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New Marske History

The First To Settle

Gurney Street 1881

Dale Street 1881

Arthur Terrace 1881

Zetland Terrace 1881

Dundas Terrace 1881

Dundas Street 1881

Charles Street 1881

Cliff Street 1881

West Terrace 1881

Top Of West Terrace 1881

Stable Cottages 1881

Upleatham Mine

St. Thomas's Church

Institute Club

People In Pictures

New Marske Band

Village Shops

Days Out

At The Allotment

Down The Line

The Yorkshire Lass

Rock The Lass


In Errington woods

The Methodist Church

War Years

Sporting Teams

The Old School

A Bit Of A Do

*New and Updated*

Local History Links

*** Thankyou ***

**To Contact Me**

The Old Iron Chapel

Verses and Poems

Posters and Adverts


Local Pits


Boys Brigade

Girl Guides

Errington Schools

Local Towns

In The Papers

Pear Tree Cottage

'Lambs War'

Fever Hostpital

Upleatham Village

Mine Walk 2009

Black & White To Colour

1964 Aerial Photo's

New Marske Books & Publications.

New Marske Harriers

House and Rent Details

How It Used To Be !

Soap Well Lodge

Longbeck Lane

Mine Walk May 2010

Gurney Street 1901

Zetland Terrace 1901

Dundas Terrace 1901

Dundas Street 1901

Charles Street 1901

Cliff Street 1901

West Terrace 1901

Stable Cottages 1901

Arthur Terrace 1901

Dale Street 1901

Pease Family

The Great War 1914 - 1918

World War 2 1939 - 1945

Message Board


Mail Form


Check Out The Past - Lingdale

Lingdale site as run by my good friend Alison Small.A Well established site with 100's of old pictures of Lingdale Life.Click on the link to visit the site.

Marske By The Sea

A fantastic site looking at Marske and its history ,
Site run by Karen Smith. - Click on the link to visit the site.

Brotton and its History

Fab site run by Julie Riddiough.Click on the link to visit the site.

Canon Alan Hughes

Former vicar of St. Thomas's church ,and co author of the book 'New Marske Looking Back' now lives and preaches in Berwick.Click on the link to visit his website.

New Marske Harriers

The Ultimate Fitness Test - New Marske Harriers have been established since the early 1980's.

Check out their website.

No doubt many forerunners have entered into the village 'HILL RUN'.

Institute Club

A well established web site devoted to New Marske's Institute Club, originally built in 1875.

Up to date 'club' news and 'vintage' photographs are here.

Please visit the site.

'Winkies' Castle

'Winkies' Castle Museum, High Street, Marske By Sea.

Remember When

The Evening Gazzette's very own 'Trip Down Memory Lane ' publication.

Historic photo's of Teesside, Durham and North Yorkshire.

Well done to Paul and his team , for bringing the 'past' to life with the aid of its contributers from around our region.

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