land and building are subject to a minimum Ten Year Peppercorn Lease which has been submitted for formal approval of Council Cabinet on 16 March 2004.

The building will be a fundamental part of our strategy as a clubhouse in developing ongoing Courses for coaching, first aid, child protection, refereeing, drugs awareness and a community involvement program to address anti social behavior which will be a vital part of SBFCA contribution to social inclusion.

We will be working in conjunction with our partners to seek a positive future for the sporting South Bank of Tomorrow our aims also are to develop an exit strategy from junior into senior Football at all levels and to resurrect South Bank AFC playing non league Football in the National League System hopefully in time for the 150th Birthday Celebrations in 2004."

Good Luck, Peter and everyone connected to the project. Dick.

5. "...on the South Bank ground"

South Bankers were in the Eston Boys Team

Photo from Terry Kelly
I received an email from Terry Kelly along with the above photo resulting in me putting it on the St. Peter's Schools page...

"An old photo from about 1940. It's the Peter's at South Bank ground and I only know two people on it.
Middle row third from left is John Kelly and in the back row in between the fourth from the left and the fifth the little urchin in the jumper is Tony Kelly."

On the 19th of March 2004 I received a letter from George Lupton - husband of Dena Bell (ex Queen Street and Cromwell Road and Victoria Street schools) - causing me to move the story to this page. He wrote:
"A friend (Jim Noteyoung) and I were browsing through Slaggy Island website and noticed a team photo headed "St. Peter's Team 1940".
This brought back a few memories for Jim who was in one of the teams pictured and pointed out that the match in question did not involve St. Peter's but was between Eston Boys and Redcar Boys on the South Bank ground. The season was probably 1943/44 but Jim couldn't remember the result.

Eston Boys Team.
Back row l-r: Jimmy Gaffney, A.Green, Peter Carr, Harry Callagher, Jim Noteyoung.
Front row: ??, Eddy Cooper, John Kelly, Conk Blakeman, Taller Taylor, ? Theakston.[blue default]

The interesting thing about this photo is not so much the teams as the kids in the background eager to get in the Gazette photograph. These include Terry Larkin, Frank Smith (milkman), Tony Robinson (behind the Redcar team and later a teacher at St. Peter's) Peter Pepper and Jimmy Pybus from Grangetown.
G.S. Lupton."

6. South Bank United!

Mark Trainor - "I have a dream!"

I was reading my Northern Echo one day when my eye was caught by the headline "South Bank hit double figures" and the leader "South Bank United got off to a flying start...". I did a double take at a scoreline of 12 and for a moment I thought that South Bank was once more a leading light in the amateur football world.
Well, not quite. The team has been founded, put together, coached and managed by Mark Trainor who is just as passionate about football as the old timers were. A winning scoreline of 12-1 away from home will catch the eye of any supporter.
I wondered where they played but it wasn't until their next game was reported that I discovered it was in Hardcourt Road. I look forward to catching up with them soon. Ha'way the Lads!!

7. Historic Team

South Bank football team 1911

Evening Gazette cutting from Terry Larkin
Trainer Mr Bugg is on the left smoking his pipe with David Miller behind him.

8. Supporters

Supporters outside the Princess Alice in 1910 with a charabanc for away game

Evening Gazette cutting from Terry Larkin

9. Northern League Champions

1919-20 Northern League Champions Team

Photo from John O'Neill

Standing L-R: J.T.Morris, H.Carr (Trainer), W.Henry, J.Thompson, J.Burns, E.Tubb, C.E.Ridley, T.Towse, L.Bugg.
Sitting L-R: ?, H.Palmer, L.Harker, Dr.L.Steele, D.Thomas, N.Evans, ?.

I received this email and photo from our friend John O'Neill, Webmaster of cardboardcity:

"You'll soon be as sporty as Cardboard City with this pic Dick!
After WWI, Dai Thomas (sitting next to Dr Steele) from Cardboard City decided to play for Slaggy Island and help them win the Northern League Championship Trophy.
You can easily place this snap when you see the rear of St Peters Church towering in the background.
Lenny Bugg is on another football picture...Someone should write his life story. A Lenny Bugg is on one of Cardboard City's Junior Football Snaps in 1940...Could it be the same family? Pic was sent to me by Dai Thomas's nephew Jim White!
Cardboard City"

10. East Enders

South Bank East End AFC 1931-32

I'm pleased to have been sent this pic because it shows one of our slag tips in the background! It looks like the one where the South Bank Estate (Dutch Houses) was later built.

This was the team which won the North Riding Amateur Cup in that season.
Back Row: Harrington, Mitchell, Banks.
Middle Row: Micky Fenton, McGee, Miller, Donnelly, France.
Front Row: McCarthy, Harding, Gill, France, Horton, Lavey, Cotterill (Trainer)

11. South Bank

South Bank or St. Peter's Team?

Photo from Peter Hughes
I got the following e-mail from Peter Hughes:

"I don't know the year of this picture. It is South Bank or St Peter's and my grandad Felix Hughes is the first on the middle row in the suit. I believe he is the manager. Also I am sure it is my uncle Tommy Hughes (ex policeman) in goal, fourth top row.
The trophy is the Ellis cup which my dad Felix Hughes junior (Figgy) says it seemed to be in my Grans house in Steele Crescent every other year.
Does anyone know the names of other players?"

12. South Bank East End

South Bank East End

Photo from Peter Hughes
"This picture is of South Bank East End. Don't know the year. My Grandad Felix Hughes is the goal keeper, Fourth on bottom row.
Peter Hughes."

13. South Bank Juniors

South Bank Juniors 1974 North Riding Junior Cup

Photo from Alma Dales
On Monday 22nd April 1974 at 6.30pm South Bank Juniors were away to Middlesbrough Juniors at Ayresome Park.
The team was as follows:
1. Peacock 7. Smith
2. Bytheway 8. Hurran
3. Foster 9. Hand
4. Leatheland 10. McArthey
5. Dales 11. Clark
6. Newton 12. Welch
On the left of the photo - Dick Smiles, on the right - John Quayle.
Can someone supply me with the result?

14. South Bank West End

St. Peter's Football Team 1920's or 30's

Photo from Patricia Abel via Ged Fleming
The West End field was near the Tram Sheds and was a source of Bluestalk Mushrooms as gathered by my father-in-law Alf Nixon.

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