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St Albans RC Church Redcar

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The Cupid Cleric

First Communion 2004-2005


Your Joking

New Beginnings

The Queen Arrives

A Meaning to Life


The Cross-1900

For the Older Perso.

What's Your Hobby

AJourney of a Lifetime

Rowing the Atlantic

St Albans School

Sacred Heart and St Benedict- New Schools

Confirmation 2005

A Tale or Two to Tell

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Where does your Street Name come from?

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Human Fertililisation and Embryoligy Bill

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St Augustine Redcar

This page is for any Parishioner from St Augustine to contribute to, in anyway ie Wedding photo's etc.We will be looking at the history of the Parish,the past clergy and anything that is of interest to you the Parishioner.Remember it's your page so e-mail

Fr Brian Nicholson

Fr Nicholson has recently retired from St Augustine's Church and the Parishioners wish him all the very best and good health in his retirement.

Fr John Lumley

St Augustine's welcomes our new Parish Priest Fr John Lumley.OOPS I would like to apologise to Canon Michael Sheriden for uploading his photograph (they do look similar) instead of Fr Lumley's.I will try and pin Fr Lumley down for an uptodate photo.It just goes to show people do visit the site and yes I held my head in my hands when I was told.

Mass Times and Whats On

Mass Times
Sunday: Saturday Evening 6.30pm, Sunday 10am

Holydays: 10am and 7pm

Weekdays: 7pm Monday Friday, 9.30am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Friday 2pm-3pm, Saturday 10.15am-11am

Friday 2pm-3pm

Access only (ramps, etc)

Loop system for hearing-aid users

SVP, Parish Prayer Group, RCIA

Shoreline Home, Inglewood Home.

The Scripture Group meet on Monday at 7.30pm.
The SVP meet on the first Tuesday of the Month at 7.00pm.
The Prayer Group meet on Thursday 7.30pm til 9.00pm.
The Rosary will be recited Monday-Saturday 35 minutes before Mass.
A Mass of Induction for our new Parish Priest Fr Lumley will take place on Friday 16th January at 7.00pm.We welcome our Dean V Rev Canon Michael Blaydon and the Priests of the Deanery to what is a milestone in our Parish history.As mentioned last week the emphasis is really on us as a Parish-the promise of a commitment and mutual support between Priest and people of the Parish.Please come along to the Mass this Friday.There will be wine and other light refreshments after Mass.
The first meeting of the Confirmation Group will be held in the Presbytery on Wednesday 28th January at 7.00pm.The Sacrament of Confirmation will be held here in St Augustine's on the 24th June.Thanks to Mary Robinson and Harry Wilson for agreeing to act as catechists.

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