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Conservation Area

Most of Blackford and Compton Pauncefoot is a conservation area. This means that special rules apply over the things that can be done without permission. Conservation rules differ from one council to another so do not assume that rules are the same as another area.

We would suggest that you always check with SSDC to ensure that costly mistakes are not made and that the beauty of the villages is maintained. Examples include:
- House extensions of more than 50 cubic metres or 10% of the volume of the original house - whichever is the greater.
- Enlargement or alterations to the shape of the roof including dormer windows
- Cladding the outside with stone, artificial stone, timber, plastic or tiles - Garden sheds, summerhouses or similar buildings greater than 10 cubic metres in size.
- Satellite dishes mounted on a chimney, on a wall or roof slope fronting a highway, or anywhere on a building more than 15m in height.
- Pruning or cutting down trees .

There is no cost involved for permission for work on trees or for other consents such as satellite dishes and permission is normally granted in a few weeks.
SSDC Conservation advice:

SSDC will also give advice on matters that do not require permission to ensure that changes are appropriate - that includes replacement windows, doors, gutters etc.

Please feel free to contact the Chairman or Clerk of the Parish Meeting to get their views - which will be given informally and confidentially.

Listed Buildings

We are fortunate to have a number of listed buildings and consent should always be sought from SSDC before doing any works. This applies to internal as well as external works. If in doubt - check first! Normally there is no fee for such applications

Planning Portal

The Planning Portal is the UK Government's online planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales. Use this site to learn about planning and building regulations, apply for planning permission, find out about development near you, appeal against a decision and research government policy.

Planning procedure

SSDC will normally be willing to hold pre-application discussions to advise or help ensure the application is likely to meet approval or discuss aspects that require planning permission etc and it is recommended that this process is used. However this can delay the process of getting permission as experience has seen such discussions take some weeks or even months to conclude. The subsequent application will still have to follow the normal process. In some minor cases it may be appropriate to apply for permission and amend the application, if necessary, in the light of discussions.

If a planning application is made and then found to be unnecessary then the fee is normally refunded less an administrative charge - perhaps half the fee.

If a planning application is made and then withdrawn the fees are not normally refunded. However a further similar application may be made within the next 12 months without charge.

Check with SSDC for further clarification.

Permissions near the stream?

It is suggested you check with both SSDC and the EA before making any changes as their requirements are not the same.

Blackford is at the very start of the Environment Agency designated ‘main river’ and by no stretch of the imagination can be called either a large stream or river or a larger arterial watercourse even by the time it gets to CP.
EA definitions:
Main Rivers are watercourses designated as such on Main River maps (held by the Environment Agency) and are generally the larger arterial watercourses.
Main rivers - these are usually larger streams and rivers

With regard to the general status of changes the Environment Agency can insist that development, changes, structures etc may need permission from the EA (even if planning permission is not required) e.g. if its ‘a structure within 8m of a main river’ or can create a risk of flooding (in their view). Their powers under the Water Resources Act 1991 allow them to take enforcement action where necessary on those carrying out unconsented works which are deemed to be increasing local flood risk etc. Planning Policy Statement 25
gives guidance as well and includes potential impact of Climate Change as well as other aspects. All adds up to the EA having lots of powers!

The EA and SSDC should be ‘reasonable’ and ‘proportionate’ in their requirements!

These may be worth a look more generally:

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