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Our Village

Historic Burrowbridge is the land of King Alfred. Situated in the middle of the unique Somerset levels. Much of the area is near or even below sea level, drained by the river Parret and overseen by the Mump topped with the church remains.

In the centre of the village you will find;

TheVillage School.

Small class sizes offering a wide range of educational experiences which support the creative curriculum.

The King Alfred Pub

Situated by the bridge on the banks of the river Parret and offering great food drink and company.

And nearby in the Village Hall -

Village Activities

Art Class
Amateur Dramatics
Keep fit
Twinning Asoc
Dog Training
Bowls Club
Pottery Classes
Garden Club
Youth Club
Village Market
Village Hall Business
Parish council
Special Events (Rock n Roll)

Monument to King Alfred.
ALFRED 'THE GREAT' (r. 871-899)
With only his royal bodyguard, a small army of thegns (the king's followers) and Aethelnoth earldorman of Somerset as his ally, Alfred withdrew to the Somerset tidal marshes in which he had probably hunted as a youth. (It was during this time that Alfred, in his preoccupation with the defence of his kingdom, allegedly burned some cakes which he had been asked to look after; the incident was a legend dating from early twelfth century chroniclers.)

St Michaels Church

Historic Burrowbridge

The Gate Across the Road

1916 - The bridge was a gated toll bridge with the 'Toll House' ajacent.

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