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York RA

YORK RA is for Football Referees' everywhere and anyone interested in refereeing.
Meetings are held on the FIRST Thursday each month (September to May), at York Hospital Services Club, starting 7.30pm.

Get the latest news from York RA, click below for the newsletter. Find out what is happening locally and nationally.

Note that there is now a new website for York RA at
with a link to a new Facebook page at

Favourite link

National Football Museum
The previous Museum was based in Preston (at Deepdale).
This has now closed and a new Museum has opened in Manchester.
The Urbis Building, near Victoria, opened this Summer.

There is an abundance of exhibitions (over 140,000) including refereeing matters. I even provided a quote on refereeing for the museum, when I was approached last year.

On loan from the Football Association, one of the displays greeting you when you enter the museum is the original handwritten text of the first document outlining the laws of football, penned by solicitor and amateur sportsman Ebenezer Morley in 1863.
Set next to this seminal text is a football constructed out of condoms. Made by African children in Malawi, who were offered a real football in exchange, the juxtaposition is designed to show just how global football has become.

Click on the link below to learn more...why not make a visit:

Latest News


This was held on 2 May and the current officers and committee were re-elected. Brian Smith replaced Don Thorpe as the NRCRA representative.

Facebook - York RA
Why not become a member of the York RA Facebook site and keep upto date with events with other

You can start some discussion going or post your thoughts on match incidents.
Please post sensibly and responsibly, otherwise you will be deleted from the list of members.

In the search type "York Referees Association" to find the link.

Map of local clubs on "leagues" page....find your way.

If you are interested in becoming a referee and live in the York area, then drop me an email using the "mail form" facility on this site. Courses are held throughout the year.

If you would like to subscribe to the email newsletter, just send an email and you will be added to the distribution. The latest edition is now on the site (newsletter page).

"Referees' Utilities" page for practical help and advice, including a link to FIFA's interactive "Offside" presentations and misconduct forms; plus some useful local links.

** York RA meeting on 3 Oct 2013 **
** This is the second meeting of the season **

Don't forget the RA Shop below for your kit and accessories:

Refs Courses

Latest news:
For future courses in York contact NRCFA for more inormation.
The last course in York was in September 2012 - 11 new Level 9 Trainee Referees passed out.
The next course in York (veneu tbc) will start on Wed 28 Aug 2013 (Mod 1) and then Sunday 1&8 Sept. 2013 (Safeguarding Children workshop on 4 Sept.).

So if you are interested contact me using the mail form or contact North Riding County FA direct on 01642 717778 to register your interest. You can now register on-line at
See link below for more details.

The Final Word (Editorial)

RA FA Youth Council
The Council, which was agreed a the RA Conference in July 2012, has started some projects - Awareness Campaign. Development & Recruitment, Recruitment & Retention, Event Planning and Aspiring Referees' Support and Development.

Further details can be seen on the prezi website (see link below) set up by the Council. There is also an update on the RA website



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York City and District Referees Association is not responsible for the content of any website that it displays links to.

The webmaster accepts no responsbility for errors and omissions, but does maintain a high standard of accuracy for information posted to the site.

The webmaster accepts no responsibility for the guestbook entries.

This site was first established in 1998.

York RA is a not for profit organisation.


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