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Northern School of Taiji

Taiji training (partner work) outside @ Houghall College, Durham

Traditional Taiji classes.
Co Durham, Northeast England.

Beginners Course starts August. Rolling start from now - come along and see what we do!

Free Taiji 16th Aug, 10am Houghall College.
See news

Taiji has a beauty and depth that links us back through time to ancient wisdoms, on its myriad of inter-woven paths each traveller is challenged to rediscover that truth for themselves. (from Milestones in the Mist - See articles)

In his forward to ‘Zen in the Art of Archery’ by Eugen Herrigel, D.T.Suzuki says of the Arts of the Far East
“…that they are not intended for utilitarian purposes only or for aesthetic enjoyments, but are meant to train the mind; indeed to bring it into contact with the ultimate reality”

You are welcome to look within……

This website details our Taiji classes and workshops - for those who wish to learn deeply.

Joe Harte teaches the Co.Durham classes
E mail:

Phone: 01740 629 452

Find us on facebook - links page

Relax Deep Mind Relax Deep Mind

~~~~ Taiji, a catalyst for deep inner change ~~~~ Relax Deep Mind Relax Deep Mind

Founder c12th Century??
Chang San Feng/ Zhang Sanfeng
[Yang Influence]
Yang Luchan (1799-1872)
Yang Jianhou (1839-1917)
Yang Cheng Fu / Yang Chengfu (1883-1936)
Cheng Man Ch'ing / Zheng Manqing (1902-1975)
Huang Sheng Shyan/ Huang Xingxian (1910-1992)
Patrick A Kelly

Tai Chi Tai Ji Durham Classes


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