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Coatham Iron Works,Downey & Co., 1890.


Repair work begins on A Damaged Boiler House,in


Denis Bage & workmates

Who are they

men at work

Ken Moutrey

Ken Moutrey centre working at Warrenby

Loco man

Tom Sexton attending his loco

Dorman Long about 1943

Can you recognise anyone, please send the names if you do

Photograph from Margaret Jordan

on yer bike

Betty Boswell, Mrs Whyman, Bertha Lettin, and Joan Rowe

photo from Linda nee Close


The first presentation to be made under the new Social and Retirement Association, Flat Products, Lackenby. Mr T.R> Linford, crane supervisor, hands Mr C.W. Thornhill overhead crane driver, a wallet of notes to mark his 50years’ service with Dorman Long. The occasion was organised by the officials of Lackenby No 6 branch of BISAKTA. Mr Thornhill started at Redcar works in 1920 and was transferred to Lackenby in 1966.

an article from the steel news 1970
courtesy of Mary nee Thornhill


Mr S. J. Hobbs chief clerk, welding department, Redcar works, was presented with a silver tea service to mark his retirement after 50 years service at Redcar works, by Mr H. M. Thomson, department manager on behalf of his colleagues. Mr Hobbs who in 50 years only missed two days off work, began as a stores assistant at the blastfurnace department in 1919, and joined the clerical staff five years later. Between 1931 when he was transferred to the steelworks traffic office and 1958 when he joined the welding department, he served in the cost department and for further periods at the blastfurnaces. He has been a member of Coatham Parish Church choir for 47 years, and is a member of the works ambulance crops.

an article from The Steel News Feb 1970

Jack Hobbs lived at 26 Marina Avenue Coatham.

60 steelworkers

Some of sixty steelmen who took part in a retirement ceremony Redcar works, which was held for the first time at the works Athletic Club in Dormanstown.

The sixty men - a record at one time were given grants totalling £798.

The Picture shows Mr. H. Morrison, chairman of the works welfare council (left foreground) handing over a money gift to Mr. H. Ditchburn.

Mr Ditchburn, of 3, Westfield Way, Dormanstown , had 53 years service at the works.

Mr. Tom Williams, of 3,Westbourne Grove, Redcar, had 52 yearss,and, Mr. Harry Hunter, 0f 66 Shakespeare Street, Middlesbrough, 51 years.

Other retirements:

N Jones, 50 years: B Hand 50: F Thomas, 50:

L Walker. 50: 49: J Read, 49:

T Sullivan. 49: I Thompson, 49:

M Barker. 49: G Spellman. 48:

F Churchman, 48: W Baldam. 47:
W Warrior.46: R Iveson, 46: B Stonehouse, 43:
T Chambers. 42: G Upton. 42 : W Hart: 42:
W Hodgson. 42: J Hunter, 37:

36; II Bell. 36: 0 GIbson, 35: H Roberts, 35:

J Wright: 35; H Pringle, 35: L Barrass, 35:

H Mapp 34: S Robinson 34: K Bradley. 34:
W Williamson. 34; R Jones 34

M Appleton. 32: G Carter. 32: I anson 32:

F Kirk 28: H Davies, 26: W Cox. 26:

H Knaggs 26: W Green. 25: L Nightingale 25:
T Mitord, 24; W Clark, 24:G Hoggarth 23;

T Taylor, 21: .Bennison 18:
T Brown. 17: H KItchen 17: B Leonard 17:
G Agar, 16:
W Buckland. 15: A Holdsworth 12: H Blackburn 11:
B Hastings 11; W Taylor, 8: F Weeks. 7:


Quite a few years have elapsed since these men pictured were young apprentices

And to mark the occasion
Redcar Welded fabrication Works. Teesside Branch held an informal gathering to present them with long service awards.
The awards, purchase vouchers and inscribed stainless steel trays. were presented By Mr G. I. Young.

Mr Young is seen left is seen handing an award to Mr .G.H. Stainthorpe, watched by,

from left to right Mr M Thompson, works manager, T Chesters, O W Fox, M Blacket,T S Robinson,
F Smith, and A Mason, branch personnel manager

Service Acknowledged

The Second presentation of long service awards to employees of the Dorman Teeside branch took place recently inthe Town Hall Middlesbrough

185 recipients, accompanied by their wives or other guests, attended the function. The awards, which consisted of a stainless steel tray and a purchase voucher were presented by Mr W. G. Brown, general manager,
Mr E. H. Vie,production manager, Mr H. H I Thompson, manager of
Redcar Works, Mr W. J. Tennet, manager,of Teeside Engineering Works,
Mr A. R. Young, manager of Stockton works, Mr G. 1. Young, manager
of Britannia Constructional Works.

Mr H M Thompson, Mr A R Young and Mr T. R. Tighe, operations manager, were themselves
amongst the recipients. Other members of senior management and their wives were also present.

For various reasons, 42 employees of the branch were unable to attend.

Following the ceremony, a buffet meal and bar were provided in the crypt.

The catering arrangements being undertaken by
M. Armstrong, manageress. Teesside Engineering Works canteen
and Miss P. Dunn, manageress,Britannia Constructional Works canteen and their staff.

The photograph shows Mr W. G. Brown, general manager, shaking hands with Mr Harry Walker,accompanied by a group of other recipients.


Cricket & Bowls winners
pictuured in the Steel News November 1973

Date ?

An excellent picture of men at work
Front Row Second from right Herbert Ditchburn
Extreme left George Ditchburn Extreme Right Mick Ditchburn
picture kindly contributed by by Alan Ditchburn

Date ?

George Ditchburn (holding Torch)
contributed by Alan Ditchburn
[via Stuart Haines]


My dad Jack Thornhill
with his rolls Royce!
leaving work
from the blast
at Warrenby works
photo & information
Margaret Heirons nee Thornhill


Included in this photograph are French Caddy known as (Trenner) , Arthur Cox, and Jack Wall
photograph and information

:courtesy of Sheila nee Caddy.

Dave Stamp recognises:
Johnny Hunter, Stan Thorpe (stocktaker) Ralph Burniston (union man), and I think Timmy Sullivan

George Clixby also has a copy of this photograph, which was published in the “Steel News” in October 1968. and probably taken a month or two earlier.
(''The Steel News'' was the newspaper of British Steel).

The caption that appeared with the photo was

Pictured back on home ground are members of the Dorman Long; Redcar steel plant who visited the steel works at Stewarts and LIoyds, Bilston.

The visit was of particular interest because of the similarity in construction of the furnaces at the two plants.

The party was impressed by the go-ahead methods adopted at the Staffordshire works.

Redcar steel plant employees make as many trips as possible and had returned from a visit to steel works in Germany a few weeks earlier.

The names George remembers are:

Second left: Ralph Burniston,
Fourth left: Dickie Dent
Sixth left: ? Kettlewell,
Second right: Jack Wall
Third right: Bill Clixby (George's father)
Fourth right: Arthur Cox


Pouring molten steel at Warrenby Blast.
courtesy of Stuart Haines



4Central Buildings ,Stock Yard and Wharf.Nine Elms Lane .


To whom it may concern.

No 44912 DVR.KNIGHT. R.F.A.

The above man was sent here for Munitions work on OCTOBER 29th 1916 and is still employed by this FIRM For Dorman Long and Co LIMITED .

Michael Knight worked at Dorman Long Steel works as a blastfurnaceman for a further 52 yrs .

Two of his sons also had long service.
Terry worked on the test shears at Warrenby and Lackenby for approx. 36 years,
Michael Knight jnr worked also at Warrenby and Lackenby on the test shears for approx.34 yrs.

information from Margaret Thompson nee Knight


Back row on the right is Joe Lloyd of Warrenby, taking a break with workmates.
Photograph courtesy of Freda Anderson nee Lloyd

9 March 1959

Redcar Works Safety Footwear Attendant, Evelyn Fox
attending to a customer in 1959.


Safety Officer Mr Lister on the right


Evelyn Fox picks the winning ticket.

photographs courtesy of Evelyn Walker nee Fox


Evelyn Fox
was employed as a young girl to work in the Rolling Mills this is is her identity card dated 28 January 1942.


left to right George Coupland he worked in the pitside on the steelplant,Keith Lancaster who was a stocktaker, and now lives in Canada, and myself Bas Gunn and Ed Jarvis known as Jarvo
I think the photo must have been taken about 1962 or 63. I was still working for the laboratory but they were just starting the quality control dept. on the plant, and we went out to observe the way the work was done, with the idea of improving the working practices, and then of course improve the quality.

At that point I can not honestly say that we did anything useful, and it was this feeling of wasting my time that made me leave and go to ICI, and then on to working abroad. Where I was very lucky and lived and worked in 16 different countries as far apart as Nigeria and China. Regards Bas

The Pitside

Bas Gunn,Keith Lancaster, & George Coupland


Outside the Lab are Ronnie Lewis who played cricket for Redcar, Dave Ellis, Myself Bas Gunn, (aged about 17) and Derek Robinson


The Lab Cricket Team

L-R Gerald Simpson. Frank Ridsdale, ?, Charles Erasmus Whiskar (Chief chemist) Dave Ellis ( who played for Middlesborough) Tich Hardy, Bas Gunn,


The Lab Staff 1950
this photo was taken at some sort of presentation
From left to right
Duncan Evans, Johnny Metcalf, Dave Stamp, Dave Vaughan, Dave Turnbull, & Bas Gun.
Photo & information courtesy of Bas Gun
Dave Stamp kindly got in touch to complete the names.

1960 -63

An excellent Collection of photographs taken around Warrenby Works
the first picture shows

Mike Pell and Trevor Brown walking towards 1 and 2 Plate Mill (north End)

Old gun turret on top of the slag heaps

Mike Pell and Trevor Brown walking up towards gun turret

"Old castor shears in the Plate Mill"

Workers having a break outside end of mill Ron Mitchell on right do not know the names of others

A game of cricket at lunch time 3rd left Malcom Hunt 4th right Henry Gibbon(from Warrenby) bowling

Trevor Brown and Mike Pell two young stocktakers from the plate mill

All these photos were taken 1960 to 63? in and around Warrenby works (Dorman Long

Photographs and information courtesy of Terry Nichol


Three very vivid pictures of life on the Warrenby Steelplant
This is the 'A' furnace at the Warrenby plant.
I think the 'doors are being made up '
after the charge had been loaded.

Basic slag granules are thrown into the doorway to build up the level

Taken by Dave Stamp from the Lab about 1965

The A furnace being 'fettled'. The picture was taken by me from the Lab doorway.

I worked there from 1956 to 1971.
Dave Stamp

The A furnace 'tapping'

I took this picture one night shift from just outside the Steelplant (pitside ) doorway

I don't have the date for the photograph but I think that it would be about 1965.
Dave Stamp


Steel Furnace tapping photographed in 1962 by Bas Gunn

Gift to couple

To mark her recent marriage to Mr H Walker,contacts maager, Teesside Engineering Works,of the Constructional Engineering Division.

Miss E Fox,is pictured above receiving a stainless steel tea service on behalf of employees at Redcar works.

Miss Fox,Boot store attendant has completed 29 years service at the works

The gift is seen being prenented to her by
Mr R Morrison ( front right)chairman of Redcar Works Joint Welfare Council, and watching left to right are Mr H Walker,Mr V Robins,boiler makers representative,on the welfare council,Mr M D. Cummings,A E F representative from the ingot bogie shop,& Mr D Curtice,office staff representative.

The tea set was handed over by the council on behalf of all employees at the works.

Photograph & information courtesy of Evelyn Waker(nee Fox)

No. 2 Mill

This photo was taken outside No 2 Mill Dorman Long, Sorry to say it is not there any more , my Wife worked on the Press which was just inside where the photo was taken.
pictured L to R are
Boy Earl -Les Burnup - yours truly - & my old mate Bill Calender I am the only one left
Regards from Charlie Brown in Australia

The Fab shop

These photos relate to the heavy fabrication shop at Warrenby works taken in 1973.At the time the firm was Redpath Dorman Long and were constructing parts of north sea oil rig legs called nodes , I think they were for the Brent Field .
On this first photo the only names I remember are 2nd left Ray Colette & to the right with his back to the camera John Wallace the shop foreman.


David Cockfield at work in the Fab shop

pictured here working in the Fab shop is Frank Harker.

This photo is a general view of a node .

In this photo , the only name that I remember is Frank Harker who is on the right , The chap in the middle was a slinger & I seem to remember he was Polish.

The Fab shop photos and information are courtesy
of David Cockfield




Workmates captured on camera. In the first photo holding the clip board is John Dooks the
Other man is thought to be Tommy Foster.

from left to right) Mike Pell, Norman Fryer, and John Dooks these shots were taken at the No 1 Platemill loading bay finishing end.

A shift report of work done, the shift was dated 1964 there were (no computers in those days!!

Photos and information are courtesy of Terry Nichol

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