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Steak and a massage at the finish of the American Diabetes Association 'Tour De Cure' fundraiser at Columbia, Maryland, USA on 14th May 2005. Minimum cost and funds raised total to participate was $115.

Last site update:27/09/06 re diabetes uk website, 29/06/06 new 100 mile TT record,18/5/06 Cycyle Speedway, 17/5/2006,19/12/05 tidy up,7/10/05, 26/8/05 News, 20/8/05 Free Necklace, 30/05/05 picture above 2/1/05, news 3 items, Championships, WLCA, site with similiar domain name 30/12/04 This page Events notice & link to 2005 Tour of Shenandoah.(Apologies but I work and like you, hopefully, I enjoy riding my bike)
Diabetes UK has updated its website. Links provided before the update may no longer function correctly. All links to Diabetes UK website will be reviewed and where possible updated. In the meantime apologies if links do not provide the expected result.
Copy this link into your browser for a generally relevant page at Diabetes Uk
If you think this site is too ambitious to interest those with diabetes copy and paste this link into your browser

Scoll down to find on this page:
(At the very bottom link to free necklace & bracelet from the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation)
Insulin User
Why Time Trial?
CTT 'Come & Try It' and Open Events
........2006 United Kingdom Events
........Open Event CTT Time Trials
........UK Alternative
...............The 2006 Tour of Shenandoah Cycling Event
Brief History
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation


1)Promote cycling and its benefit to health.
2)Encourage members to join their local cycling club.
3)When possible to promote cycling events specifically for club members.
4)Highlight the performance of cyclists with diabetes.


Cycling Time Trials certificates can be issued for personal achievements, contact the Hon. Sec. for details.

Insulin User?
If your diabetes is treated by insulin you should register with the cycling authorities BEFORE taking part in competitions. Insulin can be used under IOC regulations where it has been prescribed to treat diabetes. The register is used by the British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials (RTTC) to ensure that you are not found guilty of using a banned substance in event of a positive dope test. Anyone taking part in British Cycling & CTT events can be asked to take a drug test at any time. PLEASE REGISTER, PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHER LEGIMATE INSULIN USERS BY DOING SO. Further information from or phone/fax 01536 483695.

It is required for you to take a COPY of your Doctor's declaration to every event you enter under BC and CTT regulaions

See News for members results.

See Diabetes Topics for Members Stories and lifetime achievements.

No record claims have been received from anyone in the 12-21 age group in any category of membership. The first valid claim received will be an all members record, just make sure you finish before the time-keepers pack up and set off for their refreshments !!

Why Time Trial?

Time Trial cycling, inside or outside a velodrome, is particularly suitable for those with diabetes as:
1) A time trial is not in a race format. You cycle independently of other participants and within your own ability.
2) Participants aged 40 years and over may compete against standards for age set by the Veteran Time Trials Association. (Operating link at bottom of next section or copy and paste:
3) Some events offer prizes based on handicaps determined by your own individual performance.
4) The distance to be cycled is predetermined, 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles. Or, if you are truly enthusiastic, you may compete in events of fixed duration, 12 or 24 hours cycling approximately up to 300 or 500 miles respectively!
5) Course information may be obtained in advance and must be notified to you with the ‘Start Sheet’ issued prior to the event. You may inspect and ride the course prior to the event.
6) As a consequence of having prepared properly or of having ridden an event of similar distance previously you will have an accurate guide indicating how long it will take you to complete the event.
7) To comply with Cycling Time Trial regulations the start and finish of the event are required to be within specified straight line distances of each other. The hall or other facilities hired to be the event ‘HQ’ will also be within reasonable distance of both the start and finish.
8) Cycling Time Trials events are required to be stewarded. Should you meet with an unplanned occurrence your absence will be noticed although any subsequent action will be entirely voluntary on the part of the event secretary, officials and marshals.

You are advised to consult your Doctor, Diabetes Specialist Nurse or Diabetes Consultant before undertaking any new or strenuous activity for the first time.

Well controlled diabetes is essential to comply with Cycling Time Trials regulation 24 which is as follows: Disease, Disability and Medical Treatment; No person may compete whilst knowingly suffering from any disease, mental or physical disorder, or is undergoing medical treatment, which makes it unsafe or undesirable to do so.


Or you can do this...........I do, see the last photo near the bottom of the page!!! Read on. ( Chris Hoy and British Cycling have no connection with TeamHummingbird CC )


The operating link to The Veteran Time Trials Association for those aged 40 years and over referred to in the previous section is provided at the bottom of this section.

If you are under 18 years of age your parents are required to sign a 'Parental Consent Form' , either on the reverse of a CTT pre-printed entry form or downloaded from, which must be sent to the event promoter with your entry form. Minimum age 12 years.

Mountain and All terrain bicycles are best suited to 'Come & Try It' events although allowed to be used 'Open' events under the regulations.

The CTT/RTTC strongly recommends the wearing of suitable crash helmets at all its events by participants in the interests of safety. This is a legal requirement in Scotland. The CTT has made it a requirement that all participants under 18 wear approved crash helmets in its events.

2006 United Kingdom Events
Open Event CTT Time Trials.

10 mile time trials under Cycling Time Trials regulations ( with prizes for those competing with diabetes.(Advise the promoter of your eligibility when submitting entry form found on CTT website.) Anticipated entry fee £6.

Minimum age 12 yrs, approved helmets and signed parental consent form compulsory for U18’s.

Due to poor support in 2005 no events have been provided with sponsorship in 2006.
It is still possible to arrange to provide prizes in competitions in 2006 if there is sufficient support/feedback.
Provision of sponsorship/prizes in 2007 will be totally dependant on feedback/support in 2006.

UK Alternative

If you would prefer to try cycle racing at a Velodrome you can book time at a cycling track such as the Manchester Velodrome (tel 0161 223 2244 or contact Sam Kelly email or Newport Velodrome ( contact the track manager Mr Courtney Rowe, 01633 670521 or 07909538001, visit this site to view the Newport track )
Details of other cycle racing tracks can be obtained from the British Cycling website by following the link headed 'Track'

A full list of permanent circuits, tracks and velodromes is provided on this site, see link to page on the left


2007 update is being sought

Fund Raiser for JDRF
for 2006 information visit
Camp Frogbridge, Millstone NJ
Bill Borghard,, (732)919-7475

The CTT strongly recommends the wearing of suitable crash helmets at all its events by participants in the interests of safety. This is a legal requirement in Scotland. The CTT has made it a requirement that under 18's wear an approved helmet in the rest of the United Kingdom.


To contact TeamHummingbird CC write to:

Honorary Secretary
Mr J.W.Lewis,
Wilts SN15 5HG.

Tel,01249 720224
(Only telephone calls or letters with an s.a.e. can be accepted,thankyou)
An operating link to Cycling Time Trials ( is provided at the bottom of the previous section.

Brief History


Following the Diabetes UK SPORTS AND DIABETES conference at Aston Univ ,Birmingham on 2/9/2000 an unsuccessful attempt to organise a Diabetes Cycling Championship for 2001 was made.
To improve the likelihood of success in the future Team Hummingbird was affiliated to the Road Times Trial Council, now Cycling Time Trials (, as a cycling club for those with diabetes and members of their households with effect from 1st October 2000.
Mountain and All Terrain Bicycles (mtb's and atb's)maybe used(see CTT (RTTC) regs and publicity).
CTT clubs who invite entries and offer prizes will have their events listed on the website.


The following is a strictly SOCIAL organisation for doctors,no medical or professional enquiries will be considered:

Association of British Cycling Doctors
Dr R. C. Goodfellow,
Wyfordby Avenue,
Blackburn BB2 7AR


Parents 1

Unless u12's ride on the back seat of a tandem they cannot compete in CTT (RTTC) events.
However if u12s are really keen you can book time at a cycling track such as the Manchester Velodrome, contact Sam Kelly email or Newport Velodrome, contact the track manager Mr Courtney Rowe, 01633 670521 or 07909538001 and visit
It is also possible to take part in British Cycling closed circuit events.

Many cycling clubs affiliate to both the CTT (RTTC) and British Cycling

The British Cycling website provides a list of tracks and circuits that maybe used/hired by individuals or (diabetes) groups.

Alternatively you might care to investigate the sport of Cycle Speedway. The site author has seen this sport and the minimum age appears to be 'can they ride a bike' subject to over-riding safety considerations,the regulations have a category for under 8's, but no minimum! The sport is now administered by British Cycling,link below, and they sent the rules and regulations by return of post. The 2001 and 1999 World Champions were British riders, Leicester and Swindon clubs respectively.


The link from this section is to the Information Centre of the charity Diabetes UK.
TeamHummingbird CC is not part of or connected to the charity Diabetes UK.
If you cannot find what you want to know from here you should probably be speaking to your consultant or diabetes specialist nurse.


This link is to the diabetes index of the American site Children With Diabetes. Links will take you elsewhere on their site.

Despite the title it serves those with diabetes of all ages.

Being able to find answers here is not a substitute to contacting your diabetes specialist nurse, diabetes consultant or General Practitioner

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

This link will take you to the JDRF website, where you can find out more about diabetes, research, fundraising and other activities across the UK. Whether you or your child has diabetes; you are a health professional or researcher there will be something here for you. If you are newly diagnosed, you will find lots of helpful information in the diabetes section of the site. The events & fundraising and literature sections have details of all JDRF s publications and educational events both for healthcare professionals and those living with diabetes. Details of JDRF funding opportunities for researchers can be found in the research section.

Necklace/Bracelets; Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation

The Hon. Sec.right, winning a race at Newport Velodrome, 13th July 2004. Luckliy a photographer was there for such a rare event! The above is track racing, photo's of participants in a cycling time trial maybe found at

Email received from Diabetes Reseach and Wellness Foundation, 12th October 2004, see address update below


Dear Mr Lewis,

Thank you for your emails......

..... We are also happy to encourage diabetics to apply for a free necklace. Would you kindly ask those interested in receiving one to send a large stamped ( was 42p on 12/10/04 increased since then), sae envelope and we will forward a complimentary newsletter, details of how to become a network member and a free necklace.

Thank you once again for contacting us, I received your envelope this morning so the "pack" is on its way!

Kind regards, Sue
Sue Dixon
Office Manager
Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation
101-102 Northney Marina
Hayling Island, Hampshire
T: 02392 636135
F: 02392 636137

Address update
From"Sue Dixon"
john lewis"
New web site address

Date:Tue, 2 Aug 2005 09:55:50 +0100

Our new web site address is as below. The link for free necklaces is:

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Sue Dixon
Office Manager
Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation
101-102 Northney Marina
Hayling Island, Hampshire
T: 02392 636135
F: 02392 636137

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