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T.L.R.A The Begining

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T.L.R.A The Begining

Back in October 2004 a couple of local residents got together to organize a Halloween Party for children living in their neighborhood. The party was a huge success. Which got us thinking of what else we could do for our local community. We then arranged a meeting with WVDC to find out about what we could do. It was then decided that we would form a new residents association. We arranged a public meeting at Mickle Grove Community Centre. To our surprise the attendance was great. Our committee members were decided.
We agreed a constitution and a list of objectives( a copy can be obtained from public meeting). Which included tackling crime and safety on our estates, Encourage, support and publicize activities for young people and to improve the appearance of our estates. Amongst other objectives.
Next public meeting is on the 29th march 2005 at Mickle Grove CC.

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