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Sir William Turner's Almshouses

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Sir William Turners Almshouses

Sir William Turner's Almshouses, Chapel and Courtyard
Photo: Richard B. Mann of Marske

The Hospital was founded over three hundred and thirty five years ago to provide sheltered accommodation for twenty elderly people and twenty orphans. Today, it continues to provide individual retirement homes for up to thirty people who can maintain their personal independence.

Most of the accommodation is for single people; there are several properties for couples and a small number of two-bedroom flats. Each ground-floor cottage has a small garden and, for active gardeners, there are several small allotments in the grounds. A small number of garages are available.

The 17th century Chapel at the centre of the building is used for regular worship with family communion services and evening prayers. It is also a perfect venue for piano recitals and chamber music. See Classics at Kirkleatham on the side-bar menu for details of forthcoming events.

The Residents' Association organises a varied social programme that currently includes weekly bingo and cards nights, indoor bowls, supper parties, coach outings and occasional music evenings.

Sir William Turner's Almshouses were founded in June 1676 and are now run by a voluntary Board of Trustees. It is a Registered Charity and a Registered Social Landlord. It is not governed by any housing association or local council.

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