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Massey Harris Ferguson 820 D

This tractor is a Massey Harris Ferguson 820 D known in France as a 'Pony' following Canada's famous Massey Harris tractor of the 1940s and 50s.

This tractor was manufactured in 1958 and I bought it in 2000 from Limoges in France.

The engine is a Hanomag 2 stroke twin cylinder diesel fitted with a Roots blower (supercharger) as air delivered to cylinders must be above atmospheric pressure due to it being two stroke.

The rear end next to it is a Massey Ferguson 821 D similar tractor but when Massey merged with Ferguson they adopted the Massey Ferguson 35 body work. This is one of three 821 D's I own (see below).

1956 Massey Harris 820 P

This tractor is a Massey Harris 820 P fitted with the Peugeot 203 petrol engine, three speed gearbox, manual operated lifting arms, electric start.

It was bought in June 2009 from the Loire Valley region of France.

An excellent, unmolested example that is used for mowing with the Massey Harris mid-mounted finger bar mower.

A brilliant starter and very quiet.

Massey Ferguson 821 D

This is a 1960 example, currently under restoration and was bought in 2000 from the Haute-Normandie region in France.

The 821 followed the 820 being fitted with the Hanomag diesel engine (some were fitted with the Peugeot petrol engine) and the only difference between the two was the MF 35 bodywork.

This tractor has been used for ploughing matches, working days and road runs (although with a top speed of 11 MPH it's always the last!).

Massey Ferguson 821 D - restored 2010

The tractor that I restored in 2010 is a 1959 Massey Ferguson 821 D. It was bought in March 2009 from the Correze region of France, a nightmare journey I can assure you (I'll tell you about it in the beer tent).

The photo was taken by Pete Henshaw and is to be included in an article about two of the 821s' I own in the 2011 September edition of Old Tractor magazine. Not bad for my first paint job restoration!

Not only this but it made THE COVER of the February 2013 copy of Ferguson and Massey Enthusiast!

Original Massey Ferguson 821 D

This 1958 MF 821 D is being preserved as is, I like rust!
It is also now my 'road run' tractor having finally found a pair of 28'' rear wheels and fitted a pair of 11.2-28 tyres its top speed is a staggering 14 mph!

I bought this tractor in 2005 from the Creuse department of France and is now registered in the UK (age related plate) which is an incredibly simple process (I don't know why everyone makes such a fuss!).

The picture was taken at the Somerset Tractor Show 2009 where it took 4th place in the off farm condition category.

My other 821D once restored will make a good contrast when they are next to each other. In fact, there being included in the September edition of Old Tractor magazine - what a scoop!

Farmall McCormick 'Super' Cub

The little funny one I first bought in 2000 from the Limoges region of France made in 1948.

Three speed, manual hydraulics, PTO, petrol Simca engine with off set steering so operators could watch mid mounted implements (whilst eating garlic sandwiches and swigging red wine).

Totally original unmolested. It was known as the 'Super' rather than just Cub as it was fitted with a foot throttle and lights.

David Brown 780 Industrial - The one that went the other way.

1972 David Brown 780 Industrial spec bought in 2003 from Magor, South Wales.

One owner, Bridgnorth Council then me, should have kept it! But sadly I did not, ah well.

The one that went the other way refers to the fact that I bought it in the UK then took it to France!

I bought this tractor as I used them as a child and remember fondly how bullet proof they were and, I also needed a front loader tractor for work I was doing in France levelling out ground, shifting sand, rubble, logs...
I also tested my wife's ability to reverse a trailer with this tractor when we were first 'going out' something that most should do.

It got sold after a couple of years to a British smallholder in France. He pestered me for a year then, when I suggested a price (1100) he haggled like mad. I should have kept it but sadly it went, for 1100.

Allis Chalmers D272 P3

Bought in 2010 as I decided I needed a change (and a slightly quicker tractor on road runs).

Spent most of the 2011 Sedgemoor show pulling vans, motorhomes, cars etc onto the show site but finally succumbed when put in front of an ERF tractor unit with trailer, living van, Fordson E27N P6 and thresher.

It was sold to the Speed family of Bridgwater and will make its debut at the 2013 Sedgemoor Rally.

Allis Chalmers D272 P3

The new Allis for the collection complete with my 1/2 size living van 8' x 5' which was much better than a tent for the 2012 rally!

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