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The North Moreton Charitable Trust

The North Moreton Charitable Trust exists primarily to meet the needs of North Moreton residents, with powers to offer allotments and for general charitable purposes for the benefit of North Moreton. It is a Registered Charity No. created by a Charity Commission Scheme dated 30th April 1993, which transferred to Trustees the previous responsibilities of the North Moreton Parish Council (NMPC) for “Allotments for the Labouring Poor”.

How do we work?

The Trust still offers allotments and also uses its income for grants to benefit North Moreton projects and residents. For day to day purposes the Trustees have appointed Mr Stuart Bell as Allotment Warden and Mrs Eleanor Haycock as Clerk, but Grants must normally be made by a full Meeting of the Managing Trustees. Ordinary Meetings are currently held in February and September, but there can always be additional meetings.

Residents wishing to apply for an allotment should contact Mr Bell via the Clerk.

The trustees are always looking for opportunities to help in the village, and would like to hear any ideas for the benefit of residents. Please approach any of the Trustees, or write to or email the Clerk. We advertise in North Moreton News, we put notices up, and ask people like the NMPC, PCC, the rector, headmaster and allotment holders.

Where do we come from?

North Moreton is an little Oxfordshire village with many old thatched cottages, a couple of miles East of Didcot. Until the twentieth century it was just an agricultural community, with much of its common land undrained and flooded every winter. ("Moreton" means "town on the marsh".)
In 1849, the commoners were evicted from the marsh under the Inclosure Act 1845, and as some compensation a few plots were allotted to the Parish, including three sites for "Allotments for the Labouring Poor". Since the War, demand for allotments has fallen away, so in 1993 the North Moreton Parish Council ("NMPC") re-established the charity to meet more modern needs of the villagers of North Moreton. Disused allotment plots have been sold to neighbours, and the proceeds invested to give a small income.

Who are we?

The Charity’s Managing Trustees:
Five Managing Trustees are responsible for managing the Charity under our Scheme and the general law, which are enforced by the Charity Commissioners.

The Chairman of the Managing Trustees, currently Mr D. R. MILES, is elected by the Trustees annually at their first ordinary meeting each year.

Two Nominated Managing Trustees are each appointed by the NMPC for a term of four years; they may be, but need not be, parish councillors.

Mrs J. M. HUTCHENCE, re-appointed by the NMPC until 1st December 2010. A First Nominated Trustee until 30th April 1995, after which the trustees voted to re-appoint her which the NMPC confirmed.

Mr. P Vacher nominated by NMPC in succession to Mr B Sadler until March 2012.

Three Co-opted Managing Trustees are each appointed for five years by a Special Meeting of the Trustees; they must be persons who through residence or occupation or employment or otherwise have special knowledge of North Moreton.

Mr D.R. MILES (Chairman), re-appointed on 1st December 2005 until December 2009. A First Co-opted Trustee, thrice re-appointed.

Mrs S. Gopall, appointed on 23rd April 2009 until April 2014, in sucession to Mr K.R. Eaton.

Mrs V. Gibbs, appointed on 23rd April 2009 until April 2014, in succession to Mr S. Bell.

Mr S. Bell continues as Allotment Warden.

The Clerk to the Trustees is Mrs E. M. Haycock.

The Charity’s Custodian Trustee:
THE NORTH MORETON PARISH COUNCIL is Custodian Trustee, and still has:
1) the right to appoint (but not to supervise or remove) two Nominated Managing Trustees;
2) the duty to hold the charity’s land to the order of the Managing Trustees.
Some functions of the NMPC are usefully co-ordinated with the work of the Trust.

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