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Westow Cricket Club

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2005 Awards Night


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Welcome to Westow Cricket Club

The official site for Westow Cricket Club.

If you have any comments about the current site or have ideas about future developments, please send them using the email link.

Thanks on behalf of Westow Cricket Club.

Good luck to all the captains and players for the forthcoming season. There will be some big challenges ahead, but if we remember last season and build on it, then we should do well.

Club Mark Accreditation

Westow Cricket Club will be re-accredited in 2014

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Play Cricket Web Site - Match Results / Averages etc

This season all the results from Saturdays are being entered on the Paly Cricket website. If I can i'll do the Beckett League and maybe the Foss League also


Annual General Meeting

Sunday 23rd February 2014

Westow Village Hall


Everyone welcome

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