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This is the homepage of Peter White, the Town Crier of Seaford, appointed to this honorary position in 1977 by Lewes District Council, and with the appointment transferred to Seaford Town Council in 2004. Peter is approximately the 5th. longest-serving Crier in England and Wales.

Appointed as Stadtausrufer to twin town Boenningstedt in 1982 by Burgermeister (the late) Werner Bornholdt. Appointed Town Crier of Crivitz in 2002 by Burgermeister Ulli Gussmann.

Member of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers since 1980.

The Seaford Town Crier is available free of charge to assist local charitable and voluntary groups to publicise their events. Donations towards the upkeep or replacement of the uniform are always welcomed.
See Story re NEW UNIFORM below!
The contact email is on this website.

Crivitz 2002

Picture of the Ceremony when Peter was made Town Crier of Crivitz in front of the telephone box he declared open in the town 10 years before.


Peter White takes part (16 June) in the Seaford celebrations of Sussex Day, held on or near St. Richard's Day, 16 June. He introduces the Mayor of Seaford, who unfurls the Martlets flag on the seafront by the Martello Tower. "Sussex by the Sea" is sung and the bells of St. Leonard's Parish Church are sometimes rung.

As Town Crier, Peter reads a Sussex Day Proclamation he has specially written for the occasion. It reads:


On 16th June we mark the festival of St. Richard of Chichester, a Bishop of that Cathedral. We celebrate the beautiful county of Sussex, home to the South Saxons, men who will not be druv!

Sussex was violated by the Romans at Pevensey, the Normans at Senlac Hill, and the Valois French in Seaford Bay until repelled by Sir Nicholas Pelham and the men of the Cinque Ports Federation.

Sussex has welcomed French Huguenots to Brighton, Sudanese refugees to Hove, children to its Pestalozzi international village, and German twins to Seaford from Pinneberg County.

Sussex can boast Wealden Iron, Windmills of Jack and Jill, and Tidemills of Bishopstone, the High Weald, Chalk Downs, Chichester Harbour and Romney Marsh.

Famous sons of Sussex include the Pelhams, the Gages, the Dukes of Norfolk, Richard Cobden, Alma Cogan, the Copper family of folksong fame – and the Kooks!

Sussex has given the world fine food like Sussex Pond and Banoffee Pie, Southdown Lamb and Breaky Bottom wine; discoveries like dyslexia, and inventions like television and motor racing.

We love Sussex, the county of our birth or our adoption:

For we’re the men from Sussex, Sussex by the Sea!
We plough and sow and reap and mow
And useful men are we
And when you go to Sussex
Whoever you may be
You may tell them all that we stand or fall
For Sussex by the sea!

God Save the Queen!"

Also in 2010 Peter came 3rd of 15 in the National Town Criers' Championship in Hastings, a competition he aims to compete in every year.


The Town Crier's uniform, based on that of Victorian Seaford's Sergeant-at-Mace William Woolgar, was 15 year's old by 2012 and was showing its age! The campaign to raise funding for a replacement reached £1850, partly raised by the Crier himself, partly donated by Clubs in the town, and partly the gift of a number of generous individuals. Thank you!

Made by Royal - Warranted Tailor G D Golding, the new Uniform was ready for the celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June 2012, and was worn in a number of Seaford's events


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