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St Williams Dormanstown

This page will look at the history of St Williams,the Clergy that administered over the years.The building of the Willies Club.If you have any photos of weddings etc please e-mail't forget it's your page and everything and anything can be added.

Served from Sacred Heart

As with a great many Parishes now St Williams does not have a resident Priest but is served by Fr Dermot Nunan from Sacred Heart.

Mass Times and Whats On

St Williams Dormanstown
South Ave
Tel 01642 484047
Parish Administrator Fr Dermot Nunan
Weekdays 9.00am
Sundays 9.00am
Holy Days of Obligation 9.00am

The Insurance Man Calls.

The late Maurice Barry from St Williams in Dormanstown called at our house in South Bank every week since I was 'knee high to a grasshopper'.We kids would either be playing in the street or helping our mam with the weekly shop.The front door would be open and he would collect the coppers from the sideboard,enter the amount in the passbook and be on his way.If we kids were playing outside we would greet him as a friend and he would have some banter with us.This went on till I left South Bank after I was married and moved to Redcar.We arranged for Maurice to call at our new address and this went on till he retired spanning some forty or more years.Nothing was too much trouble for him and unfortunately the likes of him won't be seen again.His wallet always fascinated us when he did his conjuring trick where every time he unfolded his wallet it had notes, this way and that he would turn his wallet and still there were notes.RIP Maurice.

After Mass

A warm welcome awaits after Sunday Mass,in the hall.Tea and coffee is served this week by S&Y Bell.This is a time for a chat and it was great to welcome Canon Collingwood back to the Parish to celebrate his 88th Birthday.Congratulations from every one in St Williams.

What's on this Week

Mass during the week will be on Wednesday at 9.00am.
The Rosary will be said before the Mass on Wednesday.
Confessions will be heard before Sunday Mass or by request.
Children's Liturgy will be held in the Hall at 8.45am on Sundays.
The last Parish Council Meeting was held in the Hall on January 7th at 7.30pm.
The Journey in Faith meetings take place in the Hall every Tuesday at 7.30pm.Everyone is welcome.
Line Dancing is held in the Hall every Friday at 8.00pm.The Bar will be open and there is Bingo.
A game of Bingo is held every Monday and Saturday in the Hall at 7.00pm.
St Williams Social Club is open on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays plus Bank Holidays, where drinks are sold at reasonable prices.New Members always welcome.
If you know of anyone in the Parish who is sick or housebound and would like to take Holy Communion,please contact Kath Dowson.
The Minister for the Precious Blood today is J Patterson.
The Mass Reader today is A Forest.
J&F Fitzgerald will take part in the Offertory Procession.
Proceeds from the 'Turkey and Tinsel' event which raised 253 was sent to Cafod.Thanks to all who helped make it a success.
The Parish Chrismas Dinner in O'Grady's was enjoyed by all,our thanks to Kath Dowson for organising this event.
The Chrismas Draw was a great success and the money raised bought ,selection boxes,and pressy's and a Christmas tree as well as a donation of 30 for a water pipe.Thanks to all those who bought tickets and we hope you were lucky.
They call me a man,
But I can't have a wife,
I was given a body,but not a life,
They gave me a mouth,
But did not give me breath,
Water gave me life,
But the sun will bring me death.

Who am I ?
Sent in by Alf Dobson.

A small boy was overheard praying,
"Lord is you can't make me a better boy,don't worry about it,
I'm having a real good time as as I am

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