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Sacred Heart Redcar

This page will be exclusively for the Parishioners of Sacred Heart to contribute everything and anything ie Wedding photo's, First Communion etc.We will look at the history of the Parish,the past clergy and what is happening today.Remember it is your page so e-mail so come on all you expats around the world, if you belonged to Sacred Heart Parish in years gone by, lets hear from you.


Parish Priest-Fr Dermot Nunan.
Deacon-Fr Kenneth Flanagan

Mass Times and Whats On

Sunday: Saturday Evening 6.30pm, Sunday 10.30am

Holydays: 7pm on the eve, 9am

Weekdays: 9am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 7pm Wednesday, 10am Saturday

Saturday 10.30am-11am

Sunday 9.30am-10.30am

Full access facilities for wheelchairs (access plus disabled toilet)

Loop system for hearing-aid users

Various Parish Organisations

Stead Memorial Hospital, Old People’s Homes

Confessions will be heard on Saturdays after the morning Mass and also the evening Mass or on request.
The Rosary will be recited every Sunday at 10.00am.
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrement will take place every Sunday from 9.30am.
Ministers for today-
B Semple, A Thomas. K Flanagan and J Cummins

The SVP meet on Monday at 7.00pm
The Legion of Mary meet Tuesday at 10.00am
The Cantors meet on Wednesday at 6.00pm.
The Prayer Group meet on the first Tuesday each month.

Mr Eddy Murphy

Eddy Murphy who's tragic death has been announced,taught music for many years,to many former pupils at the old Sacred Heart School.In his time there, he was musical director of school productions and will be greatly missed.He also provided music for cabaret artists in St Peters Social Club in South Bank.I remember when he played for a singer, who was the lead singer for the Joe Loss Orchestra,Ross McManus. He mentioned during his act, that his son had started to make a name for himself, in show business.He said his name was Elvis Costello, who went on to great fame.When I booked the Apollo Choir to perform in the Sacred Heart School, to raise funds for St Albans Church, Mr Murphy demonstrated to the secretary of the Apollo,who had come to test the acoustics, that the piano was fully tuned, by playing a variety of tunes 'off the cuff' and he proved very talented.His Requiem Mass will be on Thursday 8th January in the Sacred Heart Church at 9.30am.RIP.

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