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Location in the North East

Location in the U.K.

TeesSpeak:An Urban Dialect

words: alley to bleb

words : bogie to butterloggy

words:-cack-handed to clammin

words:-clarry to dut

words:-eariewig to get

words:-Geordie to knackin'

words: lace- -mozz

words: mell- -mozz

words:nab to parmo

words: parkin to rully

words:sackless to Stee-as

words: steelie to tungie

words:village to youse

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TeesSpeak: Dialect of the Lower Tees Valley

The Tees Valley is in the North East of England
The Tees Valley is the highly urbanised, industrialised area around the lower River Tees where North East Yorkshire meets County Durham. It consists of five Unitary Authorities. On the North Yorkshire side are are Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland. Darlington and Hartlepool are in County Durham. The original town of Stockton is in Co Durham but the Borough of Stockton now stretches across the river to include the North Yorkshire towns of Yarm and Thornaby. The combined population of the Tees Valley boroughs is about 650,000.

Dialect Survey of the Lower Tees Valley

The glossary has been compiled from questionnaires issued in the wider Teesside area by which I mean Darlington, Stockton, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and the urban part of Redcar & Cleveland.

I claim no great expertise. (I am often surprised at what I am finding). I'm interested in establishing any commonality within the area, differences and how the dialect relates to the North Yorkshire dialects to the south,Durham dialects to the north and Teesdale dialect to the west. This survey is still continuing and ,if you would like a questionnaire please contact me via the mailform with your postal address. If you know words which you think should be included or any comments (e.g. alternative meanings) please email also.

Vic Wood

The references I mainly use are:-
North East Dialect:Survey & Word List:Bill Griffiths
The Yorkshire Dictionary of Dialect, Tradition & Folklore: Arnold Kellett


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