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St Albans RC Church Redcar

St Albans, Yew Tree Ave, Redcar.
Tel 01642 485901

New Parish Priest

Ethan and Samual with Fr Gerard Dasey

St Albans RC Church,Redcar is situated at the junction of Low Farm Drive and Yew Tree Avenue.If you are travelling from East Cleveland, along the A174, take a right turn at Kirkleatham Roundabout signposted Redcar.Travel along and take the third turning on the right into West Dyke Rd. Immediately after, take the first left into Yew Tree Avenue.St Albans RC Church is at the bottom of this road on your right.
If you are travelling from Middlesbrough along the A174, turn left at the Kirkleatham Roundabout, signposted Redcar and follow as above.
If you are travelling along the Trunk Rd,towards Redcar, turn right at the first set of Traffic Lights, outside Cowie's Garage, into Kirkleatham Lane. Travel along Kirkleatham Lane and take the fifth turning on the left, into West Dyke Road.Take the next left into Yew Tree Avenue. St Albans RC Church is on the right at the bottom of the road.


Before St Albans opened in 1972 the Congregation went to Mass at either,St Williams Dormanstown or Sacred Heart in Redcar.
Fr Philip Kiely was appointed Parish Priest to oversee the building of the new church and school. In the meantime Sunday Mass was held in the Lakes Social Club in Westmorland Rd, at 11.00am. Tragically Fr Phil,as he was known, was involved in a serious accident in Ireland and when he recovered was unable to carry out his duties and had to retire.Fr Peter Ryan took the reins and by this time we had St Alban's Primary and Junior School open on land opposite,and also St Josephs Primary School on Mersey Rd where Masses were said in the Hall till St Albans Church was built. It proved to be a short stay for Fr Ryan before Fr Louis Collingwood took over for the opening in 1972 by Bishop Gerard McLean.Fr Louis now Canon still lives in Redcar, in retirement and says Mass at St Williams.Click on St Albans in the Past

Inside St Albans

St Albans's Altar.

Inside St Albans

Another view of St Albans.

Opening Plaque

The Plaque commemorating the opening of St Albans in 1972 by Bishop McLean.

The Millennium Cross

The Millennium Cross was donated by my family in memory of my wife Margaret,who passed away on 8th May 2000. The Crucifix was supplied by St Bernard's Monastery in Leicestershire and the plinth and inscription were provided by Stanway and Garnett of Redcar. We are grateful to Fr Ryan, to the suppliers and erectors for all their help and co-operation. The Crucifix was blessed in a ceremony on 7th December 2000 by Fr Ryan and again by His Lordship Bishop John Crawley in 2001.

At 3.00pm on Good Friday 2006 the Passion was recited in St Albans with Fr Roger unwrapping the Crucifix wrapped in a purple cloth ceremoniously while walking down the aisle.The Crucifix used was the one illustrated above and for me and my family it was a very emotional experience.This was the first time it had been taken down and used for the benefit of the Congregation in such a practical way.

Our Lady Chapel

Our Lady Chapel

Stations Of The Cross

The Twelfth Station 'JESUS DIES'

St Albans Altar

Another View

A Journey of a Lifetime

Please visit the story in the left hand column 'A Journey of a Lifetime'.You may find it very interesting.

St Albans 1970

St Albans under construction 1970(photogtaphs kindly provided by St Albans School)

Another View

Construction continues.


Presbytery being built 1970 (note the roof trusses waiting to be erected)

A New Era

Bishop John cuts the turf to start the building of St Benedicts and Sacred Heart Schools off Mersey Rd

Sponsored Walk

Pictured are members of St Albans UCM from left are,Margaret Horner,Stella Parvin,Fr Bluett,Pat Fulton,Chris Tierney and Cath Collins.

The First Snow

Photo taken after the first snowfall on November 25th 2005 on Kirkleatham Lane

January Sunrise over St Albans

The photo was taken on the 13th January 2006 overlooking St Albans Church.

Altar With Messages for Lent

The colourful posters depicting Lent around the Altar

Quiet Reflection

Bishop John,Fr Roger and other Priests,with the Congregation,in quiet reflection after Communion.

Easter Celebrations

The Altar decorated for Easter with a tableau as centre piece

Christmas Eve in St Albans 2006

The Church was packed for the celebration of the first Mass of Christmas.The schoolchildren sang Carols and read readings of the Nativity before Mass began.The Mass concluded with Fr Roger placing the baby Jesus in the Crib.


Photo taken over Redcar on December 30th 2006

Altar Flower Arrangements

The Altar was beautifully decorated at Christmas with floral arrangements by Mrs Angela Guiver.

Eclipse of the Moon 3rd March 2007

It is quite rare for us to see a Lunar Eclipse mostly because of cloud cover but on 3rd of March it was clear

Going Going

Patience is the order of the day


Something to behold,a Total Eclipse 10.40 3rd March 2007.Photo's taken on Hambleton Ave.

Easter Altar

The Altar on Easter Sunday 2007.

Thanks for your support

Once again I have to thank you for your continued support as we notch up 8,000 hits.I would appreciate more feedback either good or bad.Please leave a comment in the guestbook.If you have any articles that would be of interest,school photo's,Communion days in the past,football team photo's or wedding photo's please e-mail them to again-Ged


Since I started the cemetery group in 2004,I have been amazed at the dedication shown by volunteers, not only in our group but throughout Teesside.Some of these people are in their seventies,eighties and nineties and they will spend hours neatly sewing for example, lavender bags or making dresses for dolls to be sold on stalls throughout the area.They can be seen in all weathers collecting for their charity and witnessing this is a very humbling experience and one for which we should always be very grateful.One can only imagine the time and effort taken by these people sometimes unfortunately for little reward.

The Virgin Mary (Like you have never seen her before)

A good friend of mine was a teacher in a local boys school in the 1940's.Christmas was coming around and the Nativity play was being rehearsed.Mary and Joseph had been chosen and they threw themselves into the part with great gusto and enthusiasm.Just before the nativity was about to be performed all the boys went down with ringworm.The Doctor and nurse came to the school and having shaved the lads heads they painted on a purple dye, as was the normal treatment.The show must go on of course, so Mary and Joseph went on stage,Mary in her (his) long dress and Joseph in his flowing garments,each with a BALLACLAVA HELMET.

St Albans Welcomes New Bishop

The Holy Father has appointed Monsignor Terence Patrick Drainey as Seventh Bishop of Middlesbrough Diocese.Congratulations from St Albans Parish.
On his acceptance the Bishop Elect writes-
I give thanks to Almighty God for all his gifts and blessings,especialy the gift os Priestly Ministry.I personally thank the Holy Father,Pope Benedict XV1,for appointing me to Middlesbrough and for allowing me to serve the Church as a Bishop here.All my life as a Priest I have only wanted to be a pastor serving the Lord and his people wherever the church has sent me.So I sincerely rejoice to be given the ministry of pastor of this great diocese,rich in lives faithful to the Gospel throughout history and to this present day.

As your bishop elect,I come amongst you as a brother who,from personal experience,knows the need we all have of God's gracious mercy and forgiveness.The Gospel that we bring must proclaim God's invinate love and pardon.Even in darkness we trust that Christ will be our light and as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Saviour,we can face all disappointments,broken promises and and even overcone despair.It is in this joyful hope that I look forward to serving the people of the Diocese of Middlesbrough as soon as I can.Particularly I would like to meet the clergy of the Docese at the earliest oppertunity for they are my helpers and councillors.

I realise that I tread on holy ground here where many great and saintly ones have gone before me.How can I not remember that especially today,the feast of St Hilda of Whitby.I am very proud and privalaged to follow a good and kindly pastoe like Bishop John Crowley.In my present position as President of Ushaw College I worked closely with him and was a frequent recipient of his patient,generous wisdom

Norman Evans MBE

Everyone in St Albans are very pleased to welcome Norman back to playing the organ at 11.00am Sunday Mass.He has not been too well lately but we are pleased he is feeling much better.All the very best Norman,the people of Redcar also miss you on the High St and I am sure wish you well

Christmas 2007 Celebrations

Once again the church was packed for the first Mass of Christmas and the Altar was decorated beautifully and the Crib was once again the focal point of the whole celebration.A large Christmas tree added to the decoration and after the Church had just undergone a complete repainting it looked stunning.Thanks to everyone who has made this possible.

The Crib

As this is the focal point of our celebrations it always takes up a prominent place in the Church and the children love to visit.

The Morning Mass on Christmas Day

This again was well attended but the early evening Mass attracts families and is finished in plenty of time for the children to be tucked up in bed before Father Christmas comes.Fr Roger saying the concluding prayers.

Bishop Drainey Visits Redcar Cemetery

The weather forcast for Wednesday 23rd April was not too promising,overcast with showers .The days before turned out to be sunny and we were hoping for the same for when our new Bishop,Bishop Terence Drainey kindly paid us a visit to Redcar Cemetery to pray at and bless the baby memorial.The 'Friends of Redcar Cemetery' are very grateful to Bishop Drainey for taking time out of his busy schedule and sparing a few minutes to attend what to us was a very emotional event.The full story is in the Bishop Terry section on the left hand side.

Recent Visitor

Where did we see this beautiful creature.Click on Redcar Cemetery in the left hand column

Fr Brian Nicholson

Fr Brian Nicholson has retired as Parish Priest in St Augustine's Parish Redcar.He will be sadly missed.He has also retired from holding the post of spiritual leader of the Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage where he made many friends.The congregation of St Albans wish him a long,happy and healthy retirement.

Fr John Lumley

St Albans welcomes Fr John Lumley as the new Parish Priest of St Augustines in Redcar.We would like to thank him for saying Mass on Sunday while Fr Roger is on holiday.

What Was That?

Picture the scene,three babies were quiet (unusual in our Church)during a very solemn part of the 11.00am Mass when all of a sudden without warning a large picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour came crashing down with a great thud and smashed.The congregation were perplexed as to what had happened except for those who saw it fall.Fr Roger carried on as nothing had happened but the babies were startled by the noise which set them crying.Soon peace was restored but the picture to quote a famous cowboy 'bit the dust'

Miracles Do Happen

After just a week the picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Succur is back in it's rightful place.

Norman Evans MBE in Lourdes

Trawling through the Middlesbrough Diocese Lourdes Pilgramage in 2006 I came across a photograph of Norman with Bishop John and a bevy of musicians.The light seems to be shining on Norman.

Christmas 2008

Once again the Church was beautifully decorated ready for the Christmas celebrations.As usual the First Mass of Christmas on Christmas Eve was packed out.Carols were sung from 6.30pm and the placing of the Baby Jesus in the crib is always a highlight of the Mass that followed.

The Decorated Altar

Here we see the Altar with the church lights off and just a spotlight.

The Christmas Tree.

It appears that this is now a tradition in our church,started by Fr Pat Bluett.It certainly fits the scene.

Post A Comment

The reason I have written the previous comments is to generate debate and comments,so if you have a different viewpoint,let me know at the usual e-mail address.

St Albans School

When St Albans school was closing,I met with the Headteacher asking for photo's for this site,to build up the history of the school.Mr O'Callaghan was kind enough to give me a large batch saying they would only be threw out because nobody wanted them.In the left hand column is the site for St Albans school and a number of photo's have been posted.If you do not want your photo featured,please e-mail

Norman Evans MBE

As you may know Norman has written an autobiography called 'We May as Well Dance'.This is an excellent book where he tells his story 'warts and all'.Click on Norman Evans in the left hand column.

Thousands Say Farewell

I don't think the South Gare has witnessed so many people saying farewell to the French Aircraft Carrier.There were thousands down the breakwater which caused a traffic jam stretching a couple of miles.After the ship passed it was an hour and a half before I could be on my way.Somebody should have had the foresight to set up a mobile hot drinks van, they would have made a fortune.Seriously this posed a great deal of questions.I have been in touch with the owners of the land making up the South Gare and they have informed me that NOBODY should be on the Gare at anytime because it is private land.This area as we have known, attracts thousands every year with fishing permits and areas like 'Paddy's Hole'.All interested parties should be involved when deciding what should happen when the 'Tall Ships' come to Hartlepool in 2010.A repeat of last Sunday could be disasterous

The Warrenby Hotel

Over many years this hotel has seen many functions,weddings, christenings after funeral receptions,dart matches billiards and snooker matches.It was also a stopping off point for workers from the nearby steelworks.Over the last few years it has been built up as a car repair shop.The owner was busy working on a car when a tremendous explosion brought the ceiling and brickwork down.The owner had a very lucky escape by crawling out of the back door.He suffered cuts to his face and back injuries as brickwork came crashing down.What caused this you may wonder?.A juggernaut was reversing and collided with the front of the garage.The main damage was caused when the lorry was pulled clear.

Before the Lorry Hit

Here we see the Warrenby Hotel before the incident.Photo courtesy of Stephen McCulloch

Unveiling of Two Plaques

The 'Friends of Redcar Cemetery' of which I have been Chairman of for the past four years have been very busy refurbishing a run down section of the cemetery.Over 7.000 has been raised through fundraising and grants to reastablish two 'half moon' sections in the middle cemetery.On old maps of the area it shows two half moon sections,over the years one half moon has been taken out to allow mowing to be made easier.The other had been grassed over.Unfortunately cars were parking on this area so making great ruts in the soil.The committee decided with the help and permission of the Local Authority to reinstate these to their former glory.So with your help in fundraising we set about this task with great enthusiasm.We now have two beautiful areas that not only enhance the area but have been dedicated with stones and plaques dedicated to our seafaring tradition.One plaque is dedicated to all those who have lost their lives at sea from Redcar and surrounding area and the other plaque is dedicated to all those buried in the cemetery who risked their lives over many years manning the lifeboats and saving lives at sea often in very difficult circumstances.A march and unveiling ceramony with a Blessing from local Clergy will take place on Sunday 24th May at 2.00pm.All are welcome to witness this memorable occasion.

New Half Moon

The photo above shows one half moon before it's refurbishment and the photo below shows the transformation, something we are very proud of and it was with your help this was achieved.The area opposite has had the same makeover,this time starting from just a grassed area after consulting old maps.More information can be found on Redcar Cemetery in the left hand column.

Eggy Bread

Brian Blessed was advertising on the radio recently a well known fast food chain and mentioned 'eggy bread'.I must admit I had never heard of such a thing and have had to ask around.Any recepies please.

Sri Lankan Wedding

Saturday 7th March was another red letter day for St Albans when a couple from Luton decided to marry in St Albans where family and friends have settled for a number of years.It was a very colourful affair when Edman Paul Emodesh and Sameeda Santhamariyadas were married .Fr Roger and Fr Eugene officiated. Congratulations from all the Parishioners of St Albans.

Latin Mass

At the recent Requiem Mass for Sydney Stocking in St Albans, the family requested part of the Mass be said in Latin.Fr Roger did very well taking the congregation through it and it amazed me how many in the congregation knew the responses.It was difficult to follow after over forty years.Well done Fr Roger.

New Website

The Sacred Heart Church has started a new website under the Communigate banner.Log onto website builder is Ann Thomas.Congratulations and the best of luck.

The Millenium Cross

The Millenium Cross which I have featured above was donated by my family in memory of my wife Margaret and was again used for the 'Venoration of the Cross'after the Passion of Our Lord was told by members of the Congregation.

The Modern Tabernacle

When going round Churches in the area,one thing stands out, the bare Tabernacle.How did this sneak in? Who decided this was best and when? I remarked our Tabernacle looked like a cross between a hot water boiler and a Tombola drum.The reverance has gone out of the whole experience of genuflecting as we know.This as we know is God's House and should be decorated so.Somehow the mystery has been crually shattered by someone's whim.Lets get back to tradition and not let half baked ideas get a hold.

The Crowning of Our Lady

Here we see the statue of Our Lady complete with her crown during the month of May.

First Holy Communion 2009

The sun shone when six of our children made their First Holy Communion on Saturday 16th May.Once again the children were beautifully dressed,the girls in their white dresses and veils and the boys in their white shirts and dark trousers.St Albans are very grateful to the Parishioners who prepared these children and their parents for this very important time in their lives.
The children making their First Communion were-
Bobby Butters.
Mary Holdsworth.
Jasmin Kelly.
Jennifer Peter.
Kyle Poulson.
Flynn Rountree
Congratulations from all in St Albans Parish.

Cemetery Group Win Award

Left to Right Back Row-Lucy Pretty,Colin and Cam Nertney(St Augustines)Eric Pretty,Joan Buckley and Margaret Grainger.
Front Row-Vera Robinson MBE,Joyce Dowding and Dot Ahmed.

The 'Friends of Redcar Cemetery' were very pleased to have won the 'Volunteer Group of the Year'sponsored by the new College and organised by the RVDA.We were presented with a trophy by the Principle of the College at a ceremony in Guisbrough Hall where twenty seven volunteer groups attended.We were also presented with a certificate by our MP Vera Baird QC.

Tony Mowbray

Congratulations to Tony Mowbray,a Redcar lad on being appointed as Manager of Celtic FC.He attended Mass in St Albans when Fr Bill Ryan was Parish Priest after taking instructions when he met his late wife Bernadette in Glasgow whilst playing for Celtic.Having friends who are fanatic Celtic supporters,when they play their rivals Rangers the atmosphere in the pubs and clubs is deafening with partisan songs.We wish him well.

Bishop Terry's Visit

The congregation at both Masses welcomed Bishop Terry who officiated and preached today.A welcome cup of tea provided by Angela was enjoyed in the Presbytery afterwards which gave the congregation a chance to meet the Bishop for a chat.Fr Roger meanwhile was busy with a Christening after the 11am Mass.

Another Photo

Bishop Terry preaching during his visit on Sunday 28th June 2009

Gerry's Requiem Mass

It was good to see Fr Dan O'Neil at Gerry McFadden's funeral.He spoke about Gerry and Gerry's late wife Kathleen attending Mass every morning when he was Parish Priest for over fourteen years in St Albans and had a great affection for the people.Fr Roger spoke of Gerry ringing him to ask for Communion that day.Fr Roger said "Yes Gerry but do you realise it is five thirty in the morning".It appears Gerry did not want to miss his taking of the Sacrament.St Albans is very grateful to the 'Helping Hands Group' where Gerry was a volunteer for providing refreshments after the service and also Newcommon Methodist Church for the use of the room.

Mumbai Calling

I was having a new window fitted and the flowering shrubs had invaded the path under the window so I set about cutting them back.In my enthusiasm I must of trod on a cable bringing my telephone service into my home resulting in my phone being cut off,or was it the rain.As luck would have it my mobile needed charging but the Internet was working.I e-mailed my supplier and received a reply from India.Thanks Raj the engineer is on his way.Modern communications.

Sunken Graves

After the terrential rain last week visitors to loved ones buried in the new section of the cemetery were very upset at the devastation caused.The whole area was a mess with graves half full of soil, and flower vases and flowers scattered all over the place.Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened and everyone concerned with the upkeep of the cemetery needs to tackle this problem so as not to add to the grief already uppermost in people who have lost loved ones recently.

It Could only Happen to Me

When my eldest son came to visit with his wife I warned them that the bulb in the toilet was not fixed in right because the bayonet holder on one side was broke but it worked ok.Nothing happened during their stay thank God.Doing my chores today with little rubber gloves(!) and toilet brush the bulb parted company with the holder,fell on my head and landed in the bowl.Remind me to change the bulb holder if I can get the shade off.

The Relics of St Terese

The whole Diocese can be justifiably pleased and honoured to play host to the relics of St Terese in the Cathedral in Middlesbrough.From what we have read it was a huge success and something of a coup for our Diosece to welcome this unique event.A video has been made which can be downloaded of the relics arriving at the Cathedral.Two children were plucked from the crowd to carry posies of flowers behind the casket,something they will remember all their lives.

Mo Mowlam Remembered

On Friday 23rd October a large group of people including local dignateries came together at the boating lake to unveil a fantastic mosaic to our former MP Mo Mowlam.Full story can be found on 'Out and About' in the left hand column.
The Channel 4 docu-drama on Mo Mowlam's life during the run up to the 'Good Friday Agreement' left a lot to be desired.Those personal friends who hold Mo's friendship dear will have been dismayed at Julie Walters portrayal of a very sick lady.We often hear of directors and writers using 'Writers Perogative'where if you feel the subject is boring 'make it up'.The condition that Mo was affected by tends to rid you of all inhibitions and concience.I know from personal experience how this can come across.Mo was a very friendly person and had a 'can do' attitude.She strove to right the wrongs in our part of the world but people in the other parts of the country would, judging by the programme, think she spoke with obscene expletives all the time which in my experience was NOT the case.One thing I found not quite right was the role of Blair and Mandelson.For years many problems were sorted out on the train from Darlington to Kings Cross where all three were regular passengers together.

Chef's Jargon

When we were growing up Sunday lunch consisted of a nice piece of beef with yorkshires,cabbage, cauli, maybe sprouts but only if they were in season, peas and carrots (why didn't we ever have broccoli?).For seconds we would have rhubarb and custard.Now you would need a degree in culinary jargon,nothing is plain and simple.Here is a menu which can be found in a typical pub restaurant leading up to Christmas-
Rich Black Pudding with LARDONS of smoked bacon,smothered in a wild mushroom marsala wine reduction.
Duck and Orange PARFAIT with caramelised balsamic onion with chutney and crispy Braschetta.
Slow cooked CONFIT of Duck Leg in a sticky Plum and Ginger Glaze.
Nutty Pear and FRANGIPANE Tart with clotted cream Ice Cream.
Wot no Bisto gravy.
These are mainly French in origin

Remembrance Day

Despite the pouring rain many people gathered round the Cenotaph in Coatham Rd to remember the fallen not only in two world wars but recent conflicts such as the Korean war,the Falklands war.the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.Eric Houden was march marshal who also acted as MC.He introduced the new Vicar of Coatham Rev Alison Phillipson who is also the newly appointed Chaplain for the Merchant Navy Ass,and other Armed Forces Ass in the area.She led us in prayer before our MP Vera Baird QC read a passage from scripture.In turn the Mayor Coun Brian Briggs and the leader of the Council Coun George Dunning also read passages.The Police Band played the 'Last Post' and a minutes silence was observed.A great many organisations then placed wreaths around the Cenotaph.The march then reassembled for a march past taken by the Mayor
'At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them'
'When you go home tell them we gave our today for your tomorrow'


As the time approaches for us to remember when hostilities came to an end in WW1,the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we look back on the futility and sheer stupidity of both politicians and Generals in the war zone.The carnage that they witnessed at the battle of the Somme must of made them realize that they had made a grave mistake but their tactics never altered.It appears that lessons have not been learnt where our soldiers are on foot patrol in a minefield and it is obvious the jeeps they ride in don't offer much protection from roadside bombs.Brave bomb disposal men have been killed defusing these simple but deadly devices of which there are thousands.

Christmas Wish Tree

Chiltern Mills staff visiting the Wish Tree in 2008 Once again the 'Friends of Redcar Cemetery' are erecting a 'Wish Tree' in Redcar Central Library from 2nd December.This was kindly donated by Chiltern Mills of Redcar.Tags can be obtained from the Central Library,Laburnum Rd Library and from Chiltern Mills for aonation.All monies raised will be used for the refurbishment of Redcar Cemetery.Our thanks go to all Library staff and the staff of Chiltern Mills.Our thanks also go to Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council staff for erecting the tree.
Update-74 was donated with the purchase of wish tree tags.These will be buried in the large roundabout in the new section.

Steeple Cladding

Over the last few years cracks in the cladding of St Alban's Church's steeple have been causing concern.Now we find this has got much worse with great chunks falling off during recent windy weather.There is now an urgent need to rectify these problems.

St Peters School South Bank

So it seems as though it's all over, the politicians and bureaucracy have managed to destroy a brilliant school that Hitler tried but failed.This decision will have a far reaching effect on us here in Redcar.The Sacred Heart School will be the focal point for ALL Catholic pupils from a catchment area that stretches from Ormesby to Staithes.Can we cope?.We have anough problems on Mersey Rd at present without another influx of coaches and private cars using this area.If this goes ahead then the traffic lights at the junction of Corporation Rd and Mersey Rd will have to change in favour of Mersey Rd rather than catering for traffic on Corporation Rd as at present.I can see chaos in and around this school and it is very surprising that the people who make all these decisions are not personally affected by these changes.

Drastic Editing

In the past I have used the St Alban's site to include personal social comments which some may of found amusing but others may feel it is the wrong place.I have therfore took out many comments and left those in which readers may find interesting.I have left in comments on St Peters School South Bank because it may affect us.Please leave any comments in the guest book and keep logging on.Thanks-Ged -Site Builder.

Local Steel Industry

After thirty four years in the Steel Industry on Teesside I have started a new column telling my story.You will find this informative and amusing but with a fair slice of danger.

Lack of Communications

Over the last couple of years I have used this website to give a personal view of life as I see it.Unfortunately not everyone agreed with me which is fair enough so I have taken many comments off and left the ones I feel important on. Further to this I have been 'gobsmacked' at the lack of communication in this modern world between Corus and the Local Authority together with the local media.For many years confusion has existed as to who has the right to enjoy the rugged landscape offered by the South Gare.We are all aware of the Health and Safety Act as it effects us in our daily lives but Corus decided without consulting the local press that the South Gare road would be closed to all traffic except essential personnel ie the Tees Pilots, from Friday afternoon till Saturday morning, to allow the safe decommissioning of the Redcar blast furnace.Apparently Corus own the South Gare access road from Warrenby Halt to the point where it veers off to the South Gare, then PD Ports Ltd own the rest.As a show of strength both companies can close the road as and when they want. How confusing is that?.What amazes me is there is a high fence between the Corus site and this road.What would make more sense is for the entire road to be taken over by the local authority but that could possibly prove costly so the confusion and uncertainty continues.The whole area of the South Gare is a mess but attracts thousands of visitors a year who come to fish,dive off the coast or just to enjoy the tranquility away from the hustle and bustle.Local bird watchers and enthusiasts of local shipping movements also enjoy this facility.

End of an Era

Here we see Redcar Blast Furnace in the process of being decommissioned, so bringing to an end 170 years of Steelmaking on Teesside. Friday 19th February 2010 a sad day for us all.Photo taken at 16.30pm just behind the barriers blocking the road to the South Gare Breakwater.

Bishops Letter

At all masses on Sunday a letter was read out informing parishioners of the problems faced by the Catholic Adoption Agency.The Government is seeking equality for all people where adoption is concerned.They are promoting same sex couples to be allowed to adopt children.This has put the Catholic Adoption Agency facing a dilemma.If they don't agree the Government can close them down.The Catholic ethos is being brought to the High Court next week.Many people have gay friends who have been very loyal and true and in this changing world we must accept the difference.It must be very difficult to form a lasting relationship in todays climate.The term 'coming out' is ok for some but it's a minefield in the real world and other people are afraid to take this step,maybe because friends and family won't accept or can't accept this.
Today with many marriages breaking up the Adoption Agencies find it very difficult placing children in normal marriages that are sound without this added pressure.From personal experience I know how vigorous the vetting system is and rightly so.If a young couple have met,courted for four or five year saved up a deposit on a house,marry and decide to start a family, only to find the wife is unable to conceive for whatever reason, is devastating for that couple.If they have reached the age of 25 then they can apply to adopt.It is then the machinary is put in motion.Twelve months later after vigorous checks, a baby is placed in your care for twelve weeks, after which you can apply to the court to officialy adopt.What needs to be taken on board is any time during this period, the natural mother can change her mind, adding to the pressure on the young couple.When a women gives birth with the husband by her side is fantastic but is totally different to taking in someone elses baby.The responsibility is tremendous and after bonding has taken place, it is heartbreaking if the mother does change her mind.So it is a minefield where Social Services and the Adoption Agency advise on different ways in which to care for the baby in your care.I would imagine M15 are not as rigorous.The Church is quite clear on their attitude to 'gay' people but I feel they need to take this on board and try to understand because there maybe thousands of closeted 'gay' people within the church and as we are tought, God loves everyone but same sex adoption maybe a step too far.
Update-The Catholic Adoption Agency were successful in their bid in the High Court to be awarded special clearance to place children with married couples.

Did You See IT?

What did you think of it?The 'Secret Millionaire' was the worst kept secret.The researchers never seem to get it right no matter how long they take.The undercover 'millionaire' decided to pitch his 'tent' in South Bank an area that has been blighted by government,the local council and big business not to mention the EU over many years.Why didn't the programme makers stay in South Bank,listen to the people who volunteer many hours, trying to provide and encourage the tremendous spirit that still exists in this community.The programme seemed to flit from one community to the other.Frankie Wales has done a tremendous amount with the Coatham Memorial Hall which the council did not want and it is now well used every day.I was a little worried about the Redcar Community College's 'Sids Place' feature but I could be wrong but aren't they funded by the Local Education Authority and do not enjoy charitable funding in the same way as Zoe's Place.We are never comfortable when national television poke their noses in our communities because they always look on the black side and the theme seems to be doom and gloom.It was the same when 'Match of the Day' came to the Riverside,all smog and grime.What the programme makers should of done is attend the many volunteer group meetings held regularly in the area where all volunteer groups come together to try and find funding for their projects.It must have been heartbreaking for the good people of South Bank to watch this programme, where with the exception of Zoe's Place, whom they have been most generous over the years, to miss out to what most people will feel is still an affluent area, despite the Corus closure.

Fr Peter Ryan

Fr Peter Ryan in 1963
Fr Peter Ryan who took over from Fr Phil Kiely in St Albans in approx 1972 just before the Church was opened celebrates the Golden Jubilee of his Ordination in June.A Mass of Thanksgiving will be celebrated in St Peters Church South Bank on Tuesday 15th June at 7.00pm and afterwards in St Peters Social Club Normanby Rd South Bank.It is hoped St Albans will be represented.Fr Peter celebrated Mass in St Josephs Primary School.Congratulations from all St Alban's parishioners.
St Peters Church in South Bank was full to capacity (a rare occasion)for the celebration of Fr Peter Ryan's Golden Jubilee.Six Priests assisted at the sung Mass.As usual Fr Peter had everyone in stitches with his funny stories of his time in South Bank.At a reception later he again reminist and many paid tribute, including two very special lads from the Eston Handicapped Fellowship but not only Catholics but members of other religions in the town to Fr Peter's ministry.The evening ended with Fr Peter singing an Irish song which brought tremendous applause for a well loved Priest.

How Come

In the latest edition of the 'Catholic Voice',Bishop Terry urged people to be generous when contributing to the Pope's visit.He is quoted as saying the Pope's visit will cost the Churches of England, Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland over SIX MILLION POUNDS.Bearing in mind this is also a State Visit from the Vatican City to the United Kingdom how is this broken down to cost us this amount of money?. For a four day visit mainly in Scotland this a tremendous amount to raise when we are stuck in the middle and if we want to arrange a coach this will be another expence.I can understand the hiring of stadia to allow as many people as possible to see and hear the Pontiff but we are talking crazy money when the Vatican,an independant country, is said to be very wealthy.

Fr Bill Ryan

At a recent Requium Mass for Danny O'Neil a former parishioner of St Albans it was great to see Fr Bill Ryan officiating.The Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Fr Nunan has had a family bereavement and was called away so at the request of Danny's family Fr Ryan stepped in.Lets hope he can make it to Fr Peter Ryan's Golden Jubilee on the 15th June in St Peters South Bank.

*********Till the Fat Lady Sings

So the bombshell has dropped ST ALBANS RC CHURCH YEW TREE AVE.,REDCAR WILL CLOSE NEXT YEAR.Fr Roger will transfer to Loftus in September and the Parish will be taken over by St Bedes Marske.Discussions will start tomorrow night with a meeting in St Albans Church at 7.00pm.
First a brilliant school now the Church.Lack of Priests was the reason given by the Bishop in his letter reprinted below.This raises many questions.The Church as it stands at the moment is in dire need of refurbishment.An estimate would put the cost of this at approx 60 to 70,000 which would include reroofing and recladding.In the short term recladding of the tower is a Health and Safety issue and cannot be delayed.One suggestion would be to sell the Presbytery and use the money to carry out the repairs and keep St Albans open as a Chapel of Ease as in many other Parishes in the Diocese.The Parishioners tend to attend on the big occasions so maybe we need to summon a rallying cry to get the numbers up and state our case.St Williams although a different Deanery has successfully managed without a resident Priest for a long time now as have many other Parishes but have still maintained the community spirit which is vital if the Catholic Church is to thrive in the area.Lets muster a great deal of support to keep St Albans open.Many other Churches including Church of England,Methodist, Baptist,Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints etc use their church as a social centre with coffee mornings and sales of work.We also have Deacons who could lead us in Prayer and distribute the Communion.The Church as we know is autocratic and not democratic so we need to put a good case forward starting tomorrow night.

From Bishop Terence Drainey

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
You will have read the pastoral letter I sent for the World Day of Prayer for Vocations,so you will be aware of the difficulty we are facing when Priest come to retire and how we are going to replace them.In order to be able to supply Priestly Ministry and leadership for the two parishes of St Bede and St Albans in the future,it will be necessary to share the Ministry of one Priest for the two Parishes.Mgr Dasey has agreed to take on this responsibility.Fr Guiver will provide Pastoral care for Loftus,Staithes and Ugthorpe as from September.IT IS ALSO MY PROPOSAL TO CLOSE ST ALBANS BY THE END OF NEXT YEAR.It goes without saying that this new situation will effect everyone ie the Mass going population,the sick and the housebound,the school and all other aspects of life we have come to associate and expect in our Parishes.In the meantime your Priest will not be able to serve two communities in the same way as he served one community before.

In order to face the challenges of the future we will need a real spirit of cooperation between us all. I have asked the Vicar General,the Dean and Dr Jim Whiston to speak to you.In many ways this is a deveping situation,none of us have been hre before and so it demands that we patiently work out how we move forward together to provide the best sacrmental,spiritual and pastoral care we can for all.

The first meeting will take place on Monday 21st June in St Albans Church at 7.00pm.
Yours in Blessed Hope
Terence Patrick.

The Aftermath

A fair crowd but not a big crowd bearing in mind some came from St Bede's,listened intently to two members of the Deanery and the financial director of the Diocese spell out a route for the future regarding Catholic worship, in Redcar and Marske.The proposals took some swallowing.I don't wish to prempt the future meetings with other parishes suffice to say it won't be an easy road, far from it.Our immediate and far more pressing problem is the dangerous condition of the steeple in St Albans.Here were the people who could release the money needed but the financial director was flippant in his answer asking us to 'make a case'.Having gone outside after the meeting it was obvious to him what the problem was.

The Inquest starts here

So England bow out of the World Cup,not with their heads held high but after a lack lustre campaign,questions will need to be asked.We all know and are envious of the wages paid to these so called premaddona's but let us look at the facts.In the Premiership the players play on average 60 plus games in the season.Compare that to their rivals who may play 40 games with a break in the season.Capello must of watched hundreds of matches when he was deciding on his team.He saw Rooney play up front on his own,he saw Gerrard play in the centre behind the two up front,he saw Crouch play blinders when fed from the wing and score with his head.None of this was evident in the four games they played.The tactics he adopted meant most players were out of position.Heskey was no match for Defoe and Crouch for me should have been included more often (a proven goal scorer leading up to the qualifiers).Six Million quid Capelo is on and although he has a proven record he has a very limited grasp of the English language which is a drawback to start with.English managers won't take on this task because it is a 'poison chalice'where you have to battle with club managers to get the players released and they will blame the England manager if a player is injured after a training session.Ferdinand suffered such an injury and who knows what would of happened if he was fit, did we have to rely on second best?.The Germans ran rings round us and our defence was nowhere to be seen.Goalside cameras are a must if we are not to see the blatantly obvious goal disallowed.Enjoy your holidays lads because come July the club and media expect you to come ready all guns blazing to start a new campaign where you are not allowed to put a foot wrong otherwise the Sunday papers will have a field day as you start a sixty game run.Rooney was spent before the World Cup even started after his grualing season with Manchester United and because of media hype.We do live in a crazy world.

Have You Seen It Yet?

The Friends of Redcar Cemetery found a cherry tree in Redcar Cemetery that had died.This was twenty foot high.We had admired local tree sculptor Steve Irdale's work in Errington woods and Guisborough forest for a long time so we contacted him to work on this tree.After several visits and a lot of head scratching he came up with a 'bunch of tulips'.All monies raised for this project came from Redcar people in tombolas,sales of brick-a-brack and bucket collections.We intend to dedicate this to the Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards) and a dedication service will be held shortly.All Welcome.

Good News

It would appear as the Blast Furnace at Redcar and the BOS and Concast Plants at Lackenby do now have a future.One victim of this sorry mess must have been our last MP Vera Baird. Maybe the Government of the time were reluctant to interfere so she paid the price but after all her hard work behind the scenes this has now proved successful.

Apollo Choir Concert

The Friends of Redcar Cemetery presents the Apollo Choir in Concert on Saturday 16th October in St Peters Church Redcar.Starting at 7.30pm.Tickets are 5 including refreshments.There will be a lucky ticket draw,tombola and raffle.Please see Ged at the back of the Church or phone 01642 471064.Thanks.

Women Priests

I have many acquaintances in the Church of England and I count Women Priests among them and they have helped our group in the past.The Roman Catholic Church has a very different opinion.As I see the problem the Mass as we know it is a playlet re-enacting the Last Supper and the Priest takes the part of Jesus Christ.How you could substitute a woman playing this part in full vestments I don't know.Jesus told his desciples to go and teach all nations and take the bread and wine in memory of Him.

Tulip Sculpture

A dedication ceremony will take place at 2.00pm on Thursday 14th October.Members of the Yorkshire Regiment and the Veterans will march from the Redcar Racecourse carpark down Thwaites Lane and into the middle section of the cemetery to the tulip sculpture. The Colonal of the Regiment will then be welcomed by the Mayor and Mayoress and the Regimental Padre will conduct the Service.Abide With Me will be sung and the Regimental Major and the Mayor will unveil a plaque.The Last Post will then be sounded followed by a minute silence.After Revale the National Antham will be sung.The Mayor accompanied by the Colonal and the Mayoress accompanied by the Major will proceed down the centre section to a saluting base where the troops will march past and continue back to the carpark.Refreshments will be served in the Borough Park Bowls Club afterwards.All welcome.

Dedication Ceremony

What a day!!.After months of planning the day started dull and overcast but the rain stayed off.The troops of the 2nd Batt the Yorkshire Reginent based in Preston Lancashire arrived on time.The PA system was set up and the people started to arrive.My formal part as chairman was to welcome the Mayor and Mayoress of Redcar and Cleveland.I then welcomed Lt Col David O'Kelly and Major Bob Martin.Local radio requested an interveiw but how it came across I don't know because I was consentrating on everything that was happening at the time.

The Final Mass

Bishop Terry with altar servers and and a Seminarian studying for our Diocese.

It is with great regret that the demise of St Albans RC Church took place on Tuesday 21st June 2011.Bishop Terry concelebtated the last Mass in front of a large congregation of past and present
worshipers.This website will continue in the hope readers will send their stories and photo's of weddings,Christenings etc.Send to Thanks

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