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The Story So Far...........

Once upon a time in a local pub, met two enthusiastic ladies ! Club cricket was being played in the area when Gloucestershire Ladies requested a friendly match with Wiltshire. This was like a red rag to a bull for these two, who promptly started drinking more beer in an attempt to discuss the way ahead!

The team was formed in 1998....

The Structure of Women and girls cricket looks set to change in the next few years... With the ECB looking to encourage grass roots cricket...THE FUTURE...
The National leagues that are in place will only be available to clubs that have a strong County development plan... No plan no national league cricket...So WWCA need help to generate at least five clubs in the County within the next two years plus develop at least one junior county side...

Without a development structure in place... SHOWING DEVELOPMENT... there will be no room for any team in the County of Wiltshire to play in any national league...

WWCA need past and present players of cricket to contact us to get involved... without volunteers this Development Plan will not be able to work...WWCA invites anyone from any other background to contact us... Help WWCA get where we need to be a strong youth side is the way forward... So parents pick up the phone today...

WWCA leading the way forward by volunteers for YOU....

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