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Welcome to the Stanwick Group of Churches

Welcome to the Stanwick Group of Churches web-site
The Stanwick Group of Churches is a united benefice which comprises the Church of England parishes of Forcett, Aldbrough St. John and Melsonby in beautiful, rural North Yorkshire within the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds until Easter 2014 when it becomes part of the new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales (Leeds)

The picture shows Stanwick St John church which give the benefice its name but is now a redundant church vested in the Churches Conservation Trust.

You will find a map of the area covered by the parish in the page of links to the parish. There are also links to other sites of interest including the village web-sites for some of the villages in our benefice.

This site has been created mainly as an additional information source for the people of the parish but we hope that if you are from outside the area you will get a flavour of an area that is pleasant to live in both in terms of its scenery and its inhabitants.

See our Calendar pages for details of church services in the parish this month. Next month's calendar should be available by 20th of this month

The Vicar

The incumbent for the Stanwick Group of Churches is Revd. C.A. (Andy) Pell who is greatly assisted in the task by his wife, Linda.
Andy has been appointed under the Church of England's new procedures which brings clergy more in line with other forms of employment. His contract is for 'half time' on church duties and consequently he is not normally available on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. However, in emergency he will do his best to be available but asks that parishioners contact a churchwarden first of all on those days.

Our Guest Book

If you wish to contact us and get a reply, please use the email form which will be spam checked and sent on to our webmaster.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and have been quite surprised at the number who have visited it.
Please leave your name in our guest book and any comment you wish to make about the site.

It used to be possible to contact people in our Guest Book via email but unfortunately the 'spammers' began using that route to access large numbers of addressees and so that facility was withdrawn by the site hosters.

If we get enquiries from people following the same line of research we will endeavour to let them know of each other and possibly put them in touch subject to agreement by all.

Our Links page

Our Links page shows a list of links to other sites either connected with the church or the local area that may be of interest. Several of the stories on the site also include a link to another relevant organisation e.g. a charity's site

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